Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

Happy Shark Week Everyone ! 

It’s almost over now, one more day *sigh*. As I’m sure those of you who know me in person or have been following my blog for a while would have guessed, it is extremely necessary for me to do a Shark Week outfit post. I have been repping sharks all week long in my outfit choices and this is one of them I wanted to share with you ! I love sharks more than most things, and so shark week is practically a holiday for me… literally, I am watching “Shark Bait” while writing this ( if you are watching shark week and know what I’m talking about I love you so much ). My mom even got me a present for Shark Week… it’s a serious deal. 

 I am extremely fascinated by sharks, they are such strong, majestic creatures that are not just crazed eating machines that the media and entertainment industry has made them out to be. They are dangerous obviously, being such large apex predators but they don’t eat humans on purpose, it is just a case of mistaken identity. You are taking a calculated risk going into their territory and nine times out of ten even if there is a shark around it won’t be interested in you. So people are extremely scared of sharks for no reason ( more people die from being struck by lightning than getting attacked ) add that to the fining industry, long line fishing and people generally not caring about their welfare and you have got a species of animal that is slowly going extinct. Thankfully in the past few years with the help of shark week, documentaries et. people have come to realize that we have to protect these gorgeous animals in order for the entire ocean to sustain itself. One day I hope to be able to help the conservation of sharks, I would love to work on a tagging or research boat so much, but for now I just share knowledge where I can and hope that more people will hop on board the shark train.

Now let’s talk about the outfit ! Of course I had to include one of my pieces of shark apparel into the look (which is sadly lacking and I need to add to my collection) the star this time being this gorgeous t-shirt my mom got for me from Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach. Now traditionally these type of shirts aren’t deemed very fashionable, the water-effect background especially make these t-shirts something generally worn by grandparents or found in flea markets. I absolutely love it though of course because it has sharks on it and I think that styled correctly, it turns from granny chic to just a cool graphic tee. So, to keep things modern and fresh I decided to roll up the sleeves on my t-shirt and tuck it into this denim button up skirt that I am obsessed with which you may remember from the last post I did. Button up denim skirts have been a trend for the past few seasons along with lace up shoes and espadrilles. I happen to be wearing a combination of all these things here which helps to keep everything balanced.

I wanted to keep the overall look pretty casual and simple so that the star of the show could of course be the shark tee. It is Shark Week after all, and letting them shine is what this is all about. I didn’t accessorize very much for that reason and just topped the look off with my everyday Dillon bag so that it wasn’t too fussy and walking around the park would be easy and comfortable.

For the photos, of course we went to my number one photo spot ( mainly because it is 5 minutes away from my moms house ) High Park, but this time focusing on taking photos by water to represent the sharks lovely habitat ( even though they don’t live anywhere near Toronto ). My first choice was by the fountains because as you can see from the photo 2 above this one, it turned out super cool with the fountain spray in the background, but the lighting was horrible and so we only took a few there. I wanted to actually shoot these at Ripley’s Aquarium originally because, sharks duh, but we didn’t have time to go there so this did just fine ! 

Outfit Details 

| Shark Tee Aquarium Gift Shop | Skirt Topshop | Purse Michael Kors Similar

| Wedges Call It Spring Similar

There you go ! Here is one of my outfits I put together for Shark Week ! I put together another one but didn’t end up taking photos the day I wore it, so even though Shark Week will be over tomorrow if you would still like to see that one let me know and I will take some photos in it ! I hope you all enjoyed Shark Week as much as I did, it was a great one this year and although I am sad I have to wait until next year, some of the discoveries they made this year are sure to make next year super awesome as well ! Hopefully I will be able to swim with sharks at some point this year, I am crossing my fingers, and if it ever comes to fruition I will definitely keep you guys posted ! For now though, let us all live every week like it’s Shark Week and help save the most majestic creatures of deep. 

Thank you so much for reading <3 

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