The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Hello my beautiful friends ! 

Merry Christmas ! I hope you all had wonderful Christmases if you celebrate and a good weekend if not ! My Christmas was amazing, I got to spend it with my family and just had a really good relaxing time. I am going to have a few Christmas outfit posts over the next few days, I know it’s a little late now but I just wanted to spend the last few days with the people I love rather than spend it on the computer; I still want to share it with you though so I am doing that now ! 

On the 18th, I went down to the Christmas Market again with Jay because he had never been and we wanted to do some Christmas Shopping as well. The market during the daytime was such a different atmosphere than when I had gone at night, not to mention is was much easier to take outfit photos. I already talked all about the market in the post before so I won’t go into super detail again but I will just tell you about the few things I did this time that I didn’t the last. 

First off, we looked at the things the vendors were selling a bit more. There were loads of amazing things that I would have loved to get but unfortunately I always forget that most places there only take cash and the bank machine inside had the longest line I had ever seen in my life, so that was a bust. All of the different vendors were amazing; there were food vendors selling delicious things, various Christmas ornament and decoration vendors; and then also some selling random gift like things such as candles in teacups (which were super cute), burt’s bee’s products and also some random things like garland, mulled wine spices and fleece onesies.

Besides the vendors, we also went into some shops that are always in the Distillery District just browsing around and while doing so, I found a perfect gift for my Dad at The Sport Gallery – a lovely vintage Toronto Maple Leafs Sweater which he loved. We also had a wonderful conversation with a man named Jake working at a bed store about life and things (weirdest thing, he called his wife Jay and his daughters name was Jessica, so we bonded over that) and he even invited us over to his house  but we couldn’t make it; plus I don’t think I would be comfortable with that but still, super nice. It was a wonderful time, I had a lot of fun and I think that Jay did as well. 

It was still surprisingly busy for early on a Friday, we got there around 12 and it was still packed. I think that you just can’t win really when at the Christmas market – but I guess that is part of the experience ! I have heard though that the best time to do if you just want photos is after it is closed which makes a lot of sense but I never got the chance to do that… oh well next year ! 

In order to get good outfit photos what we actually did was not go to the main photo taking part of the tree where it was super busy and full of people but instead we went over by the stage area and made our own little spot for photos by moving some chairs out of the way. The show was about to start so we had only 15 minutes but we made it work and got the chairs back before it started. It was funny because I could tell a lot of people wanted to get into our spot to take photos; they would loiter for a second and then realize we weren’t moving and move on but it was still hilarious. 

For our Christmas market excursion, of course I had to wear my favorite purchase of the season which is this beautiful burgundy velvet skirt that just screams Christmas…as I’m sure you can imagine I wore it a few times this week. This was the first time I wore it and also the first way I thought of styling it. The black body suit just goes so well with this skirt because the V shape at the waist goes perfectly with the deep V of the lace up, plus it counter acts the thickness of the velvet with the sleekness of the top. I love that this skirt is a midi length as well, I have been wanting one for a while but was worried they would be too long for my short legs. This one is perfect- not too long but still longer than a mini skirt. I love that the velvet is a substantial thickness as well, it sits beautifully on the body, doesn’t cling at all and is also very warm (perfect for the holiday season). I wore this skirt on Christmas eve as well but styled it a little differently, that will be my next post so stay tuned to see how to switch it up a little bit if this is too scandalous for you. I personally don’t mind showing a little bit of skin but to each their own. 

It was a pretty chilly day out so along with my coat I brought along my faux fur circle scarf to keep me warm. Although I thought the outfit looked more interesting without the scarf so you could see the detailing of the body suit, I thought it looked extra festive on as well so we took a few shots to switch it up. Jay’s exact words of how I looked were ” you look like a little Mrs. Claus ” which I thought was fitting for the market. As for shoes, I just wore my Sam Edelman studded pointed toe heels which are only about 2 inches high and extremely easy to walk it… even on the cobblestones ( I didn’t think about that before hand but thank god it was not hard at all ); they just added a little bit of edge to contrast my ladylike mini bag. For shopping I decided a crossbody would be the easiest thing to maneuver and it looked good with this outfit as well so it was a no brainer.

Outfit Details

|Skirt: NastyGal | Bodysuit: Dynamite | Shoes: Sam Edelman Similar | Bag: Zara Similar

| Scarf: Parkhurst Similar |

I loved the Christmas market during the daytime because it wasn’t as busy and you see a lot more clearly what/where everything is, plus it is a lot easier to take photos but there is just something about it at night that makes it even more festive and special. If you are planning to go next year I would say try to experience it twice to get both feels for it or just go a little before sunset so you can see it both ways at once; it feels very different and is worth it. This was the first year I had ever gone and it was amazing, I can’t wait to go next year to see if there are any differences. It definitely helped get me in the holiday spirit as well so I think this is going to be a annual tradition from now on. 

As for Christmas being over, it is sad but there is still New Years ! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and once again had a lovely Christmas if you do celebrate ! Mine was wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Thank you so much for reading <3 If you have any insight on amazing Post-Christmas sales let me know as well so I can check them out ! 

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