Valentines Day With Farfetch

Hello darlings ! 

Valentines Day is quickly approaching, it’s hard to believe it is that time already. I don’t know about you guys but Valentines Day to me is kind of silly, you should appreciate and love your significant other everyday of the year; there shouldn’t have to be one day dedicated to doing that. In saying that though, it is a fun day to celebrate still. I love to dress up a little bit go out on a date with my boyfriend and just have a good time together. It doesn’t have to be anywhere super special, but just spending time together and showing appreciation for the other person in the way that you love best is a perfect way to celebrate. For us that is usually going out for dinner because we both have a great appreciation for food, but if you and your significant other love to paint for instance, going to a painting class together would be what you would (most likely) have the most fun doing together. Instead of being a day about showing the person how much you love them, it should be about sharing your love together by doing what makes you happy. That’s just my take on it anyways haha. 

Farfetch, an online designer clothing boutique, has reached out to me and asked me to put together two looks for myself and my loved one (aka. Jay) that would be the ideal Valentines Day looks for us. Now, when I think of Valentines Day, I think back to my childhood; of pink, red, lilac, white, valentines day cards and those little heart candies, but I also think about now… red, black, lace, sexy silhouettes and dressing a little differently from your everyday style. The latter is where my inspiration for these looks come from. There are still your accents of red in there, but the look isn’t dominated by it.

I went for this beautiful dress by Fausto Puglisi, it has gorgeous lace detailing in the chest area and along the trim at the bottom which makes it very feminine and pretty but also gives off an almost lingerie feel to it which is what mostly drew my eye to it. The silhouette of the top of the dress is gorgeous as well and this too gives off a bralette vibe to me but also isn’t too revealing because of the lace. What makes this dress even more special though, is the different pleating on the bottom. The left side has black larger pleats and then unexpectedly, on the right there is a pop of khaki with smaller pleat details. I love how different it is to any of the dresses I saw, the asymmetry at the bottom makes it modern and fresh but not too out there, perfect for a date. I went for simple accessories with red detailing (and a little green in the shoes) and classic diamond jewelry to add a little sparkly but not take away from the dress itself. Overall I think it has a very romantic feel to it and this would be what I would love to wear on Valentines Day. 

For Jay’s look, we went pretty simple in terms of shapes and style but made it exciting with color. The Givenchy shirt was the first item we picked out (yes, he actually had an opinion in what he was “wearing” haha). We liked that the shirt was just a simple black button down but the studs on the collar added an unexpected detail and the pops of red were perfect for the day. To pair with the shirt we were just going to do black pants and everything all black, but that was kind of boring, especially for Valentines Day, so instead we opted for these amazing red pants by Kenzo. They are definitely the star of the show and add such an amazing element to the otherwise pretty simple look. Since the pants are such a statement piece in themselves, we decided to go for all black accessories to let the pants really shine. We also decided not to add a jacket just to make it a bit more casual, but instead added a tie to keep it pulled together and still formal.

Outfit Details

| Dress: Fausto Puglisi | Clutch: YSL | Shoes: Dolce&Gabbana | Ring: Kimberly Mcdonald

| Earrings: Melissa Joy Manning |

| Shirt: Givenchy | Pants: Kenzo | Shoes: Dolce&Gabbana | Belt: Burberry | Tie: Dolce&Gabbana |

I think both of the outfits compliment the other very well and if we were actually to wear this on Valentines Day (which I wish we could) it would be the most perfect look ever. Dressing up is always fun especially for a specific occasion and Farfetch has all of the clothing of my dreams. If you are ever looking for something to wear on a special day, you should check out their website because there are a lot of amazing things ! 

What do you think of these looks ? Would you wear them for Valentines Day and if not what would your ideal outfits look like !? 

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you all have a great Valentines Day <3

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