Modern Mermaid

Last week one day I decided that I needed to take some photos so that I could post another outfit post this week. I was planning on going down to the city but that didn’t happen and so I was stuck wondering where I could take photos ( Jay’s house doesn’t have very many good spots ). Thankfully, Jay was kind enough to offer to take me somewhere and take them for me; he’s the best. We were driving around and my first thought was the lake because lets be real it’s always beautiful and wanted to take full advantage of him driving me somewhere as well. So, we drove down to the lake took some photos and then went to get some frozen yogurt and then saw a movie and it was an overall pretty great night. 

Now if we’re being honest here this outfit is something that I would have preferred to photograph on a street surrounded by buildings because it is very modern and trendy and is more of a “street style” look but I like the way these photos turned out better anyways. I think that with my hair curled and the water I look very mermaid-esque and if you know me you know that my main goal in life is to become a mermaid so this is perfect. It was also that time of day where the sun was just setting and it makes everything look so much more beautiful, the lighting is the best for taking photos and the water just looks ten times more gorgeous, therefore making the photos that much better. I think because of the fact that the top is very flowy it kind of matches the water ripples and it just works.

I picked up this top from Zara a couple weeks ago and am absolutely obsessed with it, it is one of my more recent purchases that wasn’t in my last haul. It is cropped at the perfect length for things that are high waisted but not high waisted enough to be worn with some of my smaller cropped tops. I love wearing it with this skort or my high waisted jeans because it covers the waistband just enough. Because it is ruffled and adds some volume around the mid section, it looks best paired with tighter bottoms to give balance to the outfit and so it doesn’t just make you appear larger than you are. 

The back of the top is what really sold me, I wish I took a better photo of it (the one I did take was blurry) but it has just as deep of a V in the back as the front of the top, but also has a black strap across the V which just adds a edgier detail and contrasts the feminine flowy shape. Because this outfit is so angular and modern I wanted to keep the shoes and accessories simple so I just decided to go with my black strappy wedges and the purse I use everyday (it’s times like these when I wish I had it in black as well). I also decided not to wear a necklace or any jewelery with it besides my earrings because it keeps looking very minimal and simplistic like you just threw it on and didn’t have time to think about accessories but still look amazing.It could easily be worn with tons of different accessories though, that is the great thing about such a simple outfit you can switch it up and make it look different very easily.

This outfit is just very simple and easy to be worn pretty much anywhere, day, night, out somewhere fancy or just hanging out. I love that it is so versatile but also very put together and can be changed so easily just by throwing on a pair of pants or some flats. These are the kinds of outfits I live for and I know I say this about every one, but this one is definitely one of my new favorites and I will be wearing it again for sure (but switching it up with accessories, duh !) 

P.s. can we take this moment to appreciate the fact that I am starting to get a nice tan ! YAY SUMMER ! 

Thank you for reading once again you beautiful people, you make me a very happy girl and I thank you for your support. Now go enjoy a nice Pina Colada, Daquari or Margarita for me on a beach somewhere and have an amazing long weekend ! 

Happy summer !

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