Peonies & Ways To Focus When Overwhelmed

Hello Beauties ! 

Do you ever just wake up feeling inspired and motivated, ready to start the day but when it actually comes down to it you get nothing done ? Today is one of those days for me. I have lots of plans and ideas of the things I want to get done today but am feeling overwhelmed where to start so in turn I am actually getting nothing done. I know that must happen to some of you as well right !? So because this is relevant to my life right now and I think it could benefit some of you as well, I am going to share with you some of my tips for getting things done when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Wherever that may be… for me that is in my CLEAN room at my desk with no distractions around me and classical music playing in the background OR a coffee shop. I personally need to be able to focus on what I have to get done and that is all that can be going on around me…my tasks. If I am trying to multi-task and catch up on shows or YouTube videos while doing said task (which I am often known to do) I am not going to get as much done in the allotted time I have to do it. I like the buzz of a coffee shop because although there are a lot of things going on around you it is more like a nice background buzz to feed and energize off of. Whatever your work space may be plop yourself into that setting and you are bound to work even if you don’t know where to start. 


After you have plunked yourself down with whatever you need to be in your space for the long haul, you need to make a list of all of the things you need to get done in order of priority. If you have to edit those photos from two weeks ago in order to get them up (cough cough me) but you also have to get a post done for a company that you have a time constraint on, obviously you are going to want to get the post for the brand done first. Whatever is the most urgent is the thing you are going to want to start with and you can go down the list as you finish each thing. 

This goes hand in hand with the last tip, but you want to make sure you are finishing each item before moving onto the next thing. If you are working on that one urgent task but during the day something else comes up that is just as urgent or maybe you would just rather do, finish the first task before starting the second. If you continuously start new things in the time you are working, at the end of the day you might have 3 or 4 half finished things when you could have gotten one or two things finished, ready to put your all into your next task. It is better to have something to check off of your list than something you can put a almost done memo beside. 

Now I have talked before about the 15 minute break rule that I use to reward myself for working hard before ( work for however long you want to allow yourself and then take a 15 minute break to do whatever you want ) but rewarding yourself in any way that you like is important. For example, if you LOVE chocolate, say to yourself, okay after I finish this task that I need to get done I  can have a few pieces of chocolate, or if you work too hard all of the time say, once I am done said task I am going to take the night off and spend time doing something that I love. By rewarding yourself after getting things done it will not only make you more inclined to make healthy work habits but will also really let you focus on what your doing to achieve the end goal knowing something good will happen afterwards. 

So those are just some of a few tips and tricks that I have learned to get to work when feeling overwhelmed… I mean I am using most of them as I am writing this haha so I hope that they help you as well ! Now that we are here, I do want to share a bit about this look as well because this is one of my favorite dresses I have purchased in a long time and not writing about it would be a shame. 

If you know anything about me at all, you would know that my favorite flowers are peonies. I am obsessed with them… really, I am a little nuts when it comes to peonies. So naturally I would be drawn to them right some could say ? Well, that is exactly what happened with this dress here. 

At first when I saw this dress I fell in love with it for a few reasons, 

A. The colors were perfect, two of my favorites that I have been obsessed with this season

B. The style and shape of the dress flatter my body, so I already knew it would look good on 

and C. It was a gorgeous floral print….. notice how not once did I mention peonies there ? That’s because I didn’t even realize that this gorgeous print that I had fallen in love with was actually peonies ! I didn’t notice until I was looking at the dress when I got home, I had thought they were just roses or something but while staring at its gorgeousness, VOILA ! PEONIES ! As you can imagine this made me fall in love with the dress even more and that is why it is and probably will be one of my favorite dresses for a long time. 

Not only this but it is a very sweet summer dress that is a light material and light colored so it is even better for staying cool. Also, most of my clothing items that are actually colored revolve around this color spectrum so it flows perfectly into my wardrobe (notice the heels I paired with it match to perfection). Of course I had to take these photos with some peonies from my own garden as well to make the entire look just scream peonies, and I think these are some of my favorite photos to date. The setting and everything almost make me feel like I could be a bridesmaid or something but that just makes them even more beautiful to me ! 

Outfit Details 

| Dress Dynamite (no longer available) Similar Top Skirt | Shoes Shoemint Similar

| Necklace Tiffany & Co. | Bracelet Thomas Sabo |

Anyways, I think that is probably enough rambling ! Unfortunately it took me so long to get these photos up that this dress is no longer in stock ( I AM SO SORRY I KNOW HOW LOVELY IT IS ) but there is a similar matching top and skirt set in the same pattern but in a light rose color that I also wanted just as bad as the dress, and they are both on sale right now… so if you want something similar to this at all I would suggest snatching it up quick !

Anyways thank you all so much for reading, I know this has been a long one but once again I have taken just a little too much time away and so the words just flow right out like water. Speaking of time away, this upcoming week I am going to be spending some time at my moms house in Toronto, and so there shall be lots of looks uploaded this week as I tend to get a lot done when I am there usually. So stay tuned for that !

I love you all, you are the best <3 Talk to you soon !

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