Hello beautiful people ! 

How are you all ? I feel like I haven’t posted in so long, when really it has only been like a week and a few days. My weeks have been blurring together, and I feel like this month is just flying by. For example, my birthday is next weekend ! How did it come up this fast ? It feels like last week when it was a month away and I was planning what to do, and all of a sudden it’s next weekend ! This year better slow down or it’s going to be 2017 in no time… and I can’t handle that. Anyways ! Today I have a little bit of a story for you all. 

As your reading the title of this post, if you follow my blog pretty frequently, you will have heard that saying before ” XOXO Jess ” it is how I end all of my posts and also how I end comments, emails, everything really. Where did I get this little signature you might ask ? Well I’m sure a lot of you already know exactly where, and that is Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl was ( and still is ) one of my favorite shows and has influenced my fashion life so greatly, as I’m sure it also did with all of you fashion lovers out there. I would always look to the show’s characters for fashion inspiration and I still do to this day, as I think it is one of the most influential fashion shows that has every been on television ( besides Sex and the City of course ). I remember on several occasions looking for the exact pieces Blair or Serena were wearing, hoping I could get my hands on one of them. This never worked out, even though I tried on many occasions, the items were always out of my price range; instead, I decided to just try to recreate various looks out of similar pieces I could find or just add little touches of these fashion icons into my wardrobe. 

Flashback to now, when I was styling this particular look I was thinking of Gossip Girl once again, particularly ” Blair Waldorf pussy-bow necktie “. Pussy-bows were always one of her wardrobe staples, as you can see her rocking them in many episodes. Now of course whenever I see one I automatically think of Blair but also just how chic they look ! This one here, is actually jut a skinny black scarf that I tied into a bow, tucked under my turtleneck and voila, you have a pussy-bow. I actually got the idea from Michèle from The Fashion Fraction, she also was doing a homage to Gossip Girl and it really sparked my interest to give it a try myself.

 I love the way it turned out with all of the black accents in this look, the straps ankle straps on my shoes, the zipper detail on my skirt and my clutch all balance out the harsh black contrast very well by adding it all throughout the look. This black neck scarf has been changing up my look so simply recently, I just can’t get enough of it. This grey bodysuit that you saw in the last post has also been one of my new favorite things, and I have been wanting to wear it every single day. It is just so comfortable and wearable with literally anything, if you can I suggest ordering some of these from ASOS (p.s. the grey one is on sale) because you will not regret it. I myself am going to pick up the same one in black and maybe even white very, very soon. Lastly, you have seen both this skirt and these shoes many times before, like here and here but I am going to be wearing both a ton this season as well because once again I am obsessed with this color for spring. It doesn’t help that one of this years Pantone colors serenity is everywhere and very similar to this color… so expect my obsession to be off the wall with baby blues and pinks this season. 

Outfit Details

| Skinny Scarf Zara | Bodysuit ASOS | Skirt Zara Similar | Shoes Shoemint Similar |
| Clutch Indigo Similar

Overall I am really happy with how this look turned out, it definitely gives me Blair vibes and I hope you can see what I’m saying / know what I’m talking about haha. If you didn’t watch Gossip Girl I’m sorry but you should get on that real quick to understand <3 !

There should be a few posts up this week, including my BIRTHDAY look / day post which should be really fun, so stay tuned for that my lovelies ! It probably won’t be up until after my birthday of course because I am going to be taking photos on the day ( Saturday ) so it probably won’t go up until about Monday/ Tuesday depending on how functional I am Sunday after a good night of partying but we will see ! Before that though there will be two other posts going up so it should be a good week ! 

Thanks so much for reading <3 I love you all !

Talk to you soon, 

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