Sustainable Style Spotlight: Henkaa Hunter Green Ivy Convertible Dress

In celebration of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary in Canada (yes, this post is a little bit late, Happy Belated Earth Day!) I wanted to share a newly discovered brand with all of you who is doing their part to help keep fashion sustainable and help reduce the number of items in your closet. Henkaa is a Toronto based retailer who specializes in convertible dresses, specifically bridesmaids dresses that flatter and accentuate various body shapes, sizes and style. Henkaa was kind enough to reach out and ask me if I wanted to try out one of their dresses, and of course I said yes! Not only is supporting local businesses at this time important to me as I have stated recently, but I have also been trying my best to try more eco-friendly, sustainable brands as alternatives to a lot of the brands I was shopping at previously.

The dress that I have on is called the Ivy and it is in Hunter Green. Green has recently become one of my favourite colours to wear as I feel like it flatters my colouring very well and it also makes me feel great. I was super excited for Henkaa to have chosen this colour for me, it fits into my go-to colour palette well and as such, I will be wearing this dress all summer long.

Henkaa created these convertible dresses so they can be equally wearable as everyday casual dresses or dressed up for more formal occasions, which includes being worn as relaxed bridesmaid options.

I have styled the dress a few different ways that I would wear it based on the occasion, but the possibilities are endless. If these particular ways don’t catch your eye, you can check out Henkaa’s website or Youtube channel for some additional ways to style the Ivy as well as see the other styles they have available.

I also want to mention how beautifully packaged the dress came in the mail, because although not an important factor when purchasing something it is always a nice little touch that makes the experience of opening a package more special. The dress came in a wash bag! Can you believe it! So smart, honestly I was blown away by the thought that went into it. The fabric is a beautiful buttery soft polyester spandex mix (Lenaa) that doesn’t wrinkle easily (bonus) and floats over your body beautifully. The potential for snags is there, as the fabric is elastic based which is why it is important to wash the garment in the wash bag for safe keeping. Not only this but it will keep its shape a lot better if kept contained so it doesn’t stretch out in the wash.

Henkaa also includes a little reference card for various ways to style the dress you have chosen with their tutorial URL included so you can follow along with their videos. I personally used this as a guideline because it can be a little bit confusing at first with all of the straps. I also forgot to mention that they included a black interchangeable strap as well for contrast, I did not use this strap this time around but it is definitely a great option to have for a different look. I am super excited to play around with this dress and find new ways of wearing it!

This first way that I have styled the Henkaa Ivy Infinity Maxi Dress is probably my favourite because I feel like it flatters my body type the best and it also is one of the more bra-friendly options which is always a plus in my books as a bigger chested lady. P.s. if anyone knows where to get a good strapless bra that actually stays up… pleaseeeeee let me know.

This style is called the Kara, and is relatively simple to do.

You just take the strap that is connected on both ends put it over your head and then take the hanging straps, tighten to fit your body, and wrap those pieces around your waist a few times! Voila. Easy, cute and super comfortable.

I wanted to show how easy it would be to wear the Ivy dress more casually as well by throwing on a few accessories. I kept the dress in the Kara style, kept my white strappy sandals on and simply added a straw boater hat and a square straw bag and it gives the dress a completely different feel! This is the sort of outfit I would wear to the beach, out for brunch or if I was lucky enough to visit the South of France again – this would be the outfit.

For a chillier day, I would throw on a denim jacket or a classic cardigan, something to keep with the casual vibe of the accessories. The nice thing about this dress also is that if you were to wear it to the beach, it doubles as a bathing suit coverup in the matter of a few seconds! The versatility factor of this dress (and all of Henkaa’s styles) is amazing and would be a great thing to pack while travelling as well – it saves you space in your suitcase while giving you the ability to make multiple looks out of one piece.

A fun variation to wearing the Ivy as a dress is to turn it into a maxi skirt! This style is called the Sana but I added my own spin to it because I am super short and it was dragging all over the ground. To conquer this I was playing around and decided to roll it a few times after wrapping the straps around my waist and I actually love the effect that it created. It turned out to be an almost braided type band and helps to create a nice cinche at the waist. It is also super simple to do, and was done in this forest in a matter of seconds!

I paired the maxi skirt with this white cropped top that I have had in my closet for a few years and love that it created an almost dress like illusion to the outfit. I also decided to pair a few necklaces with this look to add a little bit of extra sparkle and interest; I think this outfit would be great for a date night or even shopping with friends. Once again it could be changed up simply by throwing on a jacket – I would throw on a leather jacket and some black heels to make it a little edgier for date night personally, and leave the outfit as is for some shopping.

As I said this dress could be converted into a beach coverup in seconds, this is what I meant by that. Although I am not wearing it on a beach, by just looping that same loop used for the Kara around your neck and tying the strings in the back together you can create a loose, boho maxi dress that is easily the most comfortable way of wearing the dress. I would have loved to have a picnic in this spot the day we went out to take photos, but as you know, Covid-19 is making that very hard (and understandably) so instead I set up this little reading spot to take a quick break in between photos.

The dress styled this way is perfect for lounging around in or when you have to quickly throw something on…I think this will be the way I wear the dress the most during the summertime!

Lastly, for the most formal styling in my opinion I decided to try an off the shoulder look (well, I am wearing a bra still by my hair is covering it so… we can pretend… once again if you know of a strapless bra please help a sister out). This style is called Amor, it is created by crossing the straps in the front and wrapping them around your waist. This one takes a little more finesse and playing with the dress to get it into the right position but the result is gorgeous. I love how it creates a sweetheart neckline while once again flattering the waist to create that hourglass figure we all strive to attain.

This styling would be gorgeous in a wedding party, as with the others, but this one in particular I think would be beautiful on multiple different body types.

To keep it simple, I kept on the necklaces I wore with the skirt and top combo which is why I think it feels a little more formal than the Kara style. This is the first convertible dress I have tried to date and I love it, I will probably end up picking up another at some point in another colour so that I have options when travelling (whenever that happens again). Like I said the fabric is gorgeous, comfortable but breathable, and easy to throw in a bag without worrying about it wrinkling – a win, win in my books.

I forgot to mention that the Ivy Convertible Dress, along with the others are very reasonably priced and they have a selection of convertible wedding dresses as well! Perfect for switching it up going from the ceremony to the reception.

Overall I am super pleased and excited about the Ivy Convertible dress from Henkaa and am so glad I got the opportunity to try out this amazing product. I think that these dresses would be perfect for bridesmaid dresses and would seriously consider them if I was looking! Not only are the dresses themselves gorgeous but their colour selection is current and quite extensive. They also have swatch bundles available to order so you can know exactly what the colour will look like in person before you order, amazing right!? If you have any more questions about Henkaa as a brand or about their dresses I urge you to check out their webpage or their Instagram, they have a lot of useful tips and tricks for styling, caring and generally information about the dresses!

Thank you so much Henkaa for providing me this opportunity and allowing me to discover your beautiful dresses. Lastly, if you can please try to support local businesses at this time no matter where you live, the economy needs it!

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