Winter Wonderland With Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Hello Beautiful People ! 

How have you all been ? I hope well ! Since I last posted I have been sick, recovered and now feel like I am getting sick again… oh the joys of winter. The other day it finally snowed here in Canada and it makes me so, so sad. I was just saying how much I was loving the seasonally warm weather in the last post and BAM, just like that Snow. Probably the only thing that makes it a little bit more bearable is the fact that I got some beautiful photos for this post. The snow had just fallen the night before and so everything was freshly coated, it felt like walking in a Winter Wonderland. The reason for this post though is not to talk about the sad winter weather but to talk about something a lot more exciting, Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Irresistible Me reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to try out their Clip-in human hair extensions. I checked out their website and they looked amazing so of course I wanted to try them out ! I used to wear clip in extensions everyday a few years back funny enough; this hair stylist cut all of my hair off by accident… it was a horrible time, and so to combat that I had gotten a set of clip in extensions. The set that I had were horrible I realize now that I have tried these one’s out; they were not real human hair extensions let alone Remy human hair extensions and they were very lack luster. Remy hair is considered to be the best quality of human hair because the hairs cuticles are still intact and create a very natural look, which the extensions from Irresistible Me are, so already they are 500x more amazing than my old ones. The only good thing about my past experience with clip-in extensions, and the reason I am telling you this story in the first place, is that I know what bad extensions look like and in turn I can tell when they are amazing. 

As soon as I took these out of the (amazingly gorgeous) packaging, I knew they were a beautiful set extensions and were going to be amazing on. The hair is from Irresistible Me’s Silky Touch Collection, and it is named perfectly because boy was it silky. The hair is so shiny and soft as well, just generally amazing quality; I was extremely impressed with them.  

Next was the color test, as soon as I took them out of the package of course the first thing I did after feel them was holding them up to my head to see if they matched, and they did… perfectly ! This was pretty much a given because of the great video they have on the website for picking out the perfect color. They match the hair colors against each other so you can get a real feel of exactly what color they are but there is always a chance you could guess wrong. I got the Silky Medium Brown color and the hair matched perfectly; you can’t even tell they are in my hair, as you can see in the before and after photos above. Lastly, and the thing I was most worried about was the length. I got the 24 inch 200 gram extensions ( they come in a variety of lengths and weights depending on how much hair you want ) and because my hair is already so long I wasn’t sure if they would be long enough, but sure enough they are the exact length of my hair ! 

I love they way they make my hair so much thicker and full, especially towards the ends my natural hair gets a little sparse and whispy and the extensions fix that. Also, because the extensions are such nice quality themselves, my hair just feels a lot silkier and overall better. Another thing that I love about them is that they have a slight little curl to the ends, probably just from the way they were sitting in the packaging but it adds an almost “blowout” effect to my hair that I am always striving for but with my pin straight hair is hard to achieve. I am in love with them and so happy Irresistible Me reached out to me, otherwise I would never have found them or realized how beautiful my hair could potentially look ! One day I am going to try curling them but as I am in love with them the way they are right now with that little curl at the ends, I want to wear them straight a few times before that goes away; once I do curl them though I will be sure to do another post so you can see how they look ! 

Of course I had to include some of the photos of me playing around in our Winter Wonderland adventure to go along with the post, my hair just looked so fabulous I had to take advantage of the photo opportunity. The one’s of me throwing snow are some of my favorites we have ever shot for the blog, they just remind me of something that would be on a store billboard; thank you to Jay for your amazing photography skills ! I can’t wait to shoot some more winter looks very soon, it is just such a different feel and I love it so much.

Outfit Details

| Sweater: Topshop Similar | Skirt: Forever21 Similar | Mittens: Parkhurst

| Boots: Naturalizer Similar | Extensions: Irresistible Me

If you are at all interested in purchasing some Irresistible Me Extensions (and I highly recommend getting some because they are beautiful), I would suggest doing it very soon because right now there is an amazing Black Friday Sale going on and you can save up to 40% off !  For example, the Silky Touch Hair Extensions that I have (24 inch, 200 grams) are regularly $219.00 but right now you can save $55.00 and get them for $164.00 which is an amazing deal ! Also, if you need less hair of course the price goes down as well, so snatch them up while you can get them for a great price. I think these would also make a wonderful gift for someone who likes to experiment with their hairstyle, or someone you know would love to have longer hair- and why not get them on sale right ! 

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the post ! How do you think my hair looks with the extensions in ? Do you love it as much as I do ? 

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