My Travel Story: Day 5 & 6, Nice

Here is just a compilation of photos taken from the days spent in Nice just visiting the market, shopping and generally hanging out in the city. 

To start off, here is the view from our apartment looking straight out through the window. There were always people doing things out the window like smoking, cleaning et. Especially at night, we never did close the curtains so sometimes it was kind of weird but really cool and definitely different. Later I was told it was a hotel so makes sense too haha. I loved looking down onto the street and watching people too, there was so many shops right outside… Directly across from the apartment was a Lush which was amaze-balls of course. Lets just say I could imagine living there forever. 

On the Friday, aka the 5th day we were in Nice, we went to the Cours Saleya aka. the flower / food market. It is there every morning on weekdays and then on the weekends it is a book market. It is in the main square and its really nice to walk around and get some fresh produce that you know was picked from someones garden and is super fresh with no added preservatives and all that bad stuff (even the food in the grocery stores are that fresh… everyone in France from what I saw was super healthy, I will address that again further down in this post. 

Any who here are some Orange trees ! Sooo cute. 

These flowers were so beautiful, if anyone can tell me what they are that would be awesome… everyone was walking super fast ahead of me so I didn’t really stop to see what they were called.

Spices ! The colors are so beautiful, I did not buy any because we didn’t really cook anything besides pasta haha but I would definitely get them here if I lived here. I love markets so much because it helps and supports local farmers and communities and keeps all of the profit in the area to help it strive and grow. 

Now, can we just talk about this photo right here for a moment. This has to be one of the best places in Nice right here, it is a little bakery that is AH-MAZING like think about the best bread / coffee that you have ever had and then just forget about it because it can not even measure up to how freakin good this right here was. We went here two mornings and had crepes like 4 other ( which I forgot to take photos of, pissed ) but this here was my favorite for sure. 

We also got bread here almost everyday haha and ate it with the amazing cheese we got as well which I also didn’t take a photo of god I suck. But anyways, the croissant was the most buttery amazing thing ever and was hot in the morning so instant mouthgasm. I also got Cappuccinos everywhere we went and they were super delicious, if you ever want to drink real coffee just go to France ( I had Cappuccinos at about 10 different places and they were all perfect ).

LOOK AT THE GOODNESS ! PS. Pretty sure this was the morning of day 5 before the market.

Here were some Beignets that looked super delicious but I did not actually eat because I was semi trying to be good.

Day 6 ! The last full day of our trip wah, and of course the most beautiful day. This was also the day Jay and I went to Cannes, but that was after this marvelous walk along the Promenades Des Anglais. It was pretty early in the morning so the sun was high and shining off the Sea beautifully. Look at how gorgeous it is, ugh, if I lived here I would make a point of walking along the Sea every morning.

Like honestly, THE most beautiful day. I wish we had one more day in Nice so I could have chilled around the beach all day but Cannes was beautiful and I’m glad we went. These umbrellas match the sky perfectly too, this is another one of my favorite photos of the trip. The ocean looks so perfect too ahhh it was just such a nice day I can’t even.

Here is the view of the Promenade Des Anglais facing Castle Hill, I thought you would be able to see one runner which would explain what I was talking about before about everyone being super in shape but of course you can’t. Anyways, there were SO many people running here every morning, like literally tons and as you can see there are a lot of people walking too. 

Not a lot of people were driving, most people were either walking or riding Motor bikes but everyone looked pretty in shape for the most part and you can tell there is a huge emphasis on healthy lifestyles… like this was around 9 o’clock in the morning and everyone was out enjoying the weather. PS. Look at these people they are in coats, it was like 20 degrees ! I was wearing a dress lol shows you how differently we adapt to our surroundings.

On the walk back through the city heading to get croissants again, this is where I took photos of all of the beautiful buildings we passed almost everyday.

Pigeon !!! Pigeons were pretty much the only animal we saw the entirety of our trip besides two lizards fighting in a bush one day lol but pigeons were everywhere. They were like tame too and we asked some boy why and he said because tourists feed them and then they just come up to you for food, they would literally come when you called them over, they were so cute weirdly enough.

The lens flare in this photo makes me so happy and make this photo even more beautiful.

The square of waterfalls is so pretty in the main square, people were busy busting around about they’re days heading to work et. everyday here. The mountains in the background make it even more spectacular and the fact that you can see all the rooftops as well.

And from the other angle with more palm trees and mountain views.

That is the last of the photos taken in Nice wah … Well with my camera anyways, I took some the morning we were leaving on the way to the airport and that is another huge story we decided to walk with our luggage… Worst decision of life. 

I still have to post our trip to Cannes and that will be the last of my travel posts, besides my haul from France but yes sad that this is the last Nice post. Nice has become my favorite place on the planet as I am sure if you have read all of my posts you know by now and I will be going back asap. I would like to visit other places too but I want to go back to Nice again before that I think because I actually love it that much. I won’t go on and on but I miss it a whole lot and it was probably the best experience of my life this far and I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to go. If you can you must go whoever you are ! 

Nice, I love you and if any of you who are reading this live there are extremely lucky and don’t know how good you have it. Don’t take it for granted.  

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