Summer Styling, Toronto Harbourfront

Hello Beauties ! 

I hope you are all getting to enjoy the beautiful sunshine this week like I am ! The weather has been just gorgeous and I am so thankful because I am enjoying spending time in Toronto with my mom. It is nice to have a week away, hanging out with her and relaxing / doing fun summer things. 

On Wednesday, we head down to the Harbourfront to see what was going on (usually there are vendors and shows, art, things to see) unfortunately though, there wasn’t anything except for regular people watching, which was still just as fun but disappointing none the less. We decided to hang out at the Harbourfront for a while, walk along the boardwalk for a bit and we also wanted to grab a bite to eat by the water. We both decided to go for pizza; it was extremely delicious and we had a lovely view while eating it which made it extra good. The only downfall to being right beside the water was the fact that it was very windy and my napkin kept flying all over the place but it was worth it because well… food.

For our day walking around the city I wanted to wear something cute and put together but also comfortable and appropriate. I opted for my usual black skater skirt on the bottom ( I feel like skater skirts compliment my body shape the best and black is my go to color ) but wanted to wear more than just a different top and pair of shoes with it like I usually do to change my outfits. To change it up I decided to add my beige fedora that I love to pieces but hardly ever wear. I always look at my fedora and try to add it to outfits but it is usually off for some reason…I think maybe it could be because my outfits are mainly black and white based, it just throws off the monochrome thing… I’m not sure, but I am sure that I was positive I wanted to wear my hat this day and so I made an outfit work with it instead of the other way around.

I think the thing that pulls this outfit together the most is the elements of beige in the hat, my boots and subtly the purse as well. What comes to mind is the rule of thirds, ( which I know is usually based on how much of the photo the subject takes up but… ) if you were to split my body into three parts horizontally each section of the outfit has some beige in it. I don’t know if that’s actually why it works but that is partly the reasoning I have. Also though, I think that if my purse was all beige it would be too overwhelming and wouldn’t look as good; there is a good balance in how the colors work. The purse is also a great accessory for this outfit because of the texture, it is a polar opposite from the felt, suede and cotton going on so it adds a lot more interest and dimension to the overall look. Lastly, the pop of blue gives the outfit a main focus and because it is a pastel makes it feel more feminine, which the fluttery sleeves also help convey.

Outfit Details

| Top (In Black) (Similar) | Skirt (Similar) | Hat (Similar) | Booties (Similar

(Super Cute For This Season) | Purse (Similar) |

Once again I want to say this outfit is my style in a nutshell, but I have realized my style can’t really be defined that easily if I want to say that every time I wear an outfit that I love. I would say that it is definitely minimalistic but with feminine details and an easy wearable vibe. Skater skirts, faux leather and booties are my go to’s and I don’t think that will ever change haha ! Everyone has things they always go back to wearing and I guess that just makes each of us who we are. One thing I do know though is that I will be wearing more hats this fall ( this one included ) so stay tuned for that ! 

That is all for now though, I have lots of posts planned to go up over the next few weeks so I hope you enjoy them as they come !

Thank you so much for reading once again, I really do appreciate all of your support <3 

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