Making Things Casual

Hey guys !

week Jay & I went for a walk around this park that I just found out
existed, and I am so sad that I just found this out because it is
absolutely stunning ! It is hidden away in the weirdest, most quiet
spot, and it is huge so I’m not sure how it has hidden so well. There
are a whole bunch of lovely trails and little gardens and just some
really gorgeous spots mashed together into this wonderful park (for
example there was a little section that had a little waterfall and
benches). I think this is definitely going to be my new go to spot for
taking outfit photos because there is so many different spots and
backgrounds, plus it is not very busy. We saw a lot of people walking
dogs, running, riding bikes et. it is a bit far away from my house to
those types of things everyday, but I am definitely going to make it a
place I go to regularly for activities as well as for taking photos ( I
think that in the fall it will be amazing especially).


Now I know when you think of walking around in a park this probably isn’t the first thing you would think to put on, but when I do get ready for the day I like to make an effort so this is pretty normal for me. I have found out recently that one way to make anything instantly casual
is to add denim, doesn’t really matter which way, but tying it around
my waist has been my go-to. If I was not wearing the denim shirt around
my waist this outfit would be way to dressed up to walk around in the
park in, but with it, it instantly gets a more easy everyday vibe.The shoes instantly add a cool, chic touch because of the straps as well as the studs(and because they are black of course) and they finish off the look perfectly. I did bring other shoes to actually walk around in though. These are comfortable enough to wear around for long periods of time, but the trails were pebbly and not the best ground to walk on in heels. I wanted to keep the accessories simple because this look was already pretty dressy for daytime, so I just paired the outfit with my simple black clutch and my Tiffany key necklace.




Outfit Details

| Dress  | Denim Shirt (Similar) | Shoes | Clutch | Necklace |

I know I will be wearing this outfit loads, as well as very similar ones come fall, just a warning incase you think ” Hey I think I’ve seen something very similar to that”… you probably did. Fall is my favorite season by far, everything about it is amazing so prepare for full on fall mode to be coming very soon… I mean Pumpkin Spice Lattes are already at Starbucks so that counts for something right.

Thank you so much for reading ! 

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