My Twenty Fifth Birthday

Twenty Fifth Birthday Balloons and Outfit

Hello lovelies !

Today I am finally sharing with you my birthday post ! I am so sorry it took me so long to get this up but I promise the photos (hopefully) will be worth the wait ! Also, as many of you are fashion lovers like myself I am sure you will be wondering where this gorgeous little red dress is from and I assure you I will let you know. For my birthday this year instead of shopping with my mom as was the original plan, I changed my mind last minute and decided that the day before my birthday I wanted to go to Niagara On The Lake as I had been there the week before for the first time (we went to a winery, that post will be coming next) and thought it was the cutest place ever and so I wanted to spend some more time there. Joining me was my mom, my aunt and Jay. It was such a fun time and even though taking the actual photos took freaking forever… I have learned that giant balloons and wind are not in-fact friends… I had so much fun wandering the shops, eating delicious food and generally just enjoying the cute town that it has become one of my favourite destinations !

25th Birthday

Little Red Dress

Niagara On The Lake is about an hour and a half drive from my moms house so it didn’t take too long to get there. Once we got there though, were all hungry as we arrived around lunchtime, so we headed to this cute and freaking delicious restaurant called ORZO. Jay and I both got the mushroom risotto which was to die for (there is a photo on my Instagram) and it was one of the yummiest dishes I have ever had. After eating and before the hell that was taking the balloon photos – seriously I have photo proof for you guys below to show how difficult it was – we wandered the streets looking at all of the cute buildings and doing a little shopping. My favourite shop that we wandered into, that I definitely want to visit again was a cute little boutique selling crystals called The Shiny Company ! I have been obsessed with crystals recently like a lot of people these days and this shop was full of gorgeous pieces ! I ended up getting a rose quartz pendant which is so feminine and dainty while being amazing for you of course as well as a piece of amethyst for beside my bed ( which you saw in my last post ). I want to get a ton more soon, they are just so pretty, and that shop does a great job of labelling everything with healing properties as well so you know exactly what you are going to get !

Birthday Decorations 25th Birthday

Prince of Wales Hotel

Birthday Horse and Carriage Ride Niagara Falls

25 Number Balloons and Birthday Outfit

Birthday Decorations

Pastel Outside House Decor

Backyard Hedges

Now originally when taking photos with the balloons , I had planned to do it just on the main strip by all of the super cute buildings. Upon realizing that it was super windy and I would have been smacking poor pedestrians with my balloons a change of location was needed. While wandering we came across a park , I have now learned that it is called Simcoe Park and it was the perfect spot as it was kind of in a valley ? If you know what I mean – so it was lower down and I thought would block the wind. Boy was I wrong (at first). If you see the two photos with the sun low in the sky and the flowers behind me (they were so pretty) this would have been the perfect spot as it was gorgeous , but it was probably the windiest spot I could have chosen…so we had to relocate again unfortunately. Finally I spotted the perfect area, tucked away in a bunch of trees where a memorial statue was. So off we go down a hill and through a bunch of grass to the spot and of course because I’m the luckiest human alive, I step in a HUGE mud puddle…. I was SO happy. Just kidding. I was livid haha and since we hadn’t actually taken the photos yet I had to go into a public washroom (in the park) and wash my shoes and my feet off, so that was fun. Anyways, we took some photos in that spot that you will see, but it was actually quite windy as well (guys this was a super windy day) and lastly we ended up going across the street to this beautiful house’s driveway to take some more haha. Don’t worry the house was for sale and we knocked to make sure it was okay, but no one was home so c’est la vie we did it anyways.

Red Ruffled Bardot Topshop Dress and Birthday Balloons

Simcoe Park Niagara On The Lake

Cow's Ice Cream Shop Niagara On The Lake

Niagara On The Lake Clock Tower

25th Birthday Outfit and Birthday Number Balloons

Niagara On The Lake Outfit

Sadie the Horse

Carriage Ride Niagara On The Lake

As we were heading to the car, I wanted to stop and get ice cream at Cow’s because after all the sign says it’s the best ice cream in Canada. It was closed sadly but on the way back to the car (my mom and aunt had already headed back with the balloons thank goodness) while walking by the Horse and Carriages that are always parked outside of the Prince of Wales Hotel, Jay insisted we ask if we could take some photos in the carriage ! I’m so glad he has some balls because I am a chicken and didn’t even want him to ask because I thought it was awkward haha- but low and behold they actually let us ! The ladies were super nice and had no problem with it at all ! The horses name was Sadie also, and even though I am allergic to horses and felt my throat clogging up after about 3 minutes near them I pet her anyways ! Those eyes just get you every time ! Just an FYI incase you’re wondering about my health lol, I made sure not to touch my face with the one hand and washed it as soon as we got to our last destination – the Outlet Malls !

Birthday Decor

Horse and Carriage Ride Niagara On The Lake

Niagara Clock Tower

Red Off The Shoulder Dress and Birthday Balloons

25th Birthday Balloons

Old Courthouse Niagara

Balzacs Coffe and Rebecca Minkoff Bag

Now being a fashion fanatic, you would think I would have known how amazing these Outlets were but of course, I did not. I even visited the website beforehand and although they have a few stores listed in the directory they DID NOT have all of the stores on there. It was crazy and huge and went for days and I NEED to go back. Seriously, if you have never been do it, when you have an entire day at that because you will be there forever and spend all the money. Now speaking about being a fashion fanatic, I am sure you are wondering about my dress, and my purse too, I just realized this is the first time you guys will have seen that as well so let me get on with it !

This here gorgeous dress I picked up at Topshop a few months ago knowing it would be my Birthday dress. As soon as I saw it on the Topshop website I knew it was the dress I had been looking for ! I don’t own very many red things weirdly enough even though it is a super empowering gorgeous colour that speaks to me. This dress had all of the things I was looking for; it is the type of fit that I know looks best on me (check out last year’s birthday dress Here), is a bright fun colour (after last year I wanted a dress that wasn’t black, just to switch it up), and it had a few trend elements that I am loving at the moment (off the shoulder and ruffle detailing). All of these things summed up to me the perfect dress and when I tried it on I was not disappointed ! I was super happy that they had my size in the store I went to as well because at the time they only had 3 in stock and this one fit me like a glove so voila ! If you are looking for a “fancier dress” aka. just a really pretty dress for life or even prom it would work I would highly suggest checking it out ! I was actually in Topshop today and saw it still so you are still good if you want it.

Escabeche Restaurant Niagara

Pink, White and Silver Birthday Number Balloons

Outfit Details 

| Dress Topshop | Shoes Sam Edelman Similar | Purse Rebecca Minkoff | Balloons Party City |


As for my new purse, I was going to tell you all about it here but I remembered I took a lot more photos wearing it at Peller Estates when I went a few weeks ago. That post is going up after this one so I decided I will just tell you all about it then since this post is already so long haha ! What I will tell you now, it that it is amazing and I am in love. Haha but that is all for now, I am going to wrap this up so it’s not a complete book lol ( I am at about 2000 words right now oops). So sorry for keeping you here this long but I hope you enjoyed my Birthday post !

I also just want to say thank you to everyone who said Happy Birthday and an extra big thank you to those who made it amazing ! I love you all, thanks for all your support as always <3




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