Shark Bait

Hello Everyone ! 

How is your weekend going so far ? I know it just begun but maybe you are already doing something more exciting that I am, say New York Fashion Week !? I wish I could have attended but unfortunately I am working all weekend instead…sigh… but the weather is crap anyways so I don’t mind really, plus Toronto Fashion Week is coming soon (which I know isn’t as exciting) but either way I’m still excited !

Last week Jay had to go to the city for a meeting so naturally I tagged along just to hang out there and of course take some outfit photos. His meeting was at this cute little coffee shop called Coffee & All That Jazz. It was small and quaint and you could tell people mostly came to work; it was extremely quiet inside, even whispering I felt like I was disrupting everyone and everyone was typing away on laptops and generally in their own world. It would be a great place to do work for sure but it was also nice just to hang out there. They also had a bunch of different coffee and tea beverages and of course some delicious looking treats ( I was eyeing up a lovely looking lemon tart but didn’t end up going for it); I ended up getting an iced green tea with cane sugar because I was so thirsty, but Jay got some coffee during his meeting and he said it was very good. 

While Jay was in his meeting I decided to walk back to my moms apartment and hang out with her for a bit, the walk was a lot longer than google maps anticipated though so half way through she ended up picking me up ( I was already walking for an hour and it said it would take 24 minutes… yeah right). On my walk though I passed High Park, for some reason I had never been there before and didn’t realize how nice it was, I always thought it was just a plain old large park but I was wrong. From just walking on the street I could tell there was beautiful gardens, lovely paths and that it would be the perfect place to take some photos, so when Jay came to pick me up from my moms that is where we went. 

I had been dying to wear this sweater ever since I got it and this day it was just cool enough that I could finally wear it ( mind you on my hour walk with the sun beating down on me I did start to sweat a little ). Before I bought this sweater, because it kind of out there, I wanted to make sure I had a few ways to wear it. I thought about it right then before making the purchase, and this skirt was the first thing that popped into my mind. It goes so well with the white detailing on the shirt and really makes the blue stand out even more. Even though this is a graphic sweater, it is surprisingly easy to wear and it completely matches my style as well. I think it has to do with how simple it is, there is nothing crazy going on except for the shark face but even that hits at such a natural spot, they don’t take away from the simplicity of the sweater.

I decided to pair black accessories with the outfit to edge it up a bit but also to play off of the slight black details of the sharks in the sweater and I think it worked out perfectly. The studs on the shoes make it a little more edgy but the classic shape of the shoe as well as the simple clutch keep it minimalistic and chic. To make it a little more interesting I also added a half topknot to my hair to make the entire look a little more current and this hair style also allows you to see my earrings better and they add a last little finishing touch to the outfit.

Outfit Details

| Topshop Sweater | Zara Skirt (Similar) | Sam Edelman Heels (Similar) | Indigo Clutch (Similar) | 

I love the way this outfit turned out and I also can’t wait to style this sweater differently for the upcoming fall. I was thinking either a midi pencil skirt or some leather leggings or boyfriend jeans would look wonderful with it, so if you would like to see how to style this sweater in the cooler months make sure to check back ! 

I feel like parks are my go to place to take outfit photos because they are usually pretty void of people and most of the time have beautiful gardens and pathways. Where are is your go to place for taking photos ? Also, if you live in Toronto where are some more places I could try out !? I would love to find some new spots ! 

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend and I hope you enjoyed this post as well <3 

Thank you so much for your continued support !!

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