Statement Sleeves

White Blouse Oversized Sleeves

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Remember that one time last week I promised this post would be up Monday ? Well I suck and that never happened…ugh. Actually this one is even later than this week so I really suck, I feel like this post will make up for it though. I absolutely love this outfit and it incorporates a lot of the upcoming spring season’s trends that I am very excited about so you will have a hefty read ahead of you (feel free to go grab a cup of coffee and a snack because we will be here a while). There are also a lot more photos in this post than I would usually include but I just loved this outfit so much and the photos turned out so well that I had a hard time narrowing it down.

In other news, I am so happy Spring has finally (I hope) actually arrived ! We have been having some gorgeous weather and I have been loving wearing my skirts and more spring appropriate pieces without freezing my bum off ! This outfit is made up of some of the new pieces I have added into my wardrobe for this season and I was so excited about them I had to put them in a post right away.

Statement Sleeves

Embroidered Skirt

As you may know if you have been reading my blog for a while now, one of my favourite things to do when it comes to picking out an outfit is mixing more edgy pieces with very feminine styles to add a little interest and contrast into my looks. I think this has got to be one of my favourite outfits ever demonstrating just that. Something about the big floaty ruffled sleeves of this blouse mixed with this more edgy but gorgeous embroidered denim skirt, fishnets and knee highs just does it for me. Statement Sleeves are everywhere this season in every shape, form and colour and I am all over this trend.

I have been looking for the perfect white blouse top with statement sleeves for a little while now (of course now that I have found one I see about 100 that I like everyday) and when I came across this one in Zara not too long ago I knew it was the one for me even before I put it on. Something about the way the sleeves fell just called to me and when I tried it on it did not let me down. I have been wanting to wear this blouse with just about everything I own because it just looks so great with everything ! The quality of this top is also amazing, the fabric is slightly heavier and the ruffles drape gorgeously. The way the sleeves fall a little longer on the arm is also super flattering combined with the ruffles because it makes your arms appear much smaller than they are, so it’s just a win win in my books !

Oversized Fishnets

Ruffle Statement Sleeves

Statement Ruffled Sleeves

This skirt is one that I knew I wanted for a little while now, and after a small journey finally I have acquired it. Back when I was in Topshop picking up this sweater dress, I saw this skirt and fell in love with it. I tried on the regular version and it was a little too short for my liking so I knew that I (once again) wanted to get the tall version so that I wouldn’t feel like I was about to flash everyone every second. The store I was at didn’t have the tall version at the time which was fine because I knew that I would be going back to a different store in about a week so I wasn’t worried. Of course when I got to this smaller store, they didn’t even have the regular version of the skirt – didn’t carry it at all, so I had admitted to myself that I would have to order it online. Thankfully a last minute trip to my moms was planned and while there I visited the original store again while we were at the mall and voila, they had one left in my size in the tall version and it was mine ! I know that was a very long story about a skirt but I just wanted to let you know how much I had to search to get it.

I feel like because it is black, it can be worn in any season even though the embroidery makes it particularly on trend for this spring. I love how it will go with practically anything as well, a black denim skirt was definitely something I needed in my wardrobe and this was the perfect addition. There was a blue version of this skirt that I also wanted with pink flowers but that one was too spring/summer only and I felt this one would be more versatile.

Ruffled Sleeves

Statement Sleeve Top

Ruffle Sleeve Top

As for the fishnets, I have been wanting them for a while ever since Kim K posted that photo and everyone was wearing them higher waisted than their jeans. I just think it is such a cool look and something different even though I personally do not think they would look good on me styled that way (mind you I haven’t tried yet). Nevertheless, I did know I wanted an oversized pair of fishnets to wear with skirts and this one I had particularly in mind. I love the way these two pieces paired with my knee high boots looks. I kept calling this look “street worker chic” because fishnets just kind of give off that vibe but I am all about it ! I think because the top is so floaty and feminine and also the fact that my Michael Kors bag with my cute little pom bag charm is structured and very classic in shape, it balances the bottom half out nicely. See what I mean, contrast is key.

Ruffled Sleeves

Statement Sleeves

Embroidered Denim Skirt

These fishnets actually weren’t as large as I hoped they would be, I have been wanting a pair similar to these from ASOS – hugely oversized (which I think I am still going to order) but as I was shopping in store nobody had them ! I was shocked, fishnets are a huge trend this spring – and I think the more oversized they are the better, I couldn’t believe they were nowhere to be found ! Finally I came across these, the most oversized I could find in a store called Mendocino and I was super excited that I had managed to find some slightly oversized fishnets ! I do like these ones even though they weren’t exactly what I was looking for they still do the trick and add an extra layer of interest to the outfit.

Denim Embroidered Skirt

Fishnet Tights

Outfit Details

| Top Zara | Skirt Topshop | Tights Mendocino Similar | Boots Forever21 Similar | Bag Michael Kors Similar |

| Bag Charm H&M |

This spring I am finding so many pieces of clothing that I am absolutely in love with ! A lot of the time it is hit or miss, but this year everything is amazing. I am so excited to wear more of each of these trends for spring and style these same pieces various ways as well ( I love each piece so much I am sure you will see then a ton this season, and for that I am sorry ). What is your favourite trends for the upcoming spring season ? I would love to hear what you are excited to wear !

I hope you are all having a wonderful week ! I am so sorry for the late post once again, I am not going to promise because apparently I am bad at keeping those haha – but I am going to try my best to get my next post up on time ! So keep an eye out for that, but for now I hope you enjoyed this look and thanks for stopping by !


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