Rainy Day Outfit

Floaty Grey Dress

Hello lovelies !

I am sorry this post is coming to you a little later in the day than usual, this week was quite busy and I have just managed to sit down and start writing ! It’s still Monday though so I haven’t let you guys down yet haha, honestly I am surprised at myself. This whole having your whole computer thing and making a schedule for yourself is really working out nicely ! Anyways, onto the outfit ! As you can see this week it was super nice out, that warm weather I was telling you about last week decided to stick around for a little bit (although not for long… it snowed the other day unfortunately). With warm weather usually comes rain, and it definitely did rain this week almost everyday so I have a rainy day look for you !

I have never posted a rainy look before, mostly because if the weather doesn’t co-operate with me I usually choose another day to take blog photos – but this was the only day that worked and I thought, why not ! The rain doesn’t bother me, I find it quite nice actually – I think this is partly because I am an April baby and so I was kind of born into it, that and it is just so calming. Yes, it sucks when it’s all dreary outside but those are my favourite days to stay inside reading with some hot chocolate or even go shopping, any indoor activity is always made better when it’s raining outside because you don’t feel like you are missing out on the sun.

Rainy Day Look

The inspiration for this outfit actually came from the weather itself ! I felt like wearing stormy colours to match the dreariness of the day – just like weather effects my mood it also effects my choice of clothing for the day ( as it does with most I’m sure). The main star in this outfit is of course this gorgeous dress that you may remember I actually wore for Halloween ! I went as Daenerys, which I shared in a post here and as I stated I would be wearing it afterwards because it is just so pretty. Not only am I obsessed with how gorgeous the colour of this dress is – the light grey/almost heather colour is just so versatile and unique,  and the shape and style of it is just stunning ! When I wear it, I honestly feel like a princess haha and so to combat looking too costumey, I decided to accent the entire outfit with black and add some studded shoes to edge it up a bit.

Black and Grey Outfit

Juliette Dress

Floaty Mini Dress

While doing my hair I wanted to switch it up from my usual just down and straight look and so I decided to do this cute little front french braid that I used to do all the time when I was younger that I still love to this day (why I don’t do it more I have no idea). I love braids, they are so pretty and just add a little touch of elegance to any hairstyle. This hairstyle paired with this dress gives me very Juliette vibes haha, but I love it. I think I am going to try to start being more experimental with my hair from now on because I am bored of looking at it in photos always the same.

Flowy Light Grey Dress

I think this outfit probably encompasses my style perfectly. Very feminine and girly but with a twist and a tiny bit of edge. The thing that makes this dress feel the most princessy to me would definitely have to be the sleeves. Something about the way they are ruched in while still being big and billowy just scream princess to me, but also, sleeve details are huge this season so while feeling like a princess you can still be on trend. The ruffles on this umbrella also add a nice extra little touch of femininity, and I love that it is clear and does not really take away from whatever outfit you are wearing. I remember being so excited about this when I found it a few years ago haha.

Rainy Day Outfit

Flowy Grey Mini Dress

As I said before I wanted to keep everything a pretty muted and rainy day worthy palette and so of course black was my choice of colour to pair with this lovely greige dress (that is the word I have been looking for while trying to explain this colour). It wasn’t super chilly as I said before but it also wasn’t as warm as the day where I was just wearing my sweater dress so I added my trusty black tights to keep me warm. I think the tights also work very well with these shoes and elongates my legs more than if I were to wear this look without the tights. Since the bottom half of the look is so starkly black I decided to accessorize with my black crossbody saddle bag to bring some balance to the look and just keep continuity throughout; this works especially well since there is also black in the umbrella.

Smocked Mini Dress

Free People Smocked Mini Dress

Lini Smocked Mini Dress

Outfit Details

| Dress Free People | Bag Indigo Similar | Shoes Sam Edelman Similar | Tights Calvin Klein | Necklace Tiffany&CO. |

| Umbrella Topshop Similar |

To me this was the perfect outfit for a rainy day but would also look just as stunning in any weather. It is also one of those rare looks that would work in practically every season with a few tweaks, something you guys know I love ! I personally love the way the umbrella finished this look off as an accessory so I may be wearing it in the rain again as an excuse to use my umbrella haha ! Feeling good in what you wear is definitely one way to make a rainy day more exciting, that’s for sure.

Anyways, I will stop rambling now ! I hope you enjoyed this rainy day outfit. Do you like rainy days or am I the only one haha ? I would love to hear what activities you do on a rainy day as well, it is just so interesting ! I hope you have lovely weeks and once again sorry about the late post, next week I will make sure it’s up bright and early for you early birds <3

Thank you so much for reading, you are all amazing !

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