Toronto Christmas Market 2017

Hello once again darlings !

I still can’t get over the fact that I can constantly work on content for you guys in all of my spare time ! At any time I can pick up my laptop and just start writing and don’t need to see if the laptop is free, it really is an amazing feeling haha. SO I know your thinking as you look at this post ” um hello, Christmas was like two weeks ago Jess, who do you think you are ” but you know what, I love Christmas so extending the Christmas spirit a little further won’t hurt anyone right ! So today finally I am going to share with you this outfit that I actually shot at the very beginning of December (crazy right, I wasn’t able to get it up before now ) but the Christmas season is just so busy, who has extra time !

I actually visited the Toronto Christmas Market twice this year, it has become a staple during the Christmas season and is one of the best ways to get into the festive spirit. You may remember my this post and this post from the Christmas Market last year, so I won’t get into those same details about it again but instead I will share with you my experiences this year and how it differed from last year.



These photos are actually a combination of the two times we went to the Christmas Market this year, the outfit photos and photos taken during the day (before the actual market was open yet might I add) Jay and I went down purposely just to take photos without hundred of people in the way haha. It was kind of sad because the tree wasn’t lit up yet but that’s okay all of the other lights were still on so we ended up getting some amazing photos ! We went the day before the market actual opened to make sure all of the decorations were up though, they were still working on some so if we had have gone earlier it wouldn’t have worked. It actually ended up being perfect, I highly recommend doing this if you want to get some gorgeous photos; that or go to the market after its closed / before it’s open.


The second time I went to the Christmas Market this year was with almost my entire mom’s side of the family on a Saturday (worst idea in the history of ideas…which wasn’t mine) and it was SO BUSY. It was hard to get any photos at all, so I only got some of the lights and decor with my camera but that worked out perfectly because they go along nicely with the first set of photos from the market. As you can probably guess, I do not recommend going to the TCM on the weekends, the line we had to wait in was literally around the block an hour long and once inside the market you can barely move. Yes, it was still fun. Yes, I still got my mulled wine, but other than that we pretty much did nothing as it was way too busy. Well, at least we learned our lesson haha ! We weren’t even able to look at any vendors because it was so packed haha, but oh well, I was happy because I had already taken photos (see what I mean about my good idea to go before).


I did want to go back and experience the TCM on a weekday to fully experience the new things they had to offer this year (it keeps getting better and better) but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time in the month. Oh well, next year ! I do want to share with you a few things that were different this year though. There was a pink forest ! Yes, you heard that right a pink forest of trees which you can see in the photo below. This actually wasn’t set up when we went the first time which I am very sad about because photos in these trees during the daytime without the weird pink cast would have been amazing ! The second time we went the line was way too long and I knew the photos would turn out weird anyways so I didn’t even bother. There of course were new food vendors and shopping vendors which we didn’t really get to see but there were also a bunch of new places to take photos such as that cute gingerbread you saw above. Overall, it just keeps getting better and I can’t wait to see what new things they have this upcoming year !


Now of course we must discuss my outfit ! You may notice that it is quite similar to the outfit I wore to the Christmas market last year, but when else can you wear a huge red velvet skirt other than Christmas time honestly ! I don’t even mind that you have all seen it before because I love it to death and it is easily one of my favourite pieces in my closet for the holiday season. As I chose to wear it with all black last year, I wanted to go in the lighter direction by pairing it with a white long sleeve top, my faux fur scarf and some pastel blue and black heels to add a little more colour to the outfit without overpowering the skirt. I have found that because this skirt is so high waisted as well as very full, the best thing to wear with it is a very tight top on top so that you don’t get lost in the skirt and you can still see your shape underneath. Just a simple white top and the skirt were boring even with the little pop of colour in the shoes so I added the faux fur scarf to add warmth, a little glam and a little winter touch to the look.


If you saw my last post What I Got For Christmas 2016, you will understand what I am about to say when I say that I wish I had my Swag Daddy Jacket to go with this look ! It would have been so perfect over top of the top and skirt, but oh well… maybe next year haha ! I think this should be an annual tradition, me styling my velvet skirt at the Christmas market haha ! What do you think ?


Outfit Details


| Top H&M | Skirt NastyGal J.O.A. Similar | Shoes ShoeMint Similar | Faux Fur Scarf H&M Similar |

| Necklace Tiffany&Co. |


Overall I love this look, all of the pieces worked together so well and I was very pleased with how going to the market early turned out, Jay managed to take some gorgeous photos and I am so happy with them ! Now, unfortunately this will be my last Christmas post this year 🙁 I did have one more planned but I am going to change it slightly so it is more winter and less Christmas haha as I’m sure you are done and over with it by now ! The next post I have coming will be about the new year finally though haha ! I didn’t actually do anything on New Year’s so it will not be an outfit as I am sure you are expecting but instead a year ahead type of post. Stay tuned for that coming this week as well !

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this and let me know what you would like to see more of from me this year, I am trying to think of new type of post ideas so any suggestions would be lovely !

Thank you so much for being so amazing darlings, have a wonderful day !


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