The Possibility for Life-Changing Growth.

The possibility for change is ever-present. Tt is a funny thing, change, it can happen in various ways either consciously or unconsciously. Some people change slowly over time, little things impacting their lives until one day they find that they are in a completely different place than they once were; others change rapidly, based off of instances and experiences that shift everything in a person’s path forcefully. I am in the latter category, I have changed an awful lot very rapidly this past month. Like a butterfly shedding its skin, I have found myself to be a completely different person than I was at the beginning of the month… yes a month, that’s all it took for my change. Some change for the better, and unfortunately some change for the worst depending on situations and circumstances.

Thankfully the change in me is a good…no…GREAT… one. I have grown and learned so much in the month of May – they say April showers bring may flowers and boy were they right. I have been talking an awful lot about plants recently, if you have been following my Instagram (shameless plug right here @jessprainstyle) I was saying that if you plant a seed, give it some nourishment and some sunlight and water it will grow. Well that is exactly how I feel.

As I mentioned a few posts back, I went through a really rough period at the beginning of March as many people did with this pandemic happening throughout the world. Although I was happy to have some time off to refocus my energy, I was feeling lost and without purpose. One day, while scrolling through my Instagram (as we all do with this extra time off…or even without it haha) a beautiful, amazing soul (another plug, sorry, @_hanzzz94) reached out to me and simply had a genuine, lovely conversation with me.

Simple as that, she was a stranger, on the internet, and was so caring and sweet and interested in what I was doing-which I had never experienced from a stranger before! What the heck! I was blown away, and from there we created a bond somehow in a few short messages back and forth. I checked out her page and saw that she had undergone an amazing hair transformation, she posted a bunch of things about hair and skin products and she was a super cool girl who I wanted to be friends with. I knew we would be friends like I said after a few short messages, and so when she told me about a life-changing opportunity to start my own business, doing what she was doing, I was intrigued.

Did I decide right when she asked me that I was going to take the plunge and jump into this? No, of course not. I did some research, that is the kind of person I am, I want to know about what I am getting myself into. At first I was skeptical, there had been a lot of negative review videos that popped up right off the bat as well as a few law suits… of course they don’t mention in these videos that the company actually won the law suits, or that people get more views for negative content – it creates friction… and people LOVE friction. So I was skeptical…but then I thought about it more.

I thought about all of the possibilities.

The possibility that I could hopefully never have to go back to that job I have felt stuck in for the last I don’t know how many years.

The possibility that maybe people would want to have shampoo and conditioner delivered to their doorstep and not have to worry about going to the store to pick it up.

The possibility that maybe I could help other women and men who do not feel confident about their hair and skin feel confident about themselves again or maybe even for the first time ever.

The possibility that maybe I could make people feel great about themselves while knowing they aren’t adding toxins into their body.

The possibility that maybe people would appreciate the fact that the products are not tested on animals, and are vegan as well as naturally and botanically based.

The possibility, that if, for whatever reason I could actually be good at this, I would be able to go on FREE TRIPS, and possibly even earn a FREE CADILLAC!!! WHAT!? Who wouldn’t want that.

The possibility that maybe, because this random stranger on the internet was so nice, the community she was apart of would be just as nice…and I want to have friends like that! (By the way, that is exactly how it is… the community of supportive, amazing, inspiring women (and men) that are apart of this company is unbelievable and my team is the most amazing thing I have ever been apart of. It is so hard to explain without actually being apart of it, but trust me, these people are just GOOD people.)

The possibility that I could completely change my life just by taking the reins and giving it a go. Jumping in and seeing what happens.

I weighed all of these things, and I decided to do it. I decided I wanted this, I NEEDED this change so badly in order to realize my potential, my worth, my value… I needed something different to get myself out of that funk…and you want to know a secret? It worked.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I have grown so, so much and have learned SO much over this past month: about business, about relationship building, about the importance of personal development (more to come on that in a separate post), about taking chances and believing in yourself. I do not regret anything about starting this business journey and I am so excited to see how it flourishes and grows as I pour more and more of myself into it.

That is the great thing about this business, the more you pour into it, the more you get in return. You get paid based on your efforts, you can surpass the people above you if you work hard enough, there is no income caps, and there is no one telling you what hours you have to work and for how long. Starting this business venture is one of the best things I have ever done and besides that the products are freaking amazing, I wouldn’t try to sell anything to anyone I wouldn’t use and love myself. You will be able to see the difference in my hair over the next few posts and you can judge for yourself if the products are good or not. It’s just shampoo, we all use it, why not make your hair and body healthier while doing so?

My Monat journey is just beginning, and I hope that I can inspire a few of you reading this to come on this journey with me because boy is it amazing. I don’t want you to come with me because I want your support, or because I want you to buy things from me, I just want you to experience how amazing this community is and work with me! Come on trips with me, get our Cadillacs at the same time! I want to share how I feel inside with every single person I know.

I am proud to be a Monat Market Partner and wouldn’t change it for the world.

| Urban Outfitters Red Floral Midi Wrap Dress | Topshop Fedora Similar |
| Jeffrey Campbell Cors Lace-up Sandal (one left in stock in black) OR Calf-high version|Rebecca Minkoff Pink Tassel Bucket Bag Similar Similar|

Last but not least, I just want to mention that I couldn’t decide whether I liked this outfit better with a hat or without so I have included it both ways. Which is ironic because such a simple addition, such as a hat, can CHANGE an outfit so much (hah, see what I did there). Seriously though, I had all intentions of talking about the outfit in this post, but as you can see, I am way too passionate about my business to not share it with you right away! I still do want to share with you the basics real quick though.

I got this stunning dress from Urban Outfitters in early April, had planned on wearing it on my birthday, but it was a pretty casual laid back day and I didn’t feel like getting ready – so on the first sunny, really nice day out I wore her and it was amazing. I love the wrap style and the print of this dress, it is so comfortable and fits amazingly! Love! It is still available on the website now so if you want to get it, snatch it before it is too late.

Secondly, my hat, bag, and shoes are all older purchases but still some of my favourites – I will see what sort of similar things I can find and link them for you so that if you want anything you can get a similar vibe!

That is all. Sorry for my rambles, but again I hope I was able to inspire you to change something in your life or take the plunge on something you have been thinking about! Now is the time, don’t waste anymore of it. Life only gets shorter and without going for what you want how will you ever be happy? Get out there! Show them what you are made of!

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