The Toronto Christmas Market 2017

Hello lovely humans !

ARE YOU READY FOR CHRISTMAS !?!?!?! I sure am, in the sense that I have all of the Christmas spirit at the moment because of all of the Christmasy things I have been doing. As for being ready ready, I am definitely not because I still have a lot of shopping to do ! If you don’t have Christmas spirit yet though I am here to help you, because I promise after looking at these photos you will be in the Christmas spirit and if you are not all I have to say is… are you Ebenezer Scrooge? Honestly though, if you have not been to the Toronto Christmas Market… or any Christmas market near you (I know there are a lot of you who don’t live here so I forgive you) what are you doing ! It is so much fun, I have been twice this year so far and I plan on going once more before Christmas as I have said before because it is just so great. This was the first time I went this year with my family and it was such a great time ! We went on a Thursday this year ( thank goodness ) and it was so much less busy than when we went on the weekend last year… that was the biggest mistake in history. Also because we went at the end of November it was also much less busy ! Also this night it was not very cold at all which overall made for a perfect market experience.

Now I know that a lot of these photos look very similar to the once I posted in last years post, but the things I took photos of last year are just too pretty not to take photos of again ! Like who would go to the market and not take a picture of the huge Christmas tree… it is a must even though it doesn’t really differ from last year ! One addition to the market this year though was this absolutely stunning tunnel of lights ! Like can we just talk about how much I want my entire room to look like this now haha, I am obsessed ! It is super cool inside also, there is a fondue station with gas stoves all along tables so you can heat and enjoy your fondue nice and warm; plus it also acts as a beer tent so you can have your mulled wine or cider beside the lovely heaters inside ! This has become one of my favourite things in the market and I am really hoping they do it again next year because it is stunning !

As I was saying before the temperature this night was pretty mild and so I was able to wear my chunky, super warm wool sweater dress with my knee high boots ! This is one of my favourite combos in my closet and has been for a few years now as you may remember seeing it in a few past posts. I think with some added accessories though like this red checked scarf and my jacket it makes for a completely different look and definitely adds some extra festiveness to the look. I think the turtleneck on this sweater also has to be one of my favourite turtlenecks of all time, it is so chunky without being too close to the neck so it doesn’t feel like you are choking. I know that’s weird lol but sometimes I honestly feel like I am being strangled by some turtlenecks if they go up too high and are too tight… I mean I still wear those ones too but they aren’t as comfortable !

Even though most times Jay is behind the camera, I have to say I take some pretty great photos of him as well, there are some from last year I don’t think I shared on the blog but they were wonderful ! It’s funny because my love of photography is part of why I started my blog and by making Jay take my outfit photos for me it has spurred an interest in photography as well ! I feel like a lot of you will relate/something similar has probably happened to you’re significant others or family members who take photos ! I love being behind the camera though, it is just so much fun ! If you guys want to see more guy’s styling posts let me know because I would love to share some with you and I am sure Jay wouldn’t mind !

One thing I always make sure to get at the market is the mulled wine because after getting it for three years in a row now it just reminds me of Christmas; not only that but it is super delicious and keeps you warm as well, which are all plus’. As for food I actually didn’t eat anything there either of the times I have gone because the lines for restaurants were huge and I was just too entranced by all the decorations to even think about food vendors haha… there was some pretty tempting doughnuts though but I am a good girl and always eat dinner before dessert. I did end up trying the hot chocolate, hot apple cider (alcoholic version) and a turkey leg that my mom got this year though which were all equally delicious ! The hot chocolate really is amazing and tastes just like a liquid chocolate bar… like hello who doesn’t want that !

Another thing I tried to do more of this year was actually go into the shops and look at all of the vendors around. Honestly, usually me at the Christmas market includes me running straight to the tree and then continuing to spend all of my time there because it is just so freaking amazing ! I wanted to get more of a feel of everything else though and I can say that I just really love the Distillery District in general, the shops are so lovely and feel so local. I love shopping local when possible because you know you are helping out real people and it just feels better you know ! I didn’t purchase anything this year although there were a few very tempting things but I was restraining myself because of Christmas haha. Next year I just need to go intending to buy Christmas presents there and then I will actually be able to purchase things.

One other thing I always forget to mention about the market is that there are carollers all over the market in various spots and it is so lovely to hear ! I don’t know about where you guys live but I never get to hear carollers anywhere and I wish it was a bigger thing ! Like I have never in all of my days had someone come carolling to my door and it makes me so sad. I would love to do it one day as well but I don’t know if that is actually a thing people do or only in movies lol !? If you all could let me know if you have ever seen or heard carollers around that would be lovely because I am very curious haha. Anyways it is so lovely to hear people singing Christmas songs… something about it just gets me so much more in the Christmas spirit !

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Overall I had such a lovely experience at the market once again and I wish it was open longer so I had more time to visit, ugh it is just so good ! Also, I meant to get this post up a LONG time ago but I have been working like a mad woman trying to make up extra money for Christmas haha so unfortunately the other post I have from the Christmas Market mayyy be a little bit after Christmas unless I can pump it out really quick !

I know I will at least get one more post up before Christmas but I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas or whichever holiday you celebrate now just incase ! Thank you so much for reading <3

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