Thanksgiving Tones

Hello you beautiful people !

Happy October and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends ! I can’t believe it is fall already, I am so excited that it is finally here, it easily is one of my favorite months along with December ( hmm I wonder why… *cough* holiday addict ). Now I know that it has been fall for a few weeks now but October always feels like the beginning of it for some reason. So far this week the weather has really gotten quite chilly and I am so glad, not only because I have been busting out my favorite fall pieces with a vengeance but I really am not a huge summer fan. Of course I like the sunshine and warmth for a couple of weeks but the entire time I am enjoying it I am still thinking about fall; it’s like when I go out, I may be having fun but really I’m just thinking about my bed and Netflix. I got to eat a huge plate full of Thanksgiving dinner today as well so I am generally just extremely happy (don’t even get me started on my obsession for pumpkin pie); a big ball of food baby. I hope you all get to eat some amazing food in the next few days as well and get to spend lots of time with friends and family too !

I am sorry for all the rambling but I feel like I haven’t posted in forever. Even though I only missed my post last week but two weeks is a very long time ! I am so sorry for that by the way but I have just been so busy and exhausted these few weeks and have had no motivation to do anything really except lay in bed. I know that is horrible but after working all day and then dragging my butt to the gym for a few hours there just wasn’t any energy left for thinking or typing haha. In saying that though, I’m back today with a fall look that features all things you have seen before but styled in a new way so I hope you enjoy !

Like I said in a previous post I had plans for this here skirt and ways I wanted to style it and this was one of the first looks I thought of !

To fully embrace the Autumn feeling there are a few things that are necessary to my wardrobe, those things being… boots, browns and faux fur. While during the winter my wardrobe tends to be mostly black, for fall I tend to gravitate more towards browns and Autumnal tones; specifically camels and burgundies. Although I am wearing more black than brown in this outfit, it is the brown pieces that really make the look. Now I knew that I wanted to pair this skirt with this dress as a shirt as soon as I got it; they seem to be the perfect pair, both very on trend and easily worn with anything. Once I got that down almost just as instantly I though of these knee high boots I purchased last year. I have not gotten to wear these boots nearly as much as I would like to and pairing them with skirts is a match made in heaven, not to mention the dress is black so it was a no brainer. The faux fur scarf, one fall staple of mine that reappears every year was a last minute thought but I think it adds just that much more texture, color and dimension to the entire look. It was just what the outfit needed for that extra little fall spirit.

This look has got to be the most extreme throwback to the 70’s I have yet to put together but it still looks modern and and fresh, I think the boots the lace up balance it out well. Actually, the very first thing I thought when I saw these photos after taking them was ” Viking Chic ” haha, now you will never get that out of your head. Anyways, as an accessory I just added my simple black clutch that I use almost everyday… yes I am aware I need to branch out my bag collection as it only consists of about 6 bags… I’m working on it lol. 

Outfit Details 

| NastyGal Dress | Zara Skirt | Forever21 Boots Similar | H&M Fur Scarf Similar

|Indigo Clutch Similar |

I love how these photos turned out so much, mostly the ones with the more golden trees behind me. The tones of the leaves and the golden sunny glow go so well with the camel in the skirt and they just look so Autumnal, definitely one of my favorite shoots we have done and with the leaves changing so rapidly I’m sure I will have many more beautiful fall photos very soon ! 

Is fall your favorite season as well ? I feel like everyone appreciates it’s beauty in some way at least but I just can’t get enough of it, I wish it was here all year round ! Also, what are your tried and true, every year fall staples ? I would love to read about them and maybe find some things that I need to add to my wardrobe ! 

Anyways, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and once again Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian readers; make sure to have an extra large slice of pumpkin pie for me !

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