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Hello Darlings !

Happy Victoria Day weekend ! I feel like I need to explain that a little as anyone who isn’t from Canada or Scotland will be confused haha, May 24th is the day in which Canadians/Scottish people celebrate the British Monarch’s birthday and although May 24th was orignally Queen Victoria’s birthday, the day has stuck to which we celebrate the current Monarch’s birthday. Confusing I know. If you would like to read more about it, it explains it all here.

Anyways, remember that one time weeks ago that I told you I had went up to Niagara for some wine tours and tastings !? If you don’t know what I am talking about, check out my birthday post here or just go and look at my Instagram haha, both have been flooded with photos from Niagara. Well, today I am finally sharing with you my photos and experiences from that day ! Say yay if you love wine ! YAY ! Sorry, somehow that just felt right haha – anywayyysss. I know I have personally fallen in love with wine over the last few years; I had never really been a fan of it before but I think going on wine tours and generally to wineries has helped me find the wines that I actually do like. It is definitely the best way to be able to try a bunch and pick your favourite and if you go to special events, such as couple I will be telling you about, you actually learn quite a bit about wine !

So the day we went up to Niagara we were going specifically to Peller Estates for their member appreciation weekend. They had special events going on that you only had to pay a bit for and they were exclusive to wine club members only (which my mom and her friend are apart of so they of course bought the tickets). If I drank more wine I would definitely become a member, there are some amazing perks such as discounts, special events et. and you also get a box of wine every month with I think 2-3 bottles ! Anyways we did some amazing events while we were there, which I will be talking about more below and in between visited Niagara-on-the-lake which I fell in love with (hence why I went back for my birthday) and then afterwards headed to Trius to take some photos as they have the best photo spots.

While we were at Peller, one of the tours we did was the 10 Below Ice Wine Tour ! It is all done in a room that is -10 (crazy right) and they do this because that it the temperature it has to be outside when you are picking ice wine grapes ! I personally wouldn’t want that job, but the final taste of the ice wine is definitely worth it I think haha. In the ice room, we had some raspberry chocolate ice wine cocktails that were amazing. If I remember correctly it included cabernet franc ice wine, panama jack liquor and some vodka with cute little frozen raspberries in the glass and voila ! I could be missing an ingredient but I believe that is all, I ended up having about two because Marina didn’t really like it but I was more than happy to because it was delicious. The room itself is super cool and made of ice blocks, and definitely makes for some great photos so I would highly suggest doing this tour if you are ever at Peller !

The second event we did was called wine school ! Yes you heard that right school ! We actually got certificates at the end of it saying that we we passed the “course” haha which was pretty cool ! What they taught us in wine school was how to judge the wine in terms of colour, taste, clarity, aroma et. and also how to pair it with different foods ! One of the best pairings was actually… wait for it…Riesling Ice Wine and SALSA ! I know, it seems crazy but the sweet balanced out the spicy and it was the most amazing thing I never would have expected in my life.

The last event we did at Peller before heading to Trius was called Bleu-berries & Wine which just involved us sitting in a room watching the Chef at Peller, Chef Justin, make scones with some berry compote and blue cheese that we could then make at home ! They provided us with recipe cards, and at the end we of course got to try the delicious scones (which were to die for) ! Once again I would never think to pair blue cheese with scones but it worked ! They also of course provided us with some wine for tasting with the scones, and I can’t remember what kind it was but I know it was a red haha. I have yet to try to make the scones myself but I really do want to very soon because they were delicious !

Of course, instead of taking most of the photos for this blog post at Peller we headed to Trius for that (and a little wine tasting as well) because there are just so many more spots to take photos really. That is why every time we have gone on wine tours the photos are at Trius haha, oh no my secret is exposed ! On this day of wine tour fun I decided to wear my favourite free people dress you saw me talk about in this post a few months ago. I feel like it was a perfect choice for a day when I wanted to feel a little extra chic but also comfortable and kept warm enough. I am so in love with the oversized sleeves on this dress and although I didn’t buy it with the sleeve trend in mind it does happen to work actually haha !

Another thing I love about this dress is how you can change it up so easily with simple accessories; this black skinny scarf itself changes the whole look and feel of the dress just by tying it different ways. Instead of just wearing it as a scarf like I did the last time I just tied it into a bow and voila, it looks like  it is part of the dress. I thought the pussy bow added a little element of a Parisian vibe to the dress and just made it completely different ! I have yet to wear it without a scarf at all but I am sure when I do that will look totally different as well – it is a chameleon !

Another thing that I need to discuss that I have yet to is my newest handbag purchase ! This is my new little baby, a blush pink leather bucket bag with tassels by Rebecca Minkoff. I am absolutely obsessed with everything about it and funnily enough I decided last minute to get this one over the one I originally wanted – also Rebecca Minkoff- because I thought it was a more unique shape and I am SO glad I did because I can’t stop wearing it and actually like it much better than my original choice. It is the perfect shade of pink and goes with everything like a neutral, I am so obsessed and seriously think you should check it out if you are thinking about a new spring/summer bag ! The quality is also amazing; the leather is super soft and so lovely, I haven’t worn it too hard yet so I can’t really tell if it is going to scratch easily yet but so far so good ! Lastly, the tassels on the bag give it an extra little trend element for the season but they aren’t too crazy so when the trend is “out” it won’t be too obviously last season (even though I personally don’t care). Overall this is one of my favourite bags I have ever owned I think and you will be seeing a whole lot more of it.


Outfit Details 

| Dress Free People Similar | Scarf Zara Similar | Purse Rebecca Minkoff | Boots Forever21 Similar | Tights Calvin Klein |

Going to wineries is one of my favourite things to do for a fun trip and it never goes out of style. If you have never been I highly suggest it because you just learn so much and it always ends up being such a fun day. If there are any wineries in the Niagara region you have been to and feel I need to check out please let me know ! I would love suggestions <3

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely rest of the long weekend !

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