Shark Week & Finfree

In honor of Shark Week (even though it is now halfway finished and I should have done this post a week ago) I am doing a post about… you guessed it SHARKS ! Not only to share photos from when I went to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada last week but also to spread awareness about how endangered they are and how we can all help the world to become finfree. 

First things first I want to talk about the reason I have this little soap right here and the story behind it.Shark finning is the most profitable business in the fish industry, causing millions of sharks to be slaughtered around the world every day. They are primarily used for Shark Fin soup, a very popular Chinese delicacy. Not only are they wasting 95% of the animal by only cutting off their fins, they throw them back into the water while still alive leaving them to suffer and die without a way to swim. A lot of these sharks are caught using long lining, a horrible way of fishing that causes thousands of other marine animals to get caught by accident and die for no reason along with the sharks. This has become in such high demand that 90% of the worlds shark population is now gone.


For a limited time, LUSH is selling these
soaps here in honor of shark week and also to spread awareness about the
slaughtering of sharks all around the world for their fins.100% of the proceeds go toward making the world finfree and saving the sharks and our ecosystems. This soap smells amazing, works amazing, helps sharks AND is only 6 dollars… win-win situation. Although you may not think just 6 dollars will make a difference it will, even just helping to spread knowledge does a lot more than you would think.I am a huge shark fan and anything that I can do to help makes me happy, I have bought 4 soaps already and I plan on buying more this week. The soap is only available until August 16th (I think, that is what I was told by my local LUSH haha… and if there is over stock I’m sure it will be there until it is all sold out) and is currently sold out online unfortunately, so stop by your local LUSH and help make a difference in the world ! 

Billabong also has a collection out, a collaboration with world-renowned photographer Michael Muller and has a small line of men’s clothing (but I’m still going to buy a t-shirt) that features some of his amazing photos of sharks (the pieces look amazing). This line’s proceeds go towards Mike’s Charity bringing awareness to long line fishing as well as EarthEcho International which brings awareness to youth to protect our waters.

Here are some links for more information about shark finning, Rob Stewart the amazing guy who started all of this (and his documentary Sharkwater which is amazing and you should watch right now), the LUSH website, the Billabong website, White Mike’s clothing line as well as his website, Earth Echo, and a petition for Canada and the U.S. to ban shark finning:


LUSH Website

Sharkwater (which apparently you can no longer watch in Canada for some reason… but in other countries I’m guessing you can)

Sharkwater Trailer (for those of you in Canada.. It is also on DVD)


Billabong x White Mike Collection

Earth Echo

*Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with LUSH, Billabong, White Mike, Earth Echo or Rob Stewart, all of these opinions are my own… I just freakin love sharks. All of this information is sourced from the Sharkwater documentary along with various other documentaries and articles ( including the links listed above).


And now for some photos of sharks and the aquarium  yaaayy ! I’m not going to talk too much about Ripley’s Aquarium (because we’re all here just to see the photos I know) but I will say a few key things: It is amazing….the end…haha just kidding here are a few more.The staff there are very informative and do talks throughout the day while feeding et. that teach you about ways you can save sharks, I have been there two times and loved each time, you can pet sting rays and small bamboo sharks and stingrays (yep it’s amazing ) and lastly, it is a lot less busy on weekdays after 6… I’m just sayin there are a lot of children during the day which I found out the second time we went.



Thank you so much for reading <3 If you even learned a tiny bit of something new about shark finning or are going to help save the sharks by buying some soap or just even spreading awareness it means so much. I just want to share my love of these beautiful, majestic creatures with all of you and hopefully get more people to see how wonderful they are and try to stop them from becoming extinct because the sad fact is that time is very near the way things are going. Don’t get me wrong in the past couple of years a lot has been done to help save them and a lot more people are aware and trying to help, I just want to try and help spread the word even more so eventually finning is banned everywhere. Every little thing counts !

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