Knit Pieces In The Park

Hello Everyone ! Happy Saturday ! 

I hope that all of you from the U.S. had a lovely Thanksgiving and of course Black Friday as well ! I know that I definitely went shopping yesterday and scored some major deals ! Unfortunately enough, none of these things were for myself, as it was all Christmas shopping ( wah ) but I did get a chance to see some things that I really wanted to purchase and will be asking for for Christmas and one thing I may just purchase the next time I go shopping..shhh. 

As you can probably tell, these photos were taken a few weeks ago before the snowfall. It was a beautiful day, perfect weather, sunny, overall an amazing fall day when Jay & I decided to go for a walk in High Park. As you may remember I did a post shot in High Park and we didn’t spend much time there that day so I knew I wanted to go back, but during the fall would be even more amazing and voila it definitely was ! We walked all around the park this day and it was just such a nice time, so relaxing – perfect for a Sunday afternoon activity. Of course because I knew we were going to the park I also needed to take some outfit photos naturally, and the photos turned out amazing if I do say so myself. Once Winter is fully here you can bet I will be going back to the park for some more photos, it’s crazy how one place can change so much with the seasons ! If you live in Toronto and are a blogger or just want some beautiful photos I highly recommend going there, there is so many spots to take them as well it is never ending. 

I think that this has got to be one of my favorite outfits of the fall season thus far. Turtlenecks are my obsession this year and knits are always a big part of my fall anyways, so the fact that this skirt is also knit just makes it perfect. For some reason I can’t explain, I am drawn to grey turtlenecks in particular; I feel there is something so chic and classic about them, more than in any other item of clothing. This particular turtleneck is one of my favorite sweaters and unfortunately the only grey one I own ( that will change very soon ). I love the cooler undertone, I feel that it flatters my skin very well and that it’s not a super thick knit so it is easy to wear under skirts as I am doing here.

At first when I paired this sweater and skirt together I wasn’t sure it was going to work. You can’t exactly tell in the photos but the skirt is black, grey and cream, but the cream has an almost beigey undertone which makes the skirt somehow appear almost brown. For some reason though, when paired with this sweater it completely changes and becomes a more true grey; I think this is because the sweater is so cool it brings out that side of the skirt. That is my theory anyways, but either way I am extremely happy with these two together. It works perfectly for the fall because each piece is warm enough on it’s own and paired together is perfect for crisp weather, but I also feel that this is a very Winter-esque outfit, add a jacket, maybe some mittens and a hat and I could for some reason see it on a ski hill (these photos may just have to happen because I feel so strongly about this). 

To make it a little bit warmer and stay completely safe from the chill, I decided to also wear my trusty black tights (which I don’t think I could live without) and my knee high boots which I can not get enough of this season as I’m sure you can tell. They are just so comfortable and go perfectly with everything. Next on my list is a pair of over the knee boots because I love those even more than I love these and I don’t even own a pair yet. Stay tuned for that because once I get them you will see them in every post I’m sure. Lastly, I accessorized of course with my basic black clutch. You would think for walking around in a park this isn’t very practical but really, all I needed was my phone and some lipstick so it was perfect. I wasn’t doing anything crazy either so carrying it around wasn’t a big deal.

See what I mean about how beautiful it is here ! Shout out to jay also for taking these amazing photos, literally some of my favorites ever, they are all so amazing <3 P.s. look at that cute jumping squirrel ! There were about 1 million squirrels at the park, there is actually peanut stations that people go to to feed them so that is why there is so many. I prefaced but saying this because, near the end of our day Jay found a “peanut” on the ground (it was just an empty shell) but he was then holding it out to the squirrels so they would come over to him to eat it and they took it right out of his hand, touched him and everything ! They are not scared of people at all, and he used several peanuts to do this to several squirrels, it was hilarious. I am kind of afraid of squirrels so I didn’t partake in this, I just watched and laughed, but it was amazing. SO, if you ever go to High Park, try to feed the squirrels because it is super funny.

Outfit Details 

| Turtleneck: Forever21 Similar | Skirt: Forever21 Similar | Boots: Forever21 Similar

| Clutch: Indigo Similar | Tights: Hue |

We ended our day by looking out at the water on the dock while the sun was setting, it was a beautiful sight. I am so happy that we got to spend this day together at the park it was such a great day ! I want to go for more walks, it is fun being away from technology ( for the most part ) for a bit and just enjoy each others company. I thoroughly enjoyed it and High Park is just beautiful for walking along but also of course for photos… I still can’t get over how great these all turned out and wearing one of my favorite outfits just made them even better.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend ! Let me know what kind of sales I should check out this weekend that you have scored that I may not have looked at already ! I am also curious to know what you got, did you get your Christmas shopping done or go crazy on yourself ? 

Thank you so much for reading ! 

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