Waterfall Adventure

Hello darlings !

Long time no talk, how’s it going !? I honestly wish sometimes that instead talking to you guys through a computer I could just be chatting over the phone or something haha because honestly I do feel like I am talking to you guys as friends. Which I guess in a sense you are, even if we don’t really know each other ! Sorry I have once again been freaking MIA lately, this summer has just been so nuts though I am go, go, go – barely even have time to do laundry lol. I once again just got back from Algonquin last night which was amazing and you will be seeing that in a few weeks but I miss blogging ! I know that sounds weird because I can do it any time but honestly I have been such a slacker. I have about 4 posts lined up that need to go up after this so I am going to be working like a fiend to try to get those up soon for you ! I promise at least once a week I will be uploading from now on, I don’t have any more major plans for the summer so that is definitely do-able.

Now I guess we should get to talking about this gorgeous waterfall you see me standing in front of up above ! Near the end of July (see how much of a slacker I am) my bestie Shannon and I were talking and decided we needed to go on a Waterfall adventure because there are a ton around where we live just a few hours drive away, so after looking at a ton of photos we decided on this beauty. This waterfall is called Hoggs Falls and it is in Flesherton Ontario. It was one of the prettiest we had seen after looking at a bunch and it definitely lived up to it’s photos.

Hogg’s is a perfect little oasis getaway of a place, there is a rope to get down to the base of the waterfall which of course we climbed down to take these photos. Not only is this spot great for photos though, if you wanted (which we were debating) you could even go for a swim ! The water isn’t super deep but it is deep enough to swim in which is what a bunch of people were doing while we were down there. You can even go under the waterfall which I also was super tempted to do but on our drive while looking at the map, we noticed that there was another waterfall very, very close by that we decided we would check out afterwards; because of this we didn’t want to be all soaking wet walking around (we didn’t know if we would have to hike to this second one or where it was ) and so no swimming for us. I definitely want to take another day trip to Hogg’s though, I think it would be such a lovely day swimming around the waterfall and chilling on rocks et.

We found this old abandoned building over at Eugenia falls which you will see in the photos below those of Hogg’s and I thought it would be a perfect photo opportunity. I really like how they turned out actually so I wasn’t wrong haha. For this day of adventures, I chose to wear my one piece bathing suit that I have been wearing non stop this summer so that if we wanted we could swim; with this I chose to wear my trusty button up denim skirt and shirt wrapped around my waist incase it got chilly. Thankfully actually the day was perfectly sunny and considering it was showing chances of showers all week we got very, very lucky.

We spent quite a bit of time enjoying the views of Hogg’s Falls and playing around the rocks a bit, taking photos before we decided we would head to Eugenia falls. Now, let me start by saying I liked Hogg’s a lot better just because you could actually get down into the falls and it was just a better experience. Eugenia though was gorgeous as well, and way, way bigger. There is a way to get to the bottom of Eugenia Falls but it honestly isn’t safe at all to try to get there, they have walls around the area where you are actually supposed to be and they don’t want people to try to go down and for that reason it’s pretty treacherous. Someone actually tragically fell and died a few weeks ago trying to get down after we went (which is so horrible I can’t even begin to imagine) so if you ever think you want to try, just don’t.¬†What you can do though that is much safer is go on top of the falls which is what we did and it was also amazing.

Of course we didn’t get too close to the edge, we ended up getting a little closer than this which you will see in some of the other photos but some people were going right too the edge and that is way too real for me. The view was gorgeous from the top of the falls though. I don’t really think you are supposed to technically go onto the top of the falls either, there was a fence that was down so obviously at one point you couldn’t get there, but a ton of people were doing it so I think they kind of just gave up as people were doing it anyways and it isn’t that dangerous as long as you are careful. As you can see from the sign below do not try in the winter time though as ice is slippery and it is very possible you could slip over the edge.

From these photos where we got closer it looks like we are right at the edge but there was about another two feet behind us until the drop off, no need to be alarmed haha. Eugenia was a spectacular site to see though as it was a huge waterfall and it is so much more amazing to think that water continuously flows over such a large drop. As you can see two photos down from this one, there are a ton of rocks you can walk along at the top of the falls and so people were crossing to the other side a lot (which is how you get down to the bottom somehow, we never did really figure it out but it looked terrifying) not just to get to the bottom but also to see this cute little archway in the photo below. I don’t really know why it was there, it didn’t lead anywhere or to anything but it was cute none the less haha.

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Before we started to head home we headed over to Collingwood to grab something to eat. We decided on Kelsey’s because of their amazing Sangria and Spinach Dip and we sat on the patio to soak up more of the beautiful sun we had all day. Overall I had such an amazing adventure and can not wait to visit more waterfalls soon ! There are just so many and I had no idea, but I am making it a goal to visit them all one day. I would highly suggest taking a day trip and checking them out if you can !

Now I promise my next Algonquin post will be up next week so make sure to be on the lookout for that ! I hope you aren’t sick of nature yet because there is a lot more to come !

I hope you all have lovely Weekends and thank you so much for reading and supporting me you guys, I always appreciate it so much you have no idea <3



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