Perfect Fall Day Wear

Hello again ! 

Once again I am sorry for such a break ( it was a lot smaller this time but still unacceptable ) this time it was because of school work – assignments and such, but I am officially finished all of my assignments! Ergo, I now have plenty of time for blogging my little heart away. I am also going to try to post SEVERAL new things in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas because I have some amazing ideas and some photos already ready. SO, it is a must that I actually post all of them because if I don’t i’ll just be really sad haha. 

As you can probably guess, these photos were also taken a few weeks ago, because it has snowed a few times since then ( they aren’t actually that old probably about 3 weeks ). The only new thing that I have not talked about a million times in other posts is my little plaid cropped top. I got it from Forever21 for ten dollars ! Yes, ten dollars, I was so happy when I saw it because it is perfect for tucking into skater skirts, which we all know that I love to wear on the daily. I am loving plaid this season ( I think mostly everyone is ) but I also find it really hard to find some I like… I’m very picky about how it looks. I like this more buffalo print though because it is so simple and clean looking, plus burgundy is one of my favorite colors to wear. I paired that top with a few of my closet staples, black leather jacket, black tights, a black skater skirt and booties and voila. Not very exciting I know ( and I know I need to stop wearing this frickin skirt) , but this is the kind of outfit I usually go for – simple and easy with a little interest somewhere. 

Outfit Details

Top | Skirt (Similar) | Jacket (Similar) | Purse | Booties (Similar) | 

So as I said, I will try to post as many posts as I can this month ! There will definitely be more than there has been lately, that is for sure ! And not only just more posts, but also some things that I haven’t done before – so come back soon to see what they are ! 

Thank you so much for reading, I love you all. If your excited for Christmas – or whichever Holiday you celebrate as much as I am than comment and let me know what your looking most forward to and what traditions you have ! I would love to read them and get some inspiration for things to do this season. Also, just another little warning, my blog will become Christmas overload soon so be prepared haha. 

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