Newest Go-To Summer Outfit & Panera

Alright, before I say I’m always so late posting (which I am) let me just say that I have had all the photos uploaded and ready to go here for 2 days now, I just haven’t had time to write lol. But I am finally doing it right now.

Although this is going to be an outfit post I started this day off with Panera so it is only fair to do it in my post as well. Since Panera opened here about 3 weeks ago, I have had a very sad obsession with it and it’s delicious food and I have gone there once a week so far… starting bad habits all around. I have gotten a salad every time though so I guess it isn’t really that bad after all.

The remnants of my chai tea latte that I have also gotten every time I have been there… most delicious thing I have ever drank in my life.

Finally, here is my salad. This is the chopped chicken cobb with avocado that I have gotten twice now and I think is probably going to be my favorite one on the menu. I have also tried the Fuji apple chicken and this salad beats that one for sure. When I’m at home I tend to make cobb type salads, they are what I am drawn too I guess but this one is on a whole new level of greatness.

I also got a cup of broccoli cheddar soup and it was mighty delicious as well, but I ate it way too fast and forgot to take a photo of it.


My outfit ! Yaay. this is what I wore on this spectacular day of great food (for dinner we went and got fish and chips.. well I got fish and salad but you know same dif.) and I really love this outfit; I think it is going to be one of my go-to’s this summer.

I am wearing my¬† high waisted shorts I got from Dynamite (the best high waisted shorts I have found yet… once again they all show my bum) , my trusty beige Aritzia sweater that you have already seen umpteen times and my white sneakers that I got from Walmart for $7.00. It is pretty plain and simple but is pretty much my summer style to a T.; it is super casual and comfortable and perfect for running around in.

These Aritzia sweaters though ! They are seriously so perfect and if you
are reading this whoever you are, you should go out and buy one.. you
will not be disappointed what so-ever. They are the most versatile
things, they are super thin so with this outfit I could tuck it in
perfectly without any bulging or bulkiness. Wearing them in the summer
is also fine because they are an open knit that lets a lot of air in and
don’t get too hot, but I have worn this one in the winter plenty of
times and it is still practical. They sit so perfectly too, GAH I just
love them to bits.

Action shot ! Haha, I just wanted to show the high waisted-ness of the shorts better and this photo does just that. I just love them so much, and you can see how they are the perfect length, not super short and showing my bum to the world like every other pair I have tried on.

Adding even more excitement to my day, this little guy appeared while I was on the porch about to go into the backyard. I got pretty close to him actually, and wasn’t running away until I called out ” Bunnyyyyyy” like the 2 year old I am and scared him away. He was precious and only a baby little thing.

My makeup was rather simple also, I just wore my regular foundation & bronzer with some winged liner and mascara.

P.s. my tan is coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself, those tan lines are not the cutest but hey.

That is all for now ! It was not the most exciting outfit in the world, but casual days are a must !

Love you beautiful world <3 mwah


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