My Travel Story: Day 1 & 2 Nice 2015

Hello Everyone, long time no Blog ! 

Excuse me while I blabber on for a little.

Now before I even get into why I have been missing ( a lot more than I usually am ) I just wanted to say that I am going to try and post as much as I can over the next little while. I miss blogging so much, it is something I just really like to do, writing in general actually so I am going to try to upload a few things each day that I have free. I am also working on another project which I will talk about at a later time, but not yet because if nothing happens with it I don’t want to have to justify… you know I am kind of a slacker haha. But anyways, the reason I haven’t been posting at all is because I currently do not have a computer ! It sucks so much, it is hard to do anything, even posting photos from our France trip took like 2 weeks because I had no way to do it ! I am currently using Jay’s laptop and I can use it from time to time but never for as long as I need it, so I won’t be able to go crazy with the posting but I am going to try as hard as I can !

A few other things before I start ! Now as much as I love Fashion and it is still one of the things I am most passionate about, I want to start adding more of a variety of posts to my blog. Fitness and healthy eating / living a healthy lifestyle in general are things that have become more and more important to me over the past few months. I have been going to the gym 4-5 times a week and am absolutely in love with how it makes me feel, I have become obsessed with this lifestyle and am excited to see where it will take me down the road. With that of course I will be posting some of my favorite healthy recipes and maybe some informational posts as well. In general, just expect a lot more variety in what I will be posting !

Now we have been back from France for over a month but I am still going to post about it because it was amazing and I want to share my experiences from this trip like I did the last. So this post will be one of the first posts from our France trip !

Day One

Your probably also wondering why we went back to stay in the same place instead of travelling somewhere else, but we actually love it that much…I was not kidding when I said we would be back there soon in last years posts haha. I would be perfectly happy going back there every year because it is actually that amazing. The only difference this year ( besides doing different things ) was that we stayed in a different place, and it was freaking gorgeous as well. I am so pleased with both of the places we have stayed at in Nice because they both ended up being stunning beyond belief, and each time we have wanted to stay and live in that apartment. This time we stayed in an apartment we got off of and it was called the Ivy ( Direct link: ) from the photos it looked extremely beautiful but it was honestly even better when we got there. Being smart this time as soon as we got there I rushed to take photos of the rooms before everything got destroyed with our stuff haha, so I actually got pretty great photos of the apartment.

This was mine and Jay’s room which I was glad we got because I preferred the grey ( if you look in photos on the website you will see the room Marina stayed in was red based ). The bed was very comfortable, except on the second night ( the first we passed right out after being awake for 36 hours ) we couldn’t sleep and we figured out after it was because we were on the wrong sides of the bed haha so after that it was amazing. 

We had our own washroom as well which was amazing about this apartment, there were three washrooms so everyone got their own pretty much. The showers were extremely dumb because they were like half open and tiny… I don’t know if you can see in that photo but water leaks EVERYWHERE when your showering and it is extremely inconvenient (especially when your clothes got soaking wet on the floor), but other than that they were beautiful. 

Such cute towels, I was super impressed by those. You can also kind of see the bedding more clearly in this photo.

This was our living room which we hung out in quite often, but I feel like we actually sat in the kitchen more. That chaise lounge chair was the most comfortable thing in the entire world, Jay fell asleep there one night and I’m pretty sure Jeremy had a nap there one time as well, it was very well loved. 

This book case made me extremely happy when I saw it and after I took these photos I went hunting through every single one of the books, there was some pretty good titles in there and I was going to try to read one but really there was no time at all for reading lol. I also was going to leave a book there because I think that is where a lot of them came from ( for example I found Gone Girl amongst the top few) but I couldn’t bare to part with it.

Better view of the chaise… ohhhh yaaaa.

The view from our balcony ( which was also amazing to have and came in handy often ).

One of the books I found that looked rather old and interesting so I decided to have a little photo shoot with it, well not me… which actually would have been a good idea but with this lovely key. Those keys were in every single door in the apartment which I though added a cute little vintagey touch.

Day Two

After the most glorious sleep ever we had a late start to the day so naturally we decided to climb Castle Hill and have a basic chilled out walk around day. Our gardens at  the front of the house were absolutely beautiful, I wanted to take photos in the garden at some point while we were there but that never happened because once again we were always on the go. I feel like we should have gone for two weeks again ( but I was way too poor ) because it would have been lovely to have a day just chilling around the apartment reading and blogging of course but that would not be possible in just a week. I did manage to take this photo of the garden though but I just realized I also never took a photo of the front of the building ( I did try but it was really wide and wouldn’t fit into my lens ) so to see that also click on the link above.

Palm trees make me extremely happy. Palm trees = heat, so really who doesn’t get extremely happy from palm trees… nobody that’s who. Can I also just take this little space here to say that I think this post flows very well and aesthetically is very appealing all together… so much so that I actually thought as I was doing this ” I should make a photo album or like a photo book because they just look so great together “. Which I think I actually may do with photos from this year and last year as well.

To start off our journey we walked along the Promenade des Anglais to get to Castle Hill taking our time, strolling along, enjoying the sights. This trip it was sunny every day except for one and even that day it was sunny in the morning; it was absolutely beautiful and it got so hot that on the last day we actually went into the Mediterranean which was the first time I have ever been in salt water ! It was extremely fun and I will talk more about that in another post ( I think I am going to include a post of all of my Instagram photos from the trip because I did take a lot this time as well… just a heads up) and I will explain what happened haha. Look at all those people in this photo just enjoying the weather… sigh… I want to go back right now. 

And here is the first photo of my outfit from this day ! It was very warm, warmer than I had expected… so I wore tights with it, which did come in handy later on as well as in the shade, but in the sunshine I was definitely sweating up a storm. I kept it simple the first day just wearing a white cropped top and my basic black skater skirt ( which while we were in France I ruined by accident with my hair and I now need to get fixed…) and I wore it with my black booties from H&M because they are super comfortable and easy to wear. I also was planning on wearing a large black floppy hat, I do have a photo wearing it two photos from here but it kept blowing off so it was worn strictly for photo purposes… which is a real shame because I brought it specifically for this outfit but at least I got photos. Also, sorry about the horrible exposure other people don’t ever really know how to work my camera lol.

Beautiful view of the water, the first of many to come. 

Here is that photo I was talking about with the hat ! You see how it looks way more French Riviera-esque…so sad. But overall I think this was a perfect outfit for the day, I mean if I really started dying badly I could have taken off the tights easily, but I just dealt with it. I wore this exact same outfit with different shoes last year ( not in France ) but that just tells you how much I actually wear the things I love over and over again, plus I’m wearing it in France so that alone makes it different right !?

The pastel buildings are still one of my favorite things about Nice, everything just looks so cute and summery all of the time, and present perfect photo opportunities as well. 

You may recognize this building from photos of last year, but it is still just as beautiful so it deserves another spot in this post. It is definitely one of my favorite buildings in Nice, I have no idea if you can even go in it, it is some sort of important office I think but if you can… I am going to next time we go. 

The Cours Saleya ! Still one of my favorite things to do in France, there is always the best things and so you can bet your bottom dollar that we went the first full day we had in France ! I felt like it was even better this year for some reason, that could be because we went almost everyday and so we literally got to see everything but I also think that it was just better. This photo is one of my favorites that I took and I think that it would look lovely hanging in a frame. It also would look lovely as a painting, if I painted I would recreate this for sure. 

This little building and road were cute, right by the market. I tried to not get that sign or the scaffolding in but it could not be helped unfortunately, so just know that construction ruins pretty things in every part of the world ! 

After the market we made our way back to the Promenade where we then ventured finally up the hill. Ugh every photo is just so beautiful, the colors so vibrant… and just so you know I didn’t edit any of them, those colors are au natural.

This too is one of my favorite photos, the exposure is perfect, the light hitting the water looks so amazing and realistic. If you were standing there right now this would be exactly what it would look like and that makes me so happy because it’s like being there but in a photo. you can see the main lookout point as well that people are taking photos from so I thought that was pretty interesting as well because I never realized you could actually see it from the ground for some reason. 

This arched thing with the writing is extremely beautiful as well and it feels very, very old and I don’t know I think there’s just something about the contrast of the neon lettering which is obviously pretty new ( they were invented in 1910 ) compared to the bricks and structure itself which I’m sure is probably over 100 years old. Plus the vines and greenery just add extra charm to the whole thing. I’m blabbering but I just really love this spot. 

For some reason I felt that I should take a closer up photo of the shore line from the hill and I am super glad I did because once again this is one of my favorite shots. I feel like I’m saying this about all of the photos but I really do love them all. I love how you can see people chilling on the beach as well, just moving about in general, I think I also see some tourists there on the road haha.

Another photo of my outfit, this is one of my favorite shots of me from the trip – I just really love the city in the background and all of the colors as well. I’m really glad I wore this outfit on the day we climbed the hill because it doesn’t clash or take away from the background; I’m wearing all neutrals so it just goes with everything ( yes weird thing to think about but it does make a difference ).

The waterfall again woohoo ! This time the water made a rainbow though which is pretty cool if you ask me. It was ruining my hair though so that wasn’t so cool but it’s nice to look at. 

And another one of my favorite photos from the trip, it’s just such a majestic shot. Also, notice the hat again, you see, great for photos; without it this photo wouldn’t have been the same. 

And of course the day also ended beautifully, we went shopping a little bit more in old town, picked up some food and then headed home and as we were heading there this was the view. Perfect ending to a perfect day. 

Now that I have finally finished this post ( it has taken me about a week just to get this finished haha ) I will be posting more from the trip in the next few days. I can almost, again I say almost, guarentee another one from day 3 tomorrow but don’t actually take my word for that because you know me. But if not tomorrow then very soon ! 

Thank you so much for reading all of this if you made it this far ! I hope you enjoyed my ramblings about our trip and the photos that I took while we were there and kind of feel like you were there too ! It is a place that I highly, highly suggest visiting if you can at some point in your life because it truly is amazing. If you want to see more beautiful photos from Nice check out my posts from last year if you haven’t. I’m sure everyone who is reading this has already seen them, but just encase there is one of you who has not, check them out they are generally the same as these but different also.

Thanks so much again I love all of you, and I hope your having a wonderful day and that you take some time to make some of your own adventures soon ! Sorry for being such a slacker, I’m trying I honestly am, bear with me and I promise eventually I’ll be posting content like a crazy person. 

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