My Travel Story: Day 6 Nice 2015

This will be the second last post in my Travel series ! It is technically the last actual post and it will be very short and sweet because on the last few days I didn’t take a lot of photos with my camera, but there is still the Instagram post that I am doing as well ! Now, on the night of the fifth we had a very sketchy encounter which actually, I will probably write an entire post about at a later time but it is still too fresh and scares me still so I don’t want to write about it just yet. That evening put a weird spin on the trip, it was completely fine but the next day we just wanted to go to the beach, ( I went in the Sea for the first time !) do some more shopping, as well as go out for a nice dinner on our last night so that is what we did !  

I really liked my outfit this day, and this spot for photos particularly the colors compliment each other so well ! I bought this top while I was in France and so naturally I had to wear it one day I was there ! I love the way it looks with the white skirt as well, I feel like Nice’s colors on the beach are white and blue and so this goes perfectly with the scenery haha. I have worn this top endlessly though since I got it, it just fits so well, is very feminine and happens one of my favorite colors to wear as well. The rounded edges of the skirt and the ruffles go together so well I am extremely happy that I happened to have this skirt with me. I would have preferred to have had different shoes ( I also planned to wear my blue heels with this outfit as well and almost brought them just for photos but they wouldn’t fit ) but these were very comfortable and did just fine. 

For lunch we decided to get Crepes because the entire time we were there we had not eaten Crepes yet and Crepes are essential when in France. They were extremely amazing as I’m sure you can tell by looking at them ( they must have known we had planned on taking photos of some beautiful Crepes) – but they tasted even better than they look. Of course to accompany such beautiful Crepes a Cappuccino was also necessary but that is just a given.

  Here is a photo of the Dinner we had made for the night before everything went a muck, it was amazing – everything turned out delicious and it was with good company so really you couldn’t ask for more. It was extremely nice to have a Dinner in, it made the apartment really feel like home ( we didn’t want to leave it once again it was beautiful) and plus we had some food to snack on the next day as well. I felt like I needed to add this photo in here because it was a really nice night up until later on and it was one of the only photos I took on my camera that day so I just fit into this post.

Now I was going to write about how great the trip was right here because this is a perfect photo for it, but I still have the extra Instagram post so I will leave that until then ! That about wraps up all of the photos I took on my camera though, for the rest of the day we just hung out like I said and it was overall a pretty great last night in the Cote D’azur. 

I told you I would be more on schedule with posts this week, I am done another one woohoo. I am going to start the Instagram one as well right now so you should expect that up very soon also. 

Thank you so much for reading once again, I know I say that at the end of every post but it does mean a lot that some of you read this ! I love it when I have random people come up to me and say ” oh I say your blog post it was really good I looked at it ” it just makes me feel like people actually might kind of care about what I’m writing about lol ? Or atleast enjoy my photography a little, either way I am thankful so thank you !

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