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Red Lace Valentines Day

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Happy almost Valentine’s Day ! I feel like this has got to be one of the most controversial occasions around, everyone has different ideas about it and sometimes it can be very hated. I personally think that it isn’t necessary to have one day about love, but I do like it none the less for various reasons; the chocolate of course… especially the fact that it goes on sale the day after, red and pink everywhere and of course dressing up to go out for a date night ! Usually Jay and I don’t do anything too special but opt for a nice dinner and a movie or something along those lines. This year is no different and for date night I wanted to wear something a little special, slightly “risqué” even, if you will, but it’s the day of love so why not ! Adore Me recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a collaboration with them on a Valentine’s Day look using some of their pieces for inspiration; of course I said yes, because if you haven’t checked them out yet they are amazing !

Adore Me is a subscription site for lingerie ! Yes I said that ! Each month the site launches a new showroom with pieces that will suit you based on your preferences and style, andddd get this – it is only $29.99 for your first month ($49.99 after that) ! If you are a member you also get special perks such as your 6th set free and special sales only VIP members can get. Of course if you just want to shop at your leisure, you don’t have to actually become a member – but if you do and decide you don’t want anything that month you can skip within the first 5 days of the month. Perfect right ! If you like Victoria’s Secret or just am a lingerie lover like myself I would consider checking them out because their pieces are beautiful ! The funny thing about lingerie is that people think it always has to be hidden away, but in this look I share how it can be styled and added into your outfit without being too over the top.

Valentines Day OOTD

Red Lace Bodysuit

Faux Fur and Choker

I feel like Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to wear lingerie on the outside, it is so feminine, dainty and can add such a nice little touch of sexiness to an outfit. I personally really enjoy lace, as it is gorgeous and generally very easy to wear and style. This red lace bodysuit I am wearing in this outfit is from Victoria’s Secret ( it is no longer available but I have listed a similar piece below, also I think the Cheryll bra – also below – would give a similar look but with a high neck, which I think would be very pretty). I bought it specifically in mind to wear out because it was such a lovely piece, it can be worn on it’s own or layered under another bodysuit or top as I have done here ! I usually feel very exposed wearing anything too scandalous, I know I shouldn’t but I do – and so instead of the entirety of my body being exposed underneath the lace (of course with a bra) I feel much better about it just peeking out a little bit. Of course if you felt like just rocking it on it’s own you totally could, it’s up to you really – but I am just showing you what I like to do with it.

Red Lace Bodysuit Detail

Valentines Day Lingerie

As for the rest of the outfit, I wanted to keep to a black and red theme because when I think about Valentine’s Day in my head that is exactly what comes to mind along with pinks and whites. For this outfit I decided to go with the red and black, but I am going to style another Valentine’s Day look in pinks so stay tuned for that as well ! When choosing what to wear, I decided to go for an all black look that would really let the red lace pop. This wrap style top is a perfect style for allowing the lace to peek through, you can adjust it so that you have the exact amount of lace  you want showing and it stays pretty well once placed. I love the way these two items went together, although wearing two bodysuits feels a little strange at first, it almost acts like spanks which is another plus. This choker I picked up recently from H&M adds a little extra sensuality to the look without taking away from the lace, it is in a velvet which is another thing I think is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Black Choker Velvet

Faux Fur Coat

VDay Lingerie Red Lace

As it is still winter, and therefore still very cold, I had to throw on a jacket overtop of this look and it was the perfect opportunity to once again wear my favourite faux fur coat. I love the amount of luxury this jacket adds to any look, and with the lace this outfit feels extra special. I think this was the perfect piece to add to keep warm without detracting from the look, and dresses it up even more; why not, it’s a special occasion, go all out ! To finish the look off I added my simple black booties with tights to elongate my legs and once again keep warm, my mini croc bag that adds a little bit of a classic feel to the outfit and of course a red lip to compliment the lace !

Like I was saying earlier, Adore Me has some gorgeous piece in their collection and below are some of my favourites that I am dying to get my hands on ! These are only a few and are all very me, but if these don’t tickle your fancy I urge you to check out the website or their Instagram because there are a ton of things that you may like instead ! I know it is a little late to order for Valentine’s Day now (sorry my fault) but as I said, there shouldn’t just be one day about love, it should be everyday ! So I say #treatyourself or as Adore Me would say Forget V-Day… it’s all about #MeDay.

Outfit Details

| Jacket Banana Republic | Lace Bodysuit Victoria’s Secret Similar Similar | Bodysuit Topshop Similar |

| Skirt Forever21 Similar | | Tights Calvin Klein | Booties H&M Similar | Choker H&M | Bag Zara Similar |

Adore Me Pieces 

| Persephone | Susanna | Krystyna | Nataly | Cheryll |

I hope you enjoyed this post ! I know I enjoyed making it (I love the look of the polaroids if I do say so myself), this is what I will be wearing on Valentine’s Day and I would love to hear what you are wearing in the comment section below ! Also, if you haven’t checked out Adore Me yet I highly suggest doing so, I for one will be ordering some of these pieces very soon and it would be so cool if we matched haha.

Anyways, I hope you all have lovely Valentine’s Days even if you aren’t sharing it with a significant other share it with any loved ones or just have a me day, whatever makes you feel good ! Don’t forget to eat all of the chocolate as well <3

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