Valentines Date Night

Hello Everyone !

Long time no speak haha, I am so sorry about that ! I hate it, I feel like I am slipping back into my old habit of never posting (which I’m not but it feels like it lol) in reality though, I just have not had any time to take outfit photos these last two weeks. Reasons for this being that either the weather has been too bad, or Jay and I just couldn’t work a time to shoot around our schedules; but thankfully we are back on track and I have a few posts planned for this week and the following week as well. This was the outfit I had planned to wear for Valentines Day. Unfortunately Jay wasn’t feeling so good that day so we didn’t end up doing anything but instead went out for a little date night last night instead and this was the outfit I wore.

For our little date night, we were going to go very casual and just grab some coffees and hang out at Bohemia, this amazing little coffee shop in Downtown Barrie, but it was closed unfortunately. Our plan was then to head on down to Casa Cappuccino, same thing just a little less fancy but instead while we were walking there Jay saw a sign saying “Cheese&Chocolate” and instantly decided we needed to check it out. I am so glad we stumbled across this store, it is called J’adore in case you are wondering. 

It was amazing ! There were probably over 80 different cheeses and a variety of amazing truffles and other chocolate goodies to choose from. Thankfully, they also sold coffee so we each got a cappuccino and of course some cheese and truffles to go (everything was amazingly delicious by the way). It’s the coolest place ! They also sell lunch- different sandwiches everyday and soup as well; safe to say we plan on going there for lunch one day and will be frequenting there for cheese and chocolate regularly. After that we were going to go and grab some dinner somewhere else but decided just to head home as there was lasagna being made and we also wanted to dig into our chocolate and cheese of course ! It was a lovely night of discovery and I can’t wait to discover some more amazing local places very soon ( I think we are both itching to just go explore random places) and once we do I will be sure to share them with you !

Since this was the outfit I was planning on wearing for Valentines Day, of course the plan was to incorporate some pink or red in there and actually I managed to have both ! Mind you, the red is only in the rose but that’s okay. Although this look was specifically picked for Valentines Day, it is a perfect outfit for any date night really; it is sweet and feminine but has some sexy touches with the lace bralette peaking out, leather jacket and black accessories. The peplum tank is a very soft pink, it is hard to tell because of the lighting ( it was getting dark very quickly so it’s not the best ) but you can tell more in the first photo at the top there. I love the shape of it, the peplum is made up of pleats that sit beautifully over the body and the exposed zip adds another little interesting detail. I paired this with my white faux leather skirt to keep the entire look from being too black based and create contrast among the entire look.

I know you have seen this leather jacket time and again but it is just a simple classic shape that can be worn with anything. I changed it up a little bit this time by turning the sides out to create a sort of fake lapel, I really like how easily it transforms into a completely different jacket and allows what I am wearing underneath to be shown easier (if I hadn’t have folded it you wouldn’t even be able to see the bralette). Leather always adds such an instant cool vibe to a look and I love how it takes this “what would be” feminine look and makes it edgier and a lot more casual. The shoes do a great job of playing off of the edgy cool vibe as well and overall I love how everything plays off of each other.

Outfit Details 

| Top: Dynamite Similar | Skirt: Zara Similar | Jacket: Danier Similar | Shoes: Aldo

| Purse: Michael Kors Small Version | Necklace: Tiffany&Co. |

I am really happy with how this look turned out, as well as this night ! It was so much fun and I know we will be visiting J’adore again very soon because everything was delicious. As for this spot for taking photos, I absolutely love it ! I have already taken more here because I liked it so much and that will be the next post going up so stay tuned ! I feel like I always have to take photos in a spot more than once, I must have been a dog in a past life or something- marking my territory haha ! No, it’s just hard to find good spots around where we live and so I usually reuse them. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading about our wanderings ! 

What do you like to do for date nights ? Do you have a specific plan or go with the flow ?

 I would love to hear <3 

Thank you so much for reading as always, I love each of you to bits !

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