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Hello my beauties ! 

I hope you are all doing well ! My life has unfortunately still been extremely busy lately and I am finding it hard to fit blogging into my schedule but I am honestly trying my best ! I have a few things planned that should be coming up very soon (I have already taken photos for them so the hard part is out of the way haha) and so we should hopefully be back to our regular scheduled blog posts ! 

Today I want to share with you some photos that were probably taken about a month ago now. It was during May when all of the Cherry Blossom trees were in full bloom in Toronto ! They are such gorgeous trees but unfortunately, most years I never get the time to actually go out looking for them. This year because I was staying at my moms for the week I actually got the chance to see them in High Park, which apparently is one of the best destinations to see them because not only are there quite a few around but everyone and their mother, brother, sister and uncle were gathered around the trees. I actually went to try to take photos with the trees twice, the first time not working out because it was way too crowded. The second time I went right before sunset with my mom and it was quite enough that I was able to get some shots with these gorgeous trees. 

There is just something so magical about the gorgeous pink bunches of flowers that makes them such a popular attraction. It feels like you are taken to an exotic location with them all around you and honestly the joy I felt looking at them is just overwhelming. The day before these photos were taken, I had taken a little trip to the mall specifically to go into Topshop in hopes to get a few new things. It is one of my favorite stores as you have probably been able to tell by reading my blog and I was of course able to find a few things that my wardrobe desperately needed ! 

Both this top and skirt are two of the things I found during this little shopping trip, each piece exactly what I was looking for; a more casual bodysuit that could be worn under anything and a denim button up skirt because I still hadn’t owned one previous to this one here. I love them both so much, and have gotten so much wear out of them already as well ! The wrap style cut of the bodysuit is super flattering and comfortable, and because it is black it makes it a lot more versatile and great for night time as well. I have been loving bodysuits lately as I’m sure you all have noticed, they are so easy to wear underneath high waisted pieces aka. my entire wardrobe. I paired the body with this denim skirt I picked up as well, which I thought looked so darling together, it’s just such an easy casual look to wear. 

Speaking of this denim skirt, I am in love with the detail on this one ! It is an A-line skirt which in themselves are usually always flattering but if you look at the photo above you can see the stitching that goes into a v shape right below the waistline which helps slim the hips and create a streamlined look. Even though the buttons sometimes create little bulges, the stitching helps to slim and balance it out so overall it is just the most perfect denim skirt I have come across.

What I love about this look is that it is appropriate for almost any daytime occasion and could be worn so many different ways with the two pieces being the base. I wanted to keep the whole look pretty casual overall so instead of adding some gorgeous heels, more accessories and a clutch I just went for some very low heeled beige ankle booties and my everyday Michael Kors Dillon to keep things minimal and easy. On the other hand, before heading out to see these lovely trees my mom and I headed to run a few errands and instead of the booties I was wearing running shoes and my hair was up in a ponytail and it made for a very cool effortless look. I can’t wait to pair them with other pieces for you guys in the future as well so you can really see how versatile they really are ! 

Outfit Details

| Bodysuit Topshop | Skirt Topshop | Booties Aldo Similar | Purse Michael Kors Similar

If you guys ever get a chance to head over to High Park to see the Cherry Trees Blossoming I highly recommend it, I have tried to explain how beautiful  they are in the words above but I definitely don’t do them justice and neither do the photos. I think they are probably all fallen off now which is such a shame, but there is always next year ! There will be a few more posts coming very soon (quite possibly one tomorrow or Saturday)  so make sure to check back very soon ! One may have to do with something happening on the 26th of June… if you know me and you know what it is comment below because that would be hilarious haha ! So until then, thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have wonderful Fridays ! 

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