Pumpkin Patch

Happy Halloween Everyone ! 

See, I cracked down and look what I accomplished, a very festive post to put up right on Halloween day ! So because today is that spooktacular day I thought what better post to do than going pumpkin picking at the pumpkin patch ! Really, we had this planned already but taking photos for the blog was just a little extra on top to make a special post for you guys ! Of course you can’t go pumpkin picking alone so I decided to bring along my friends Nicole and James, who were more than happy to be featured in this here blog post and pick out the perfect pumpkin with me. 

To find our perfect pumpkins, we decided to head up to Round’s Ranch in Elmvale which is a little bit further than some other pumpkin patches around but they have so much more to do and it was well worth it. Some of the things they have there include a corn maze, wagon rides out to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin picking (obviously), various pumpkin games and you also get one free pumpkin with the price of admission. The first thing we did when we got there was firstly get a hot dog which was actually amazing for some reason and some hot chocolate to not only add to the fall spirit and also keep us warm as well.

 As soon as we were done eating with hot chocolate in hand we headed out to the corn maze, which was actually pretty difficult to find (all of the signs we were supposed to follow got blown over so it took a few minutes to figure it out). We didn’t have the maze game sheets for some reason there wasn’t any so we didn’t do the maze like you are supposed to but more so just went in took some photos and then left, it probably more fun that way instead of getting lost and never being able to leave. 

After the corn maze we headed over to the wagon to get a ride over to the pumpkin patch and thus our picking adventure began. The wagon came back about every 20 minutes and we were searching so hard for the perfect pumpkin we missed the first wagon that came back to get us and got on the one that came after that instead. We were looking for different criteria in our pumpkins as such things usually go, Nicole and I were looking for shorter wide ones while James was looking for the perfect round one. We all managed to find what we were looking for of course after much searching, and were all extremely happy with our pumpkins at the end of the day; you can see all of us with our pumpkins in the above photos. 

This was the makeshift stand for my camera we created out of pumpkins; it is also very beautiful and kind of resembles a snowman, but would be a pumpkin man instead. Our little photo shoot in the pumpkin patch was hilarious and so much fun ( I think a lot of people also in the patch were very confused / impressed by our makeshift stand ). We also took a lot more photos on our phones but you will just have to check out our Instagram’s to see those.

 My Outfit Details 

| Sweater : Banana Republic Similar | Skirt : Forever 21 Similar | Boots : Naturalizer Similar

| Sunglasses : Guess by Marciano |

 Overall it was an amazing day, we had so much fun and it really got me into the Halloween spirit; I can not wait to carve my pumpkin tomorrow ! I will be sure to post photos of the carving experience as well even though it will be after Halloween, it is one of the best parts and doing a post on it would be extremely fun I think ! 

After we finished up at the pumpkin patch we headed over to Pizza Hut for some cheeky ( and delicious ) dinner and it was the perfect ending to the day. I think this should be a tradition we do every year because I had so much fun, I definitely know I will be going back to Round’s Ranch next year for sure. 

So once again Happy Halloween everyone ! I hope you have a wonderful night full of tricks and treats and eat all of the candy you can get your hands on ! Let me know what you carved into your pumpkin this year if that is something you do and what your favorite part about Halloween is ! I would love them <3 

Thank you so much for reading, It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus. 

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