What I Got For Christmas 2016

Hello Beauties ! 

I know that I told you all Merry Christmas in my last post but this post is all about Christmas Day so of course I want to say it again ! Merry Christmas ( or Hanukkah or Festivus or Kwanzaa or any other Holiday that you celebrate ) ! I hope all of your holidays were lovely, as I said in my last post mine was wonderful ! I got super spoiled this year and I am so thankful for everything that I got, I always feel so lucky this time of year to be given such amazing things and I am in no way trying to brag about them but instead just wanted to share what I got with you (because I am super nosey and love seeing what other people got, it’s like a super large exciting haul). Thank you so much to everyone who made this Christmas amazing, I truly feel blessed to have you all in my life ! Anyways, before I get into what I got, first I want to share with you a little bit about how the days went.

 As always I spent Christmas Eve at my moms house, and this year it was super fun because my moms boyfriend as well as Jay stayed the night too so we had such a fun night / morning ! We decided to have some Christmas Challenges while having a few drinks because what else is more fun ! This included Uno (which I won) and a Canvas challenge which we made up on the spot. The rules were, we each were to paint a Christmas painting on a canvas using only 4 colours in 30 minutes. Now, I wish I had have taken good photos of the paintings ( of course I forgot ) but all I can say was it was super, super fun and my mom won ! In order to decide this we just texted a bunch of people with the photos and whoever got the most votes won haha. Next year I think it would be super fun if we had prizes so the stakes were higher, either way it is something that I want to do again ! The morning was nice and relaxing, with a trip to Starbucks to start with a lovely breakfast, White Christmas and then of course opening presents which I of course will share with you now ! I will also try to link everything that I know where it came from below if you are interested !

My main present this year from my mom was something that I have been needing for a few years now, and honestly I was stunned and overjoyed at receiving this baby right here. It is a MacBook Air *cue angels singing* ! Now every single year I had put some version of a MacBook on my Christmas wish list never thinking I would actually receive it, more as a joke, but this year my mom being the most generous angel that she is actually got me this one right here and I don’t think I have ever been more pleased with something in my life. She also so kindly upgraded me to the one with extra storage because she knows my needs and is truly a goddess. Not only will you loyal followers be receiving blog content on the regular ( I’m sure everyone has gone into shock and is dead by now ) but it also just makes my life a whole lot easier. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift and I am so, so, so thankful and still can’t believe she actually managed to get it, so if you are reading this thank you so much mother you are amazing <3 

Even though she got me such an amazing gift, she also managed to get me some other really amazing bits and bobs and honestly, I just feel like I got so spoiled this year ! For example, this AMAZING ( if you know how much I love sharks ) cuff bracelet that she got me while in San Diego and I am so excited to wear it, ugh, it is just so cool. 

Also from my mom, in my stocking, were these Lush bath products which are always something I love to receive ! Funnily enough, I have never tried any of these ones ( I think both bath oils are new but I have been meaning to try the dragons egg bath bomb ) and so I am very excited to see how these will be ! I will be sure to document what the baths look like after plopping these in for you guys to see. 

As you may recall from my Christmas Wishlist post this jacket was most definitely on my list ! I have been wanting a faux fur jacket for months now, and this one I found from Banana Republic I liked the best. I actually pointed out to my mom while we were Black Friday Shopping and was super happy that she got it for me ! I have taken to calling it my Swag Daddy jacket because I feel so glam and like a pimp at the same time when I wear it. Of course since it’s fur it does add quite a bit of bulk and so pairing it with cinched or tighter pieces looks the best. I love that it is beige also because it literally goes with anything, you will be seeing a look featuring this very, very soon !

This gorgeous mermaid scale mug from Starbucks I have been eyeing for a couple of months and I was surprised to open this on Christmas day from my aunt, thank you if you are reading this ! I actually had thought it was a white mug because I never really intently looked at it before but I was so pleasantly surprised to see that it is actually a really gorgeous very pale robins egg blue. You may know how much I want to be a mermaid and this mug just embodies that perfectly. I have yet to use it because I love it so much but once I do, I have a feeling it will become my newest favourite mug. 

Another thing that I asked for that was featured in my Wishlist was this gorgeous sculpting palette from Makeup Forever that my other aunt purchased for me, thank you as well if you are reading this ! Apparently, wish lists actually help the people in my life when figuring out what to get me and aren’t just fun to make haha ! Who knew ! Anyways, this too I have yet to use because I am saving it for when I buy myself a beauty blender to get the application correct; you can’t  use something this lovely half-assed the first time and plus I want to wear it on a day where I am actually doing something. Either way I can’t wait to use it, it’s gorgeous. 

From my moms last sister and my aunt I received a set of Christmas themed teas which I am super happy about because I love trying out new flavours of tea. Holiday flavoured teas are my absolute favourite as well – Sleigh Ride and Santa’s Secret from David’s tea are two of my all time favourites, so obviously any similar teas I am super excited for. Today I tried the red one called Savoury Blend and it was really lovely ! It was spicy with an almost vanilla like base, so yummy ! Also, I forgot to mention The English Tea Shop teas are some of my favourite so I’m sure they will all be delicious. The set came with four of each flavour so I will be able to have them multiple times as well ! Also with this gift I got a set of chocolates as well as this lovely note pad and pen from Chapters. This note pad isn’t just a normal one though, you can colour on it ! Which you bet I will be doing, it is such an unexpected fun thing that got me super excited when I saw it plus it is super cute ! Thank you so much as well if you are reading this haha ! 

This stunning Mac Lipglass from the Star Trek collection called Warp Speed Ahead was in my stocking as well ! I am so intrigued by the colour of this and it looks stunning on as well – not as purple as you’d expect but more of a burgundy. It is described as a plum with blue and pink reflects glitter – ugh it is so beautiful, I tried to swatch it for you guys but it failed miserably trying to take the photo myself. I will put it on soon and share some photos with you guys so you can see just how stunning it is. Anyways, I was super impressed with my mom for picking this out, it is so different but amazing – something I am super excited to try out. 

 The last thing I am going to share with you in this post is this lovely turtleneck sweater from Uniqlo that my mom’s boyfriend got for me ! Uniqlo is a brand I had never actually tried out before but after receiving this I think I am going to have to go pick up a few more pieces. This turtleneck actually has something called HEATTECH in it which is described as being heat absorbent, heat retentive, has odour control and moisture wicking. Naturally the first thing I thought after reading this was ” wow, perfect for skiing ” ! it is also just a lovely turtleneck though, that will be super warm for the winter in a lovely colour that fits gorgeously and is very soft and cozy. I tried this on with my knit skater skirt and it looked so cute, so stay tuned for that outfit I’m sure coming soon as well haha ! 

Anyways, that is all that I am sharing with you but that is not all that I got ! These are just the things that I had when I was taking the photos that were not gift cards or money haha ! Thank you so much to each and every one of you who got me something, it means to much and I am so thankful for everything ! Just because there aren’t photos of some things doesn’t mean I don’t like them of course, I love everything I got this year and can’t thank everyone enough. 

Gift Details

| Apple MacBook Air | Lush Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb | 

| Lush Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment Bath Oil | Lush Razzle Dazzle Bath Oil | 

| Banana Republic Faux Fur Coat | | Sephora Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette | 

| English Tea Shop Christmas Pyramid Prisms | Indigo Colouring List Pad | Indigo Charm Pen | 

| Mac Warp Speed Ahead Lipglass | Uniqlo HEATTECH Turtleneck |

I was going to tell you all about Boxing Day with my dad in this post, but it will have to wait until the next one because this has already been way too long, so stay tuned to hear about that part of Christmas soon ! Thank you so much for reading and all of your support once again ! 

I hope you all got lots of amazing things for the holidays as well, I would love to see what you got if you wanted to tag me in photos ! That curiosity never ends haha, anyways tomorrow is New Years so Happy New Years everyone as well ! Hope 2017 is better than 2016 <3 

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