My Week With Arbonne

Hello Beauties ! 

Today I am going to share with you something super excited that I had the opportunity to try out recently and that is Arbonne Skincare. One of my friends Carolynn reached out to me and asked me if I would like to try out Arbonne skincare to see if I liked it and of course I was ecstatic to try it out ! You can check out her website Here if after reading this you are at all interested in Arbonne products for yourself ! Before I start going into what I tried, how I liked it et. I am going to tell you a little bit about Arbonne first. 

Arbonne is a company based on green values, their products use botanical, gluten-free, vegan ingredients to ensure that what you are putting on and into your body is good for you, safe to use and most of all effective. As well as their skincare products, Arbonne also carries cosmetics and nutritional products that are formulated with the same gold standard of ingredients so that you don’t have to worry about putting harmful ingredients onto your skin and into your body after you take all of the time to purify it.To learn about the company and the products before I tested them, I sat down with my friend and her superior (also her friend ) so that they could answer any questions I had and tell me a little bit more about the company. They told me a whole bunch of information about the company itself and of course the products; from how great the ingredients were to how great the products work for them and also what other skincare products are doing to your skin. They actually told me some pretty disgusting information about some skincare things that we use all of the time. For example did you know petroleum jelly is literally make from petroleum… aka. gas… you’d think we would put two and two together but apparently I never did. We are putting these things on our skin which in turn goes right into our bodies systems which can not be good for us. Needless to say, as I am sure you can imagine, I was extremely excited to try out Arbonne to see what these amazing products would do for my skin.

What they gave me to try out for one week was the RE9 Advanced Set as well as the Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads. The RE9 Advanced set it formulated for more mature skin, but it seemed to work fine with me besides a little extra purging my skin was doing (which they told me would happen). Purging is the process your face goes through to clarify and extract all of the unwanted gunk and toxins from your face pushing them to the surface and of course eventually out. This can last 1-2 weeks when transitioning to a superior skincare product. What all of the skin products at Arbonne do is work to balance out your skin’s pH level, so that you don’t go from a 2 to a 10 in the same day and your skin isn’t all out of wack. I definitely noticed the products doing this throughout the week and they definitely seemed to improve the look and feel of my skin ( besides the part that was purging of course ). It was soft, looked a lot smoother, and generally my skin glowed beautifully. I also found that my makeup went on a lot smoother overall, so that was an extra little plus. I could definitely see my skin really getting to be amazing after using it for a prolonged period of time. 

Here I am going to do a little information section on what each of the products do.

Smoothing Facial Cleanser 

The smoothing facial cleanser is a gentle creme cleanser that washes away makeup and and impurities leaving your skin feeling fresh and ready to soak up the rest of the products. 

Regenerating Toner

This toner is antioxidant rich and is pH balancing, it also helps to firm and lift the skins appearance. It is very zingy and has a little tingling sensation on the skin, perfect for the morning time when you need to wake up.

Intensive Renewal Serum

The serum is very concentrated, packed full of collagen supporting ingredients that help to hold in moisture, firm and lift the skin and also erase the look of fine lines. It feels really great on the skin and was one of my favorite steps of the entire set.

Corrective Eye Crème

The corrective eye creme helps to diminish the look of fine lines and helps to erase puffiness and dark circles. I usually don’t use and eye cream but I feel like this product did make the skin look firmer around my eyes, there was a noticeable difference to me anyways.

Night Repair Crème

The night repair creme is a very thick formulation that is packed with ultra-moisture enhancing and collagen boosting ingredients. It is the thickest product in the range and you can feel it really soak into the skin after all of the other steps. It leaves you waking up youthful and fresh looking.

Restorative Day Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen

This daytime creme hydrates your skin as well as acting as a sunscreen and protecting it throughout the day. It is concentrated with collagen supporting ingredients and botanicals to keep your skin moisturized and happy throughout the day.

Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads

I have to say these were my favorite thing to use out of the entire set. They are packed with amazing ingredients that improve skin moisture, elasticity and firmness; reduce the look of fine lines and dark spots, and generally help smooth and even out the tone of skin. They have a slight tingling sensation when applied, but I like that because I knew it was working as soon as applied to my skin. Out of everything I would definitely recommend these, they are amazing.

Overall I really liked the products and I think they worked wonderfully for me.
The RE9 set is the gold standard in Arbonne skincare and that of course is why I was given this set to try. It has amazing anti aging qualities and is made specifically for mature skin but works amazingly for all skin types. I am really interested to try out the FC5 as well, which is formulated for younger skin just to see how it compares.One thing I really liked about this skincare was the ritual of doing all of the steps while applying all of the products; it was very relaxing to take a bit of extra time to focus on my skin and really take care of it. I usually literally just use soap on my face so spending a good 5 extra minutes applying everything felt wonderful. Now, I know you were probably looking for some before and after photos, but honestly I don’t feel confident enough to post a photo without makeup here so I’m sorry to disappoint you. You will just have to take my word for it that they really are amazing !

Thank you so much to all of you for reading and a big thank you to Carolynn and Stacey for letting me try these wonderful products out !

Carolynns email is if you have any questions or concerns !

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