New Year, New Inspirations

Hello lovlies ! 

As promised we are now back to our regularly scheduled posts. Today I am going to share with you two things I got for the New Year that have inspired me in one way or another. One of my resolutions every year is to become more organized; I love being organized – it makes life a lot easier, but I am absolutely horrible at it. Every year to help this journey of being an organized person along, I usually pick up a planner and then never actually use it. This year, rather than getting your basic calendar style – great for school planner, I found one that is much more relevant and I have actually been using ! 

This planner is called The Productivity Planner and instead of having each day with blank lines and the date, it focuses on tasks and what you need to achieve for the day. I have found this a lot easier to use because it’s almost like making a list but then has spaces where you can write your target time to be done and when you actually finish so that you know for the future how long something actually takes you ! I think it is genius really.  This page shown in the photos is what one of the daily task lists looks like, but before every week (so every 5 pages) there is a weekly task list and afterwards, a weekly review. I love this idea because it is a nice way to see what you actually accomplished that week that you had set out to do. Not only that but it is packed full of lovely inspiring quotes and is really just such a nice journal. I would highly recommend picking it up if you, like me, want to become a more organized human. 

The second thing I picked up to inspire me for this upcoming year is the book Capture Your Style by Aimee Song, a very popular fashion blogger and influencer that I’m sure you have all heard of. She has created this book which is practically an Instagram how to guide that has lots of amazing tips and tricks on how to create the perfect feed. I have not read this yet but I am super excited to because, honestly, my Instagram needs a little work and I know it ! I always forget to take photos for Instagram, and I really want to start putting a lot more time and effort into it to make it how I want it to be. I know this book will help me with just that, and so that is why I picked it up right at the beginning of the year ! 

That is all I have to share with you guys today, I know this post was pretty short, unlike most of my posts- but I just wanted to share these two things that I think will help me a lot in this upcoming year with you incase you wanted to go and grab them as well ! 

Let me know if you have either of these things and have used/read them or if you have any other recommendations of books or planners that you think I will like ! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday <3 

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