That 70’s Show

Hello beauties ! Happy Sunday ! 

I have to say Sunday is one of my favorite days of the week, although I don’t actually get to enjoy Sunday’s as I usually have to work, they are still very laid back and relaxing. My weekend is Thursdays and Fridays so naturally they are my favorite days but Sunday is a close second ! I took these photos last week on a beautiful impromptu sunny day – it had been cloudy the entire day up until we took photos and it worked out so well because this outfit is so warm toned that the sun just warms it up some more and makes it look even better. I was dying to wear this new suede skirt that I had just purchased, which you may have seen in my newest Autumn Haul post, so even though we weren’t really doing anything special this day I still wanted to put an outfit together to take some photos – channel my inner Jackie from That 70’s Show. I love the way this outfit turned out so I will be wearing it again for sure ! 

I have been loving the suede trend this season and all things 70’s inspired really, it is everywhere from jackets to skirts and dresses to shirts. I think it adds so much texture and dimension to an outfit and looks so luxe and vintage. I had been looking at a lot of pieces recently (and still might be…) for example this skirt from Topshop and this jacket from Zara but decided on this skirt from Zara to start with. Firstly, I love the color of it, just that genuine camel suede color that has the most vintage feel and can go with anything because it is neutral. Secondly, I love skirts as you can probably tell. Most of my blog posts feature me wearing either skirts or a dress and that is because they flatter my body very well; mini skirts especially because they make it look like I have longer legs and cinch me in at the waist. I find it a lot harder to find perfect fitting pants and so I stick to dresses and skirts in the warmer months – plus they are just so feminine and pretty who doesn’t like wearing them !? And lastly, what I love about this particular skirt is the stitching you can see throughout it as well as the larger stitch detail at the waist of the skirt; adds an extra little unexpected pop and is perfect if you are wearing it high waisted.

This top I purchased last year at Topshop and only got to wear a few times during the fall, so I knew I wanted to wear it again this year; is just such an autumn top, it doesn’t feel right wearing it in any other season ( except for transitioning to fall from summer obviously). When I was deciding to purchase this skirt, I was thinking of things I could pair with it (as one does), and this shirt was the first thing that popped into my mind. It goes so well with the color of the skirt that they were practically meant to be; also,the fact that the darker florals are also very 70’s inspired makes these two a match made in heaven. I love that the cut of the top is very modern as well as the scuba material it is made of. I tried to make my accessories and jacket more edgy and modern as well just to make it look more balanced and not costumy. Also, the black accessories bring out the black in the top so it just completes the look and makes the pieces work wonderfully together. I love the juxtaposition of the suede and leather together as well, as it just adds that much more dimension and texture; it makes the look much more interesting to the eye. Lastly, I added my beige fedora just to add a little extra something and make the look more casual daytime, and less nighttime.

Outfit Details

| Top: Topshop ( Similar ) | Jacket: Danier (Similar) | Skirt | Shoes (Similar) | 

|Hat: Topshop (Similar) | Clutch: Indigo (Similar) |

Like I said above, I love this outfit a lot and will be wearing it again very soon, maybe when I will actually be seeing people haha, I think it is a winner and will be repeated often ! 

How do you feel about suede ? Do you love it ? Do you hate it ? What are some of the pieces you are loving this season , let me know so I can check them out ! 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoy this outfit as much as I do <3

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