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I come at you today with a post about a few weeks ago when Jay and I went down to the Barrie Promenade, walked around the lake shore for a bit and checked out some local eateries while we were at it. It was a beautiful summer day and because I was feeling the summer vibe so strongly I decided to go for an all white outfit with some denim and black thrown into the mix. I have quickly realized that my clothing color palette consists solely of black and white with the occasional pastel thrown into the mix. I am okay with that though because I wear what I feel like wearing and that is what I want to wear most days…saying that, I am going to try to add some more color in some days because I feel very repetitive in what I wear and don’t want to bore you too much !

All of these things are pieces you have seen before minus the booties, which I bought in France but never wore while I was there or have talked about in any posts. They are extremely comfortable and super cute and unique because of the cut outs. As soon as I saw them at the Zara in Nice I knew I had to have them; I thought I wouldn’t be able to get them because they didn’t have a 7 or 40 as they say in Europe but I tried on 39’s and they fit even better so I think it was meant to be. What I also really like about them is the treading on the bottom… I have been seeing treading on shoes everywhere as a trend in the past year and have been wanting some really cute booties or even wedges with it . So when I saw these with the cut outs which are so cute, the treading and the fact that they were the last ones in 39 and fit me perfectly… well, it didn’t take much convincing for me to buy them. Also the fact that they were only like 39.99 Euros or something made it an even easier decision to purchase them.

 I won’t talk about the other pieces too much because I have talked about them all before but instead will link you to where you can read about them Here ( don’t mind the horrible quality photos in the post I am linking too, I know they aren’t the best ).

While we were out of course we had to get food ( food is always one of the best parts of having a nice day out don’t you think ) and I knew exactly where we were going to go… I may have already had an entire plan for our day haha, but Jay was down with it so it worked out perfectly. The week before, I had gone with my friends to a local dive that I have heard talked about for so long but had never had the chance to go to. It is called Grilled Cheese Social Eatery; they sell gourmet grilled cheeses… what more could you want in life ? So amazing right ! I thought so anyways, and rightly so because it was absolutely delicious and I knew right away that I had to take Jay there because he would love it just as much. There is a pretty large menu with lots of options and ingredients. The atmosphere is also really cool; there is a lot of interesting artwork and random cool little things giving it a very hipster like vibe, but it is amazing. Plus, that face that they are local, located right in Downtown Barrie makes me feel a lot better supporting them and they also usually taste better than big chain restaurants. If you are in the area I highly recommend going there.

After going to the Grilled Cheese Social Eatery, we headed over to Ripe Juicery for some juice. I had seen that this store had just opened and it looked like somewhere that I wanted to check out ( the fact that they had acai bowls and a huge assortment of fresh juice is mainly what did it for me ). Not only was the juice and acai bowl that I had amazing, but they are made right in store with all local fresh organic foods. This acai bowl is called The Warrior Bowl and has acai puree and is topped with banana, strawberry, chia seeds, almond butter, and granola. It was so delicious I will definitely be going back to get it again ( they also have two other versions of acai bowls as well ) and I also want to try The Green Earth Bowl that sounds just as amazing. With my acai bowl of course I had to try one of their main stars, the juice. I decided to get the Friendship juice which was extremely delicious; it had kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, spinach, apple, lemon and ginger in it… so much goodness in one juice I know !

 I was so blown away by how beautiful everything was presented as well, the packaging is beautiful and you can watch them make it right there. Inside the store is amazingly stunning as well, it has all barn wood accents and is very simple and clean looking with fresh flowers and a huge counter space, it really is gorgeous. Once again if you live in the area I highly recommend checking it out, you will not regret it. Jay and I hung out inside the store for quite a while and chatted with one of the owners about the store and how amazing it was and just a bunch of random stuff as well. She was the most lovely person and knowing that my money went straight to helping her build her business… it just makes everything so much more personal and makes you feel good knowing what your money is doing. I have not had a chance to go back yet but it is one of my new favorite places and I will be frequenting it quite often so prepare for more beautiful photos of bowls and juice very soon. 

Links to both of the places mentioned are:

 Here ( Grilled Cheese Social Eatery) and Here ( Ripe Juicery )

Outfit Details

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As much as I wear the same things over and over and you have seen them before and might be sick of them… it’s realistic. I don’t wear things that I don’t feel comfortable in and I am very picky in the pieces I buy; I look for things that can be worn multiple ways and interchanged with other pieces in my wardrobe because that is what makes the most sense for me. If I had a whole bunch of extra money to spend on clothing of course I would buy new things for you to see every week, but I don’t. I buy a few pieces here and there and mix them in with things that I already own to make them different, that is what is realistic for me and until I have a full time career that is how my style will grow and change… slowly but that is okay for me. I feel like that is a lot more relate able to you as readers as well, it’s not about buying brand new things all the time but working with what you have to mix them different ways and make them exciting by pairing them with different pieces in your wardrobe.

This was a long one ! Sorry for rambling, but I just like to share all of my thoughts with you and hope that some of it will help at least one of you. Whether it be how to rework your wardrobe, helping you find something I am wearing or letting you know about these lovely shops that I have discovered, if it gives you some knowledge you didn’t know before that is all that I want to do. 

Thank you so much for reading and it would be lovely to hear back your thoughts on whether you like the more rambley long posts or if you like short and sweet ones more focused on photos. Leave me a comment below to let me know so I know what you would like to read so I can apply that to my next post ! Once again, thank you I love you and I hope your having a fabulous day wherever you are <3 

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