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The last of My Travel Story this time around, the Instagram posts. I have never really posted many of my Instagram photos on my blog before because A. that would be very repetitive and B. they aren’t the best quality photos because they are from my phone but I took a lot in France this time around and I thought they would be fun to add to the overall story.  The way I have layed them out is in two’s, not only because the post now won’t be miles long ( I tried groups of four also but it just wouldn’t work ) but also, they are generally from the same day so it will make them easier to talk about.

Now let’s jump right in. These first two photos are the last photo I took in Canada and the first photo I took in France. My passport looked beautiful on this table so I obviously had to take a photo and this building also for some reason stood out to me and it happened to be a few houses down from our apartment.

I don’t know if you can tell from the last photo but it rained the day we arrived which honestly was the best day for it to be raining because it was the day we were spending the least amount of time actually doing anything productive so it was completely fine. We still decided to go out for a bit, browse around and go out for dinner though because we didn’t want to completely waste a day. That night we just had pizza on a patio that was heated and I actually liked that it was raining it made it feel more special somehow. OH, side note, there was this lady with this dog that was at the same restaurant last year and she was there again- in the same spot- it was hilarious. Anyways, back to the other photo. I loved these mugs that were at the apartment they were so cute, I wanted to take one so badly but I didn’t. Naturally instead of stealing, I just took a classic morning photo in my pj’s having some tea with the mug. 

After having tea and usually some boiled eggs as well ( not on the first morning though ) and after getting ready, we would head down to our favorite cafe… we did this everyday except for one lol ( you could say we were a little bit obsessed ). Each morning we would get croissants and cappuccinos and I have ranted and raved about these croissants many, many times in blog posts so I won’t but they are worth raving about let me tell you. The photo of the cappuccino is actually from the crepe restaurant we went to often last trip and we went to a few times this trip because I didn’t happen to take a photo of cappuccino at the other restaurant but they are all just as delicious. 

Also before we left the apartment I snapped this shot outside on our front balcony because it was sunny and beautiful outside which made me extremely excited. It wasn’t sunny when we got there so the view didn’t seem as amazing as it actually was when the sun was shining. Later on when we climbed Castle Hill Jay & I took this photo while we were sitting just hanging out for a bit while we simultaneously were feeding a pigeon with a broken leg some of Jay’s wrap ( it was the saddest pigeon… I felt so bad for him ). 

And the last of the photos from the first day, me drinking a cappuccino at our favorite cafe ( okay so I did take a photo of it but not really ). Actually, as I was saying I didn’t know the name of the cafe in another post, this gives you an idea of where it is; just look for a cafe across from Jean Romeo. The second photo I took as we were walking along the Promenade Des Anglais. It was such a beautiful sunny day and this photo captures that perfectly. 

The second full day ! We went to Monaco as you probably already know from the previous posts here are photos from the Casino and the hotel beside the Casino, really I should have arranged these the other way but I liked how they looked this way better. When looking at the Casino which is the second photo, the hotel is on the right ( so when looking at the first photo the Casino would be behind me ) and the Cafe that we sat at is on the left. The buildings are beautiful obviously and I talked more about them in the other post as well, but they were worthy of Instagram posts as well because when in Monte Carlo you have to take photos of these things.

While we were sitting at the Cafe it was a perfect opportunity for photos of course. We just had some Wine and relaxed, enjoying the view for a little while and I definitely felt pretty classy and like I should have been wearing heels instead of sneakers but oh well I was comfortable so that’s all that matters ( plus in these photos you can’t tell anyways haha). The front of the menu is gorgeous and so I obviously had to capture it as well. The Sauvignon Blanc I had was actually amazing though and refreshing for such a hot day. 

The Macaron photo I actually took earlier that day on the way to the bus stop to Monaco. We saw a Macaron store on the way and had to stop obviously, this was the only Macaron I got there and I regretted it as soon as I bit into it because it was amazing. I wish I would have gotten more but I didn’t unfortunately; I also never got a chance to go to Pierre Herme and get any either which makes me extremely sad but oh well… next time. Anyways, of course we took multiple photos and I liked this one just as much as the other so I posted them both.

The next day we just hung around town, shopped, ate and waited for Sophie to arrive. We also went out clubbing this night and that was extremely fun ( High Club is amazing and I recommend going there if you’re in Nice ) but before we went back to the apartment to get ready we caught the most beautiful sunset and had to take photos. Sadly, I didn’t get any photos from the night we were out because I think my phone was dead but it was a great night.

Now here is where things kind of get confusing and I had to kind of break up the order of days in order to fit the photos together but I will still try to explain which days which photos are from.

 This first one here I honestly have no idea which day I took it on, I’m thinking maybe the third or fourth, but it is just along one of the main streets for shopping and food in Nice – closer to the apartment we stayed in last time. Now I took it because there were police on horses and I thought that was cool but it also just turned out to be a pretty photo. The second photo I took on the fifth day I think, the day I looked my worst and didn’t take any photos with my good camera because my memory cards were being stupid. Now this day we were going to this park that was supposed to be really nice and it was higher up on a hill so we were going to get good photos of the city, but that park actually didn’t exist. The map must have been an old one because it showed a park, but we looked all over the area and there was no park ( it wasn’t small either on the map so we couldn’t have missed it ). But it was still a fun day that had a pretty good view and this sign caught my eye and I thought it was really vintage looking and pretty. 

This beautiful cappuccino here on the left was one that Marina, Jay and I had on the third day while Jeremy and Sophie were at the beach. It was in this small really cute restaurant which once again I’m not entirely sure what it’s called but it was super cute. On the right is the beautifully amazing crepe that we had on the last full day morning at the usual crepe place. The maker of this crepe put some real love and care into making this thing spectacular. Of course there’s another cappuccino as well.

Once again these two photos are from different days. The first photo is from that hike we took up to the “park” right where said park was supposed to be but as you can see there is just buildings for miles. It was so beautiful and I’m so mad my camera wasn’t working because I could have gotten some beautiful shots but oh well at least my phone was still alive. The second photo was from the fourth day we got up super early and went to the market. I love the way this photo of our purchases turned out; my phone sometimes does things better justice than my camera in terms of color… it just looks more vibrant for some reason. 

The photo on the left is from the last night we spent in Nice and is just of the outfit I wore to dinner. We went to La Maison De Marie once again ( we also went last year and it was so good we decided to go again ) and it was just as delicious as it was last year. I got the Risotto, and actually I did take a photo of it and put in on Instagram but when I was grouping these forgot to add it some how so if you would like to see that just head on over to my Instagram which is linked on the Home Page (shameless plug haha). Back to what I was saying, the Risotto was delicious (in my post I used the quote from The Fault In Our Stars to describe it… you rock if you get that reference ) and they also brought us out some Tapenade with Olive bread that we munched on before that was also to die for. I also had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc of course and it was a fantastic meal overall. Now, the second photo is of some Macarons that Jay actually bought for me to share with Jeremy and Sophie because he knew how much we were dying for some. I wasn’t expecting them at all and  it was super sweet of him to think of us when he was out. He’s such an amazing guy, I’m so lucky to have him… he takes photos for me and brings me sweets, what more could you ask for.

On the second last night we spent in Nice, the sketchy event that I was talking about in one of the posts happened and these are some of the photos that I took from that night. I still am not going to go into what happened because like I said I’m still extremely sketched out about the situation and it’s still too fresh. The incident happened in the area that the first photo was taken… as you can see it is very dark, not much light and probably not the best place to be at night but it did produce a beautiful photo of the water at night. The second photo was just of some palm trees along the promenade that looked pretty cool and I thought looked very t-shirt-esque.

These next two sets of photos were both from the last day during the day where we spent some time at the beach. We also did some shopping as well on this day and went out for dinner as you saw but during the day we just wanted to hang out and get some sun. The first photo is of Sophie, Jeremy and I laying out and Jay is also there but he is sitting against a wall in front of us because he didn’t want to tan. It as also super rocky where we are laying ( Europe has mostly pebble beaches ) and so he wasn’t feeling it which is completely acceptable. We also got some gelato because it’s delicious and when it’s hot out is pretty much a necessity; I got pistachio like I always do if it’s an option and it was perfect. 

After laying there for a bit Sophie and I decided that it was hot enough that we would jump in the water ! Now, let me preface this by saying I had never been in any type of salt water before – ocean or sea but I’m not scared of it by any means ( I would actually like to have seen a shark but that didn’t happen ) I had just never had the opportunity before. So, because I have never been in any salt water before I didn’t know quite how aggressive the waves would be. They were crazy. They were getting bigger and bigger and finally there was a massive one that I tried to run from  but then I was way too close to shore and so I got hit… hard… ( so did Sophie and she was further out so she had it worst and practically almost drown ) I got dragged all the way up shore and back again on my stomach once I was down and got completely scrapped and scratched all over because of all the rocks at the bottom. After that we decided it was time to get out but we were laughing so hard and so were Jay & Jeremy because although it hurt it was hilarious. Jay also almost got it on video, but he stopped it right before it happened unfortunately. I would have loved to watch it but I felt it so it’s kind of the same lol. I also took some photos before we got demolished and this is one of them in my new bikini might I add that I bought at H&M the day before… you can’t really see it but it is super cute and I will have to post about it on it’s own sometime. 

Last but not least, on the way back Jay & I had a 9 hour layover and were toying with the idea of going into London for a few hours while we waited but weren’t entirely sure if we wanted to because we were super tired. When we got off the plane though there was no line going into London so in about a minutes time decided that we might as well go and enjoy the time we had instead of sitting in an airport, said goodbye to Marina and Jeremy and went on our way. We were debating between going shopping for a bit or going to the Natural History Museum but we decided on shopping because it took less time and we wouldn’t have to rush going through the Museum.

 It was nice to enjoy London for a few hours before we had to head back to return home but I would really love to spend more time there one day; I have this weird love for it that I can’t really explain and it is one of the number one places that I would like to visit. I am determined to make it happen sometime soon, maybe not this year but in the near future at least. We were extremely close to missing our flight or so we thought so we rushed back but we arrived with plenty of time because our phones were still on Nice time so we still had an hour plus a bit once we got through security which was lucky. Thankfully on the way to the tube I was able to snap these few photos with my phone that turned out surprisingly nice. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention it was SO WINDY in London, like ridiculously windy, road signs and pylons were flying all over the place… that’s how windy it was, so our flight was also delayed a bit as well because of that.

That was the last of the Instagram photos from Nice and the few from London. It was such an amazing trip and I am so happy to have shared it with some of my favorite people and make new friends along the way ( Sophie and I had never met before that but we got along so well and just instantly clicked and I am extremely happy for that ). Even though one night was kind of ruined, the trip by no means was reflected by it and we still had an amazing time on the last day. I definitely want to go back to Nice, it is a wonderful place that I will always love, we just know now to be a little more cautious at night. It was nice to go back and visit all of the places we saw last year and experience them again and I hope that I will be able to do it again soon and see and do even more… there is always new things to see and we have by no means come even close to seeing all that we want to. So I hope that we will go back soon and I look forward to doing so and hopefully seeing more of London very soon as well ! Until then though, it has been great and I look forward to our next trip which you can be sure I will write all about. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading My Travel Story and I hope that you enjoyed this little journey and it gave you some inspiration to see it for yourself ! 

The world is a book and those who do not travel only see one page – Saint Augustine 

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