The Most Perfect Fall Outfit

This outfit has become one of my go-tos for fall and is one of my new favorites. I kind of got inspiration for this outfit from Rosie Huntington-Whitely because A. she is usually wearing a hat and I need to find more ways to wear mine and B. she always looks effortlessly chic and put together ( plus I have a lot of clothing items similar to hers ) , which I think I kind of accomplished in this look. The photo I got my inspiration from is pictured below.

Here is the outfit I put together, and obviously I changed a few things and I wasn’t trying to create an exact replica of her outfit but just a similar vibe. I think this outfit is great for a casual day of shopping (which is exactly when I wore it ) or going out for lunch et. It is very comfortable and wearable any season really but by wearing it with longer sleeves and darker wash jeans made it more fall appropriate for me. When winter rolls around I will probably just throw on my leather jacket and it will be ready to go for the colder weather, and if was for spring/ summer Rosie’s exact outfit would be perfect.

 Also to make it more wearable for me, I wore a bustier top underneath instead of just a bra as Rosie is doing. I did this because well, not everyone is a Victoria’s Secret model and can run around with their bra hanging out and it be considered alright ; my boobs would be hanging out like crazy and that is not okay for me, maybe if I had a smaller chest but as it is it would be way too much.

Outfit Details 

Long Sleeve Shirt: Brandy Melville

Bustier Top: Aritzia

Jeans: American Eagle

Hat: Topshop

Purse: Steve Madden

Booties: Aldo

Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Tiffany’s

Overall, I have been wearing this outfit a ton since I thought to put these items together and am loving it ( probably wearing it too much actually). It is definitely an outfit I don’t have to think about and can just throw on and in my opinion everyone should have a couple of those for days when you can’t think, don’t have time or just don’t know what to wear. 

-Jess <3

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