My Obsession : Grey Knits From Oasap

Hello my beautiful friends ! 

Today I am coming at you with one of my most recent obsessions, Grey Knit’s. Now, as you reading this are probably an avid shopper, I’m sure you know that you can find grey knit’s almost anywhere but while browsing online recently I have found an amazing selection of beautiful ones from Oasap that I want to share with you. Oasap is an online high fashion boutique that has beautiful clothing, shoes and accessories at amazing prices; plus they offer free ship worldwide with no minimum amount, if that isn’t reason enough to shop there than I don’t know what is. I was shocked by how beautiful the clothing pieces were; particularly as I have been looking for sweaters recently, the sweater selection (I want to buy them all). As you may be able to tell from my most recent blog post/rant about how much I love grey sweaters I am in love with all of these and will definitely be purchasing some in the future, and of course will do an outfit post with them once I do ! For now though, here are my favorite grey sweaters from Oasap.

1.  Simple Side Slit Mock Neck Ribbed Knit Sweater 

This first sweater is so chic and probably the most on trend for this season. Side slits have been everywhere and they make this simple grey mock neck sweater much more interesting. What I like about these longer side slits is that you obviously have to wear pants (or a skirt) underneath, which makes for a cool layered look, where as if the slits weren’t there it would just be a dress and wouldn’t be as interesting. I love the thinner material also so you won’t sweat to death and it is once again easy to add a jacket over for another layer.

2.  Fashion Solid Heaps Collar Pullover Sweater

I love the roll neck of this sweater, and from the look of the way it is hanging I think this one would be very flattering. As a lot of sweaters have a trim at the bottom to keep them in place this one would just float over the body nicely and give more of a relaxed feel. I also like that the sleeves tighten to give the arms some shape. Plus, the thicker vertical lines of the knit would also be elongating on the body.

3.  Favorite Solid Long Sleeve High Neck Sweater

This sweater is one of my favorites of the bunch, it is your perfect basic everyday cable knit. I have been eyeing up a very similar one from J.Crew for the last little while but I actually like the one a lot better and it is half the price ! This one would be perfect paired with literally anything, skirts, pants, jeans, even a dress underneath and would be a winter staple of mine for sure ! P.s. I might be ordering this one soon so stay tuned !

4.  Side-Slit High Low Ribbed Knit Sweater

I love this one because of course, it is cropped ! I couldn’t have a sweater selection post without one cropped guy making it in here ! What I love about this particular one is the mock neck as well as the slouchy feel to it, with the slight oversized sleeves and the slits on the side (it won’t bunch up and make you look like you don’t have a waist) it would be perfect paired with… a skater skirt of course ! The proportion would make it fun and because the skirt cinching in at the waist it would just be amazing. I also love that this grey is more of a warm toned grey to mix things up.

8. Fashion Turtleneck Pullover Knit Sweater

What I love about this sweater mostly is the sleeves. They are so unique with the 3/4 almost flared out look and they are perfect for showing off whatever bracelets or watch you might be wearing. Once again, similar to the second sweater I love how the bottom skims over the body instead of cinching in, it really is so flattering. Also, I recently bought a sweater dress very similar to this in cream and I love it, so when I saw the sweater version in grey… well, all I can say is I really want it.

8. Classic Back Slit Ribbed Body-con Dress

It’s not a sweater ! What a surprise, and it doesn’t have a turtleneck ! Miracle ! Haha, in all seriousness though I love this knit sweater dress. It is so simple and would be the easiest thing to style, plus it is the perfect Midi length and has a slit in the back which would make it a lot easier to walk. 

8. Chic Turtleneck Cable Knit Sweater

I love the large cable knit that this one has on the front and back, but as well going down the sleeves. This again is one of your classic basic knit sweaters, but this one has a cowl neck giving it a different look than the first of your basic knits. The cowl neck also makes it a little bit more dressed up dare I say ? This would be a perfect going-out for dinner sweater.  

8. Color Block Turtleneck Cable Knit Sweater

Now, for the piece de resistance, this is my number one favorite out of all of the picks; you know what they say, save the best for last. Now, this could be worn as a sweater, but for short folk like myself, it would probably be more of a dress, and that is exactly how I would wear it. I am in love with the stripes, and the ombre effect they give and I am also in love with the pattern of the knit, it is beautiful ! The vertical lines the knit creates on the front would be visually very slimming to counteract the horizontal stripes and of course because it is a turtleneck I love it even more. I feel like it would be very similar to the sweater dress I posted a few weeks ago and I am in love with that one, so I’m sure I would love this one just as much ! Pssst, I may also purchase this one very soon so if you would like to see it styled you will just have to see the post I do once I have it ! 

That concludes the selection of my favorite Grey Knit’s from Oasap, and I hope you like them ! Oasap has plenty more to choose from if grey sweaters aren’t your thing and a lot of these also come in other colors as well so check it out, it is an amazing web store ! Like I said, I will also be purchasing some of these soon so stay tuned for that to see how they are styled ! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week !

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