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Hello you lovely people !

Today I am coming to you with the most festive post I have ever posted to date, but that may change because I plan on having a lot of festive posts this year. For now though, this is the one, and I can’t get over how amazing it is. Encase you don’t actually know me in person you may not know that I am Christmas OBSESSED. Literally, so crazy about it, it is hard to explain in words but it is such an amazing thing. My favorite time of the year easily; everyone is in such a better mood and is more thankful, giving, appreciative and I feel just overall better people (besides crazy people in stores but we’ll forget about them for now). Besides picking out perfect gifts, wrapping said presents and spending time with family, doing Christmasy activities such as going to the Toronto Christmas Market as we did this day is one of my favorite things to do.

The Christmas Market is amazing, there are a whole bunch of vendors selling little nick knacks, gifts, and various sorts of food; there is a place to pick up Christmas trees and get this… SANTA IS THERE ! That’s right, the man himself is there and you can take photos with him of course (although it is difficult because the line up is huge). The most amazing part of the entire market though is not that is it free during the week and not that there are beer gardens where you can get amazing mulled wine, no no my friends, the most amazing part is that there is a 52 ft Norway Spruce just chilling right in the middle of the market and it is BEAUTIFUL. I have never been so overwhelmed with joy from a tree in my entire life.



Do you see what I mean about the tree ! It is so breathtaking, and up close it is so much more overwhelming. I could probably spend an entire day just staring at it and not get sick of it. It’s funny that you can literally see that this photo was taken at 7:33 haha, I find it interesting for some reason. Oh yeah, also I forgot to mention up above, but around the tree is the busiest part of the entire market so getting photos is even more of a struggle. Each time you think the people in your way are leaving someone else jumps right in their place to take a selfie. Oh how I wish the days before selfies were back so it would be easier to take regular photos without everyone blocking every available part of the tree. That is another reason I want to go earlier, I feel like it wouldn’t be as crazy, but then again I could be wrong ! I am so glad the tree has white lights as well, I have a strong dislike for colored lights for some reason, I’m not entirely sure why but I really just don’t like them… white lights are just so magical !


My mom snapped a few good photos on her phone, and it takes pretty good quality photos for a phone so I have included some of them in here as well. So I am sorry about the lacking quality in these few photos, but I liked them so much, I thought I would just include them anyways. This is one of them, I was just walking apparently but it turned out really cool – I had no idea this was taken until we got home and she showed me haha, but I love it ! You can see more of the little vendor shops there on the Right side, on the Left are stores that are always there but are also open for the market as well ! P.s. see what I mean about the people.


Here are a few photos my mom once again snapped on her phone in the beer garden. My one goal the entire time there was to get some mulled wine, and it was amazing. I want to go back soon not for just photo taking but for that because it is honestly worth it ! The beer garden was just a little nook alley off of the main “street” and they had a whole bunch of drinks but were featuring mulled wine. They had fires going around as you will see below and it was actually a really chilled out environment. If you whoever you are go to the market, get some mulled wine, I promise you will love it ! Also, get the poutine ! There is a little stand right beside the Mill St. Brewery and it has some divine poutine for $6.00, I had some and it was the best decision ever. Poutine and mulled wine, what more does one need in life ?



Outfit Details 

| Jacket: Zara This Year’s | Sweater: Zara Similar | Skirt: Zara Similar | Booties: Zara Similar |

|Hat: Topshop | Purse: Michael Kors | Necklace: Tiffany & Co. |


Overall, I highly recommend going to the Toronto Christmas Market, it is completely worth it but go during the week because I feel like the weekend would be nuts ! Also, I feel you should know that it is not open Monday’s (which sucks because I feel that would be the best day) and it closes every other night at 9 besides Friday & Saturday is 10. Get there early if you want to avoid crowds, and make sure you take a photo with that tree ! If any of you are from Toronto you should tag me in your photos with the tree because I would love to see them haha <3

Anywho ! This is just the first of my holiday posts, and be sure to check back for some more very soon ! I hope you all are feeling as joyful and festive as I am and are in full Christmas Spirit mode ! What is your favorite Christmas activity to do ? I would love to hear your suggestions !

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