What I Got For Christmas 2014

Hello Everyone !

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas ( or whichever holiday you celebrate ) and New Years as well ! So, I know this is a little bit late but the holidays were crazy busy and I did not have any time to stop and blog because of spending time with family et. so I thought I would do some holiday posts now, even though they might be a little bit late. Also, I meant to post this two weeks ago, it has been almost ready to post for that long but once again- crazy busy BUT better late than never ! So I thought I would start off these holiday posts with what I got for Christmas this year because they are one of my favorite types of youtube videos to watch, so I figured that also applies to blog posts – so I thought you might enjoy being as curious as I am and seeing what I got ! I did this last year as well, but this year I definitely tried to be more creative in photographing the things I got. Also like last year, I just want to make a little disclaimer… I am in no way trying to brag or show off what I got, Christmas isn’t just about the presents at all, (I personally actually like giving presents to be honest and I think that just comes with age) I just wanted to share what I got with you. 

My big gift this year was a new phoneeee ! It is a Iphone 5s in silver, although it’s not the newest model, it is one thousand percent better than my previous phone and to be honest, I like the 5s a lot better than the 6 anyways. I previously had an IPhone 4, it was super slow and was so full that I couldn’t upgrade it so I had IOS 6… yes 6, and it was horrible. There were a lot of apps I couldn’t even download because it was too old and then obviously the camera was a lot worse than the one on the 5s… but to be fair I didn’t realize it was as bad as it is until I got my new phone. I ecstatic with my new phone and am so glad my mom got it for me, she is the best. I didn’t even ask for a new phone but she knew I needed one so she got it for me and I could not have gotten a more perfect gift. 

The next thing I received was my newest perfume obsession – and I mean obsession, Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. Now, everyone has been raving about these perfumes for a very long time, and for some reason I had never wanted to smell them and give into the hype. Once I finally smelt them I fell completely in love with them both, but especially the white and I am so glad to have found it… I completely understand why everyone is so obsessed with them. I smell myself everyday, multiple times a day and I just can’t get enough of it. The one thing I love most about it is how it smells on my skin once it has mixed with my pheromones, not sure why but it smells 500x better on me after a few minutes (and it smells amazing in the bottle as well so you can imagine how good it smells once on). Anywho, I am obsessed with it and once again it is something that wasn’t even on my list but she just knows me so well and I was constantly talking about it so voila.

Next is a hat and mitt set I have been wanting forever… well not the mitts because I didn’t know they existed but the hat I saw last year and have wanted ever since. Also, because it is getting so cold here in Canada it was pretty much essential and I love that she got me the matching mitts because I don’t really have any good ones. I am also very happy that they both match my coat so well ( which you will see in my next two blog posts because I am absolutely obsessed with it) and are just amazing.

Now this sweater dress I had been eying for a long time after seeing someone wearing it on Instagram, I instantly fell in love with it and knew that I had to have it. On a whim I was checking the Banana Republic website to look at it and saw that it was 40% off, so I sent my mom a photo and hinted at her that I wanted it ( not really thinking anything would come of it because it was close to Christmas already and I figured she had already got me presents, not to mention it was super expensive… Originally $200.00 ) but alas she got the hint and I got it for Christmas ! It’s funny because two days before Christmas I went shopping and was searching for it in store but apparently it wasn’t sold at the one I went to because it’s part of the heritage collection and only a few stores carry that line. Anyways, I am in LOVE with it and have worn it once already with black tights and it was perfect ( and REALLY warm ) but I think that it would look even better with black knee highs so that is how I am going to wear it next. Either way you will see in worn in a blog post soon because you can’t really see it here but it is amazing. Also – just a tip, I had to hem it about two inches because it swallowed me, so just be aware of that if your short lol. 

The next thing I got were these leggings from Lululemon that I am also obsessed with and have worn about 10 times already. They are called the High Times Pant and are highwaisted leggings that fit perfectly ( although you do need to go down a size so they fit your waist). They are super comfortable and overall a great pair of leggings, although they are slightly see through when you bend over but with the right underwear you can’t tell that they are. I highly recommend that you get them if you like high waisted pants because they are perfect… and now that Zara no longer sells my old favorites these are my new go-tos. 

Every year I get a new pair of pajamas and this year I got a great pair. They look pretty basic, and they are, but the top is my favorite pj top I have ever owned. I have no idea why, it’s a plain grey long sleeve top that is slightly baggy and super comfortable to sleep in so I love it. The pants are also super soft and fit perfectly as well so I was very happy with these. 

And the last thing I got from my mom was my stocking ! It was a pretty amazing stocking this year I must say I was very impressed. All of my favorite things in one little package, I love stockings so much they are always the most fun thing to open. In order from top to bottom, left to right I got :

 One Direction stickers, a L’occitane Shea Butter set, a case for my phone, a mini Buddha board, an Itunes gift card ( which wasn’t actually in my stocking but hey), a star charm from Thomas Sabo for my bracelet, some Mahogany Teakwood hand sanitizer from Bath&Body Works, some dry skin butter which is like a deodorant looking stick of Shea butter that is amazing, the Hedgehog bubble bar from LUSH, the Snow Angel bath melt also from LUSH, my favorite soap from Bath&Body Works, Fake It Benefit concealer, and last but not least two mini tubes of my favorite body cream from Bath&Body works. 

Now for what Jay got me for Christmas ! 

This year from Jay my big present was the Michael Kors wallet to match the purse he got me last year and I absolutely love it ( I did ask him for it lol so obviously I wanted it ). He told me he was going to get it for me but then nearer to Christmas when we were shopping he told me couldn’t find it anywhere (he was super sneaky about it and hid it in a Sephora bag which I figured he got me something from there because it was a pretty big bag so I was excited for that) but, obviously he did find it and it was hiding in the bag. The way he wrapped it was hilarious as well, he put it into a tissue box, closed it up and put two tissues on top and I literally thought that he got my Kleenex… I was really confused and he thought it was so funny; but he did tell me that there was something in it eventually. Anyways, once I opened it I was ecstatic and so confused and just couldn’t believe he had actually found it. 

I am so happy that he did get it because not only is is beautiful ( obviously ) but I NEEDED a new wallet desperately. I had been using a little coach wristlet that had no pockets or anything and just had all of my cards and cash shoved in which made it really inconvenient because I had to search for what I needed every time I had to get something out which was really frustrating. But I am in love with it and I have been using it for a few weeks because this post is super late, and I can attest that it is an amazing wallet, it has loads of space for everything i need and the zipper is very sturdy and stays put so I know my things won’t be falling all over the place. The leather is also saffiano like my purse and it is amazing and hardly shows any wear and it overall a great quality so I know that I will have it for a very long time, which I am super happy about !

Jay also got me a few little other things that are not photographed here. He got me two candles from Bath & Body Works, Papaya Sunshine and Caribbean Sunshine I think it might be called ? But they both smell amazing and very tropically. He also got me a Candle Holder which is beautiful – it is silver glittered with almost candy cane like stripes, it looks amazing on candles lol. Also, he got me the Dkny Red Be Delicious perfume which you can no longer buy in store but he managed to find it at a local flea market. Now, I used to wear this perfume when I was about in grade 11 I think, possibly 10, but he had bought it for me for Christmas that year and that is why it was so amazing that he found it again. The smell of it has a lot of great memories attached to it and I am so glad to have it again, it was a perfect gift ( even though I saw it before Christmas so I knew about it lol but I loved opening it just as much ). 

And here is a cute little photo of my lovely combo of mother & baby cognac saffiano leather Michael Kors beauties.

Of course I got a few things here and there from other friends and family, but if I gathered up EVERYTHING it would just be a really long post. So here are the other things that are not photographed:

From my Dad: 
Money &
A skin care set
From my Cousin:
A bra & undies from Victoria’s Secret (we buy each other bras every year – for birthdays as well)
A cute super soft pj set with Racoon-Foxes on them &
A super cuddly Blankie
From Jay’s Family:
Dior purifying foaming cleanser
Pj bottoms &
A bath set
From my Aunt & Cousin:
An Angel Charm for my charm bracelet
Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate &
A charm necklace with a giraffe, a J and a little diamante
 From my other Aunt: 
A Starbucks giftcard &
Victoria’s Secret Body Creams & Shower Gel
 From my Grandma: 
A LaSenza gift card
 From my Bestie:
A David’s Tea Nutcracker Mug
A real Nutcracker (you can see it in photos above) &
Some :Lindor Chocolate

Now I think that is everyone, and if I am forgetting anything I am extremely sorry but I am overly grateful for everything I received and if any of you are reading this thank you so much I really do appreciate it ! 

I hope anyone reading this had just as an amazing Christmas as I did and spent lots of time with the ones that you love and spent it doing things you love doing ! Once again, Christmas is not about the gifts, I just wanted to share what I got and give credit to everyone who gave me gifts and not leave anything or anyone out because I love every single thing I got this year and I consider myself lucky to be getting anything at all. So thank you, thank you, thank you I love you all and I hope this post isn’t too late. If you want to leave me a comment telling me what you got for Christmas I would love to read them as well !

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