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Hello my beautiful friends ! 

Happy Saturday ! Once again this weekend it is raining… I am getting very sick of rain, it seems it never stops. In Canada we usually don’t have very rainy autumns, so I am hoping as it progresses the rain stops and this is just a faze, but you never know. As it has been so rainy and gloomy lately, I have been having to embrace the fact that outfit photos can not only be taken on beautiful sunny days and have had to deal with the weather we have been given. I don’t mind this though because with the clouds and rain, the weather has been cooler and I have been able to break out a few of my favorite fall pieces. 

One of my favorite purchases from last fall were these vegan leather leggings. I have been waiting to wear them again all summer long and this day was finally cool enough to break them out. They are the most comfortable things on the planet surprisingly; they are super stretchy but do not loose their shape after wearing them plus they are very warm and soft on the inside as well, which makes them even more comfortable. I love how much texture and dimension they add to an outfit so easily, just throw them on and your pretty much good to go; you look put together and like you actually tried to get dressed, when really you just put on your most comfortable leggings. 

As the weather still wasn’t super cool I wanted to keep it breezier up top to balance out the warmth of the pants. This open tank with the new lace bralette I purchased a little while ago were the perfect pairings for the leggings and keep the cool girl vibe going with the dark colors. Such simple pieces needed a little spicing up, the leggings make the outfit but it still felt to plain personally; so to add interest and a little pop of color, I added my trust chambray around the waist, furthering the cool grunge-chic look I was going for. To play off of the chambray I also added these baby blue heels to add the perfect balance of color to the look. Lastly, I matched the navy blue bralette to my mini bag for an extra little touch, making this black and blue look fully complete and evenly distributed.

I have loved mixing navy blue and black this season, it is just such a fun way to wear dark colors but not being all black it adds a lot more depth. Adding chambray to to the mix makes the whole look one hue in different shades and adds an almost ombre-esque vibe to the outfit. I also love how versatile this look is, it isn’t too casual but also isn’t too dressed up so I would wear it to the mall, out to dinner, or even to a bar for some drinks – anything goes. These are the kinds of outfits I live for, ones that can be worn anywhere and to different occasions so you only have to get dressed once. 

Outfit Details

| Top: Garage (Similar) | Leggings: Aritzia | Bralette: Aritzia | Shoes: Shoemint (Similar) | Bag: Zara |

 | Chambray: Garage (Similar) |

How are you liking the navy and black trend this season ? Are you loving it as much as I am ? Also, what are some of your other favorite trends this season I would love to know !? There are many I can’t wait to try out , it seems like there are a ton of fun ones this year.

Anyways, have a lovely weekend, try to enjoy some nice weather for me if you have some ! If not I hope you enjoy the rain more than I do haha.

Thank you so much for reading <3

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