My Travel Story: Monaco, Day 3

On our travels we took a nice little bus ride over to visit the Country of Monaco aka. the second smallest country in the world, the smallest is Vatican City (which is really a country so why it’s called city I have no idea). Monaco is approximately the size of New York’s central park and you can literally walk from one side to the other, it is right on the border of Nice and when Jay & I walked up to Fortes De Mont Alban if we had of kept walking along the road for another 15 minutes we would have walked into Monaco. 

The bus ride was about 20 minutes and you drive along all of these cliffs and mountains beside the Mediterranean and it is absolutely stunning. Monaco is where all of the richest people in the world like to hang out as well because of the Monte Carlo Casino which is like the most popular / beautiful Casino in the entire world, and below there are a bunch of photos of it for you to feast your eyes. The shopping is also crazy and there are all of the worlds top designer brands all there in one location so you can imagine the money being spent there. The cars outside of the Casino were crazy expensive and rare as well (which jay got super excited about). Overall it is an amazing little country and I want to go back to see the Palace one day because unfortunately we did not get a chance to see it (it was up a huge hill and my feet were killing from climbing mountains).

The Gardens outside of the Casino are also spectacular and perfectly landscaped (dogs weren’t even allowed on the grass). I didn’t get any photos of it because we were walking super fast through it for some reason but here are some palm trees that were outside of the actual gardens (below). The gardens consisted of palm trees, the greenest grass you have ever seen in your life as well a few flowers ( I don’t think they were all in bloom yet ) and lots more green – it was very vibrant green too. 

There is a general path that you can follow all the way around the Casino and that is the way we went around the building. It was gorgeous from every angle; here is one side entrance that no one actually came through so I’m not really sure what it is used for but the detail in this building was so amazing like I said, on every aspect of it, not just the front like a lot of buildings. 

This doorway was especially beautiful with the gold inlay on the black doors and ornate details in the sculptures above… I still can’t even believe how amazing European architecture is compared to what it is here, it’s not even on the same playing field everything is SO AMAZING and I still can’t believe how much it has opened my eyes up to how much we are lacking. 


The side view and the back view were definitely the most spectacular though, there was a path right beside the sea and so looking either way was beautiful. I wish it was a little bit of a clearer day so you could see the mountains behind more clearly but they were soooo amazing on the way there (I wasn’t in a window seat on the way there on the bus so I couldn’t take photos). But this is one of my favorite photos I took in Monaco for sure.

And the grand finale the back of the Casino which is just too stunning for words. A seagull decided to photo bomb the Casino as well lol but SO MUCH DETAIL ! It’s just so intricate and wonderful, it looks like a Palace that is for sure, I can see why so many celebs would want to come here. 

Of course I had to take outfit photos here because it was just too amazing to pass up. 

Outfit Details

Dress: Dynamite $40.00 CAN ish pretty sure 

Blazer: Forever21 $23.00 CAN ish? 

Sandals: Sam Edelman $39.99 CAN

Purse: Michael Kors $348.00 CAN

Necklace: Tiffany & CO. 

P.s. sorry about the prices lol, all of these things minus the bag are from last year and I don’t remember exactly how much they were !

See what I mean about amazing both ways though ! Like honestly this view is just as amazing (not quite but…) as looking at the Casino ! We took some girl’s only photos here, and I also had to shed my jacket because I was sweating my butt off.

Awe all smiling… and my mother is mocking me so that’s fun… she always mocks my posing, I’m over it. 

I found a Canada flag in Monaco outside of the Casino in the gardens hahaha so I had to take  a photo of it ! It was like fate.

See what I mean about the shopping… like umm please ? I wish I had that much money to just pop into Chanel… sigh… maybe one day. The most beautiful Chanel I have ever seen though, that building is stunning as are the rest of the buildings in Monaco. 

Yacht Yacht Yacht Yacht. Lol for real though there were some amazing Yachts, like the one you will see closer up below. Jay came across one of them the other day that we actually saw here, I don’t think it is in this photo but it was huge, on a random website and it was worth something like 30 million… crazy. 

And here is the only photo I got of the Palace unfortunately, now I regret not walking up to see it but my mom and Marina didn’t want to and my feet were in level 500 pain, but I do want to go back and see it one day for sure, as soon as I get back to France ! 

Like, a hot tub on a yacht… really…it looks so nice and comfortable too, placid blue they know what’s up.

And Lastly right before we left Monaco there was this cute little statue from the first Monaco Grand Prix, pretty cool if you ask me, I think he won the first race too if I’m not mistaken. 

And that concludes our day in Monaco (really only a few hours) I wish that my feet didn’t hurt so bad, like now thinking about it I hate that I didn’t suck it up but it felt like my fascia was going to rip apart lol. Oh well, more motivation to go back ! It was amazing though and I do want to go back 100% as I said it is not very far from Nice at all, so if we do end up living there (hopefully we do) than I will be going there to walk around all the time, even just in the Casino gardens because they are so amazing.

I have two more travel posts to go, and a haul, which I will get done in the next 3 days because I have them allll off woohoo,and three more after Saturday so it will be post central and I’m not joking this time ! 

Thank you for still reading this if you are even though I suck at being on schedule <3

Love you’s 

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