Pop Of Pink

Hello again my favorite people ! 

I am so sorry I have been MIA once again for like two weeks but the beginning of summer has just been absolutely nuts ! I have been on an impromptu trip to stay at my moms for about a week without a computer, been helping Jay almost everyday with his new business venture and we also planted an entire vegetable garden ! On top of doing those things we also got my car on the road and I have been working as well, so it has just been crazy. Today though, I said enough is enough and took some time off to just sit here and write because I feel so lost without it ! Writing to you guys here on the blog is just such a great outlet to get my thoughts out, without it I feel all bottled up inside. Sure I tell all of my friends and family the things that are on my mind but there is something special about writing them down that just lets these things go, like they are flowing from my fingertips. 

For example, yesterday I drove on the road for the first time ! I know your thinking… ” um, aren’t you 24″ yes, yes I am and I have never learnt how to drive. It’s not that I was scared at all, I’m really not, it’s just that I was trying to save up money to go to driving school for so long that I wasn’t even trying to drive because ” I needed lessons “. I have realized now though that will probably never happen so I’m just going to learn on my own. It is so much easier than I thought. I had driven in parking lots a few times to get a hang of it but thought that driving on the road would be so much harder… it’s really not, it’s actually easier as I’m sure a lot of you know. As this was only my first time I am obviously not a pro but I am no longer worried about going on the road and I feel like in no time I will be able to do everything just fine. See, already I’m ranting, this is what happens when I don’t write for a long time ! I will stop now though so we can get into the outfit ! 

A few weeks back when Jay was going for his first interview at this new job I tagged along just for a little trip but also wanted to shoot some quick photos on the way home of my outfit because I really liked what I was wearing. I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to shoot and so the plan was to just drive until I saw a spot and then we would stop and take the photos. When I had almost lost hope because we were almost out of town, I saw this cute little park, perfect for photos with it’s sprawling green grass and huge willow trees. I pointed to it and said “there!” about two seconds before the turn and from there we drove around the street to the park and got out to shoot these photos. 

When I got dressed that morning, I picked out this outfit but with a different black skirt and then realized that it was very, very similar to this look I had shot a little while ago. I love the combo of this vest, turtleneck and the high boots so much that I still wanted to wear all of these pieces together but I didn’t want the look to be exactly the same. To change it up a little and add a more spring vibe to it, I opted to add a pop of pink with this beautiful skirt I got recently from Zara. You may notice that it looks very similar to the jacket I was wearing in my birthday post and that is because I got them at the same time for my birthday as a set ! I have yet to wear them together as I am trying to pair them with the perfect top and accessories but either way both pieces are gorgeous on their own. If you know me, you know how obsessed with pink I am and I have to say this shade is my absolutely favorite by far. Wearing this skirt or the coat instantly makes me feel like Barbie and just so girly and confident… if  I had to pick a power color I would choose this one… Elle Woods anyone ?

The other thing I did to make this look more spring appropriate was opt for bare legs instead of tights to show of the little bit of tan that I had from sitting in the car haha. I also switched up my purse from my everyday Michael Kors Dillon to my simple black clutch to keep the look very minimal and simplistic. It was still a little chilly at this point in time so this was the perfect look for the day, it is now VERY hot in Canada so the next time you see this skirt it will be in a totally new way ! I can’t wait to style it for you guys ! 

Outfit Details

| Bodysuit ASOS | Vest Zara | Skirt Zara | Clutch Indigo Similar | Boots Forever21 Similar

Thank you so much to all of you who are so lovely and supportive even though I go through times of not posting for a few weeks ! I promise it is never on purpose and I always want to create the best content for you that I can, quality over quantity right ! I would never just throw something together in a night just to get things out because that is not who I am ! I want to really love the outfit I am wearing, how the photos turned out or even information I am putting out for you guys. Thank you for being so amazing and thank you for putting up with my rants haha. I love you guys ! 

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