Montreal Day 2

To start out this post here is a photo of the entirety of Montreal from the top of Mont Royal and it is also where we began day 2 of our trip. Not only did we climb Mont Royal first thing in the morning but we took the direct route and went up about 500 flights of stairs ( okay not that many ) but there was so many and they were really steep. I thought I was going to die. It was hot, I was sweating my bum off, and I was wearing a dress so it really was not a fun time BUT it was 100% worth it once we got to the top. Not only was the view amazing, but the chalet was absolutely breathtaking, the architecture was so pretty and made for some good photos as well.

Also, thankfully we got to the top before it started to rain. It only rained for a couple of minutes though so we could still take photos. 

Me & my mother, one of my favorite photos from the trip.

Like I said it started to rain lol, you can see the drops everywhere in this photo. 

After we got back from Mont Royal we went for a quick swim before going to Old Montreal for the day. In Old Montreal we went out for brunch and dinner, went to the Old Port and I got to partake in a Buskerfest type show as a volunteer lol. 

This building was so beautiful I needed to take a photo of it. 

For brunch we headed to Chez Suzette for crepes and oh man, the one I had which was called Les Délicieux was the best crepe I have ever had by far. It was banana with toffee, almonds and ice cream; it was probably more calories than everything else I ate on the trip combined but hey, I was in Montreal and getting an amazing crepe was a must while I was there. That was most definitely accomplished.

Here are the photos my mom took of the show and my “volunteer” experience haha… really he just picked me and told me I was volunteering lol but whatever, he told everyone else they were jealous he didn’t pick them so that’s kind of a compliment I guess? He was a very strange man but he was funny which was his goal I think so that worked out for him.

Essentially all I did was stand in the circle of people and hold big knives and then hand them to him when he asked and also helped him up off of the bed of nails at the end. It was pretty fun actually which it probably wouldn’t have been if I wasn’t the volunteer so I am happy that I was chosen. It definitely added excitement to the amazing day we had.

I LOVE all of the buildings and old stone in Old Montreal, I would seriously live there I love it that much. It is so amazing and so different from anything you can see in boring old Toronto. It really does make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time. I wish I had more time and more memory card space to take photos of all of the buildings but unfortunately I did not. I did enjoy looking with my eyeballs at everything though and definitely appreciate how beautiful everything is and can imagine all of the work and artistic talent that went into these buildings back in the day.

The Notre-Dame Basilica of course is the most spectacular building in Montreal and words can’t even describe how much detail went into that building and how amazing it really is. Thinking back to this moment, I was kind of angry and in a rush because I was trying to figure out some banking information and I didn’t look at this building for very long or think about it too much. When I go back I am going to spend an hour just looking at it, taking it in and really appreciating it a lot more than I did this day. I feel like I almost took it for granted like you can see this anywhere but you really can’t… it is so gorgeous.

Now I spent a little more time looking at this fountain because I was right beside it but still we were rushing to dinner and I didn’t appreciate it as much as I would have liked too. It is also a beautiful thing to look at. The water is so blue, the marble is so perfect and the detail in the statues and how it overall comes together is so perfect. This entire area of Montreal just feels old and wonderful and I adore it.

Also before dinner we headed to the Old port and for some reason I feel that a lot of people wouldn’t really enjoy looking at it because it is essentially just a bunch of boats docked in the port but I thought it was so pretty and it was the most perfect time of day to be there as well. The sun was setting and it was reflecting off of the water; I just loved everything about Old Montreal and can not wait to go back there. Old Montreal was definitely my favorite part of the trip by far.

For dinner that night we went to this restaurant called La Locale and oh my fricken gosh I had THE MOST AMAZING food I have ever had in my life. I am not joking at all, hands down best meal I have ever had. If you are going to Montreal ever in your life you are going to this restaurant and you are getting the Halibut. It’s not just my opinion either my aunt got it and thought it was the most amazing thing ever and my mom tried mine and agreed so go now and get it. Honestly though, do it. I would go all the way to Montreal just to have that dish again right now because it was seriously that good. I have a really dark photo of it below but it was so so so so good.

Just so you know exactly what to order I went onto the restaurant website and got the exact dish and what it includes:

Pacific Halibut steak, spaetzle with olives, shrimp, Nice butter, mashed artichoke vinaigrette warm chorizo ​​and pine nuts, julienned Granny Smith 

Now go get it asap.

Incase you were wondering what I was wearing throughout this trip here is the information:

Day 1 

Day Outfit: Mendocino dress, Sam Edelman sandals

Night Outfit: (just added) Danier leather jacket, Aldo wedges and Aldo Accessories necklace.

Day 2

Day Outfit: Forever 21 dress, Walmart sneakers and Tiffany necklace

Night Outfit: Zara top, Zara leggings, Sam Edelman sandals and Tiffany necklace

Overall this was the only full day we spent in Montreal, but it was definitely the best. When we go back I will stay there longer so I can spend more time doing each thing and focusing just on that for a little while instead of trying to cram everything into a few days. I have a new found love for Montreal though and it is now one of my favorite cities I have visited and I recommend going there because it is amazing, I know I will be ( I honestly want to move there lol no joke).

Au Revoir Mon Amis <3

– Jess XOXO

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