Spring Picks With SheIn

Hello everyone ! 

I feel as though I have been posting less and less these days, but that is going to change this week because I have four new posts planned for you guys not including this one ! My birthday and Jay’s are 10 days away from each other, his on the 6th and mine on the 16th, and so it has been a crazy few weeks but everything is back on track now haha. I also have lots of birthday photos to share with you which will be exciting, but it is going to take me a little bit to get through them all so for now here is a quick post about some of my favorite pieces from SheIn for springtime !

1.  Blue Side Hollow Lace A-Line Dress

This is my favorite of these pieces for sure. I am in love with this dress ! The detail, the color, the style, the cutouts, everything about it is screams spring. This color is a huge trend for this spring as well, so you can’t go wrong really. I love how the cutouts makes it a little sexy while still being daytime appropriate because of the delicate lace, it reminds me of something Self Portrait would make. I will most likely purchase this dress at some point because I am obsessed with it haha, so stay tuned ! 

2. White Spaghetti Strap Floral Wrap Front Dress

I love how simple and pretty this dress is. The floral print is perfect; it isn’t too big or too small, and isn’t super in your face either ( I am super picky with florals ). The colors of the print make it so easy to wear and the wrap front of the dress would be so flattering on. This is one of those dresses you could just easily throw on and go for any occasion. 

3. White Cap Sleeve V Neck Underskirt Floral Print Dress

I have always loved the combination of white and royal blue for the spring/ summer seasons. It instantly makes me think of Greece, specifically Santorini (if you don’t know what I am going on about, check out photos of Santorini and you will get me haha) and just holidays and beaches in general. The colors look amazing against tan skin and I think that is another reason I love this color combo so much. This dress is such a gorgeous shape and style though that even if it weren’t in these amazing colors I would still want it. It is definitely another one at the top of my wishlist ! 

4. White Deep V Neck Chiffon Crop Tank Top

Ugh, this too is another one I am dying to purchase ! Haha, I am starting to realize I am going to say that about every piece but why else would they be my picks if I didn’t really want them all ! This one though, I would wear to death and I know it. I wear crop tops practically every day in the spring / summer and the fact that this one is white (can go with anything) and has an amazing neck cuff detail that I have been obsessed with lately would make it a go-to all season long. I can feel a shopping spree coming on very soon !

5. Pink Chiffon Flare Long Skirt

Does this skirt not scream Carrie Bradshaw to you !? It isn’t tulle like her skirt is, but it is very similar and a lot easier to wear day to day. I love how floaty and effortless this is, it could dress up the most mundane of t-shirts so easily and you wouldn’t even have to think about it ! I feel like it would skim over the body so gorgeously as well. I am just so in love with this, I own nothing like it but I feel like it would be such a great piece to add into your spring wardrobe. 

6. Single Breasted Denim A-Line Skirt 

Can you guys believe that I don’t own a denim skirt yet ! I know, I am shocked as well. I feel like I could wear one with literally anything, so why I don’t own one yet I really don’t understand. I love the button up versions of them though, with pockets also, just to add a little extra detail. This one has both of these things and it is the perfect not light but not dark denim color that is perfect for the spring and also pairing with any color.

7. White Spaghetti Strap Hollow Lace Flare Dress 

This has got to be one of the most beautiful white lace dresses I have ever seen in my life ! Once again, this dress reminds me of something that Self Portrait would design but for a fraction of the price ! I love the peplum at the waist with the hollowed out lace detailing on it and the trim of the dress as well. I love it so much, it would be perfect for any springtime event that you need to dress up a bit more for. I definitely will be scooping this one with the rest of the items as well, it is just perfect. 

And those are my Spring picks from SheIn ! There are plenty more things that I was obsessed with on the website but we would be here for days if I went into detail about all of them haha ! I highly suggest checking out the website for some really cute spring pieces that are very affordable if you are looking ! I’m sure you will be seeing some of these pieces soon, because I know that I am going to order some haha, so keep your eyes peeled for that !

Anyways, I hope you all are having wonderful weeks and come back soon because as I said there is lots to come this week ! Thanks so much for reading, you are all so great <3

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