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Hello Lovelies !

Oh, what a day this has been, it’s sad when typing this right now is the least of my excitement but having light is. It’s crazy how much we depend on hydro ! Since about 8:30 last night until about the same time tonight, we were out of power – my entire town; there was a huge ice storm, everything was completely coated with ice, trees started falling down and of course the power went out everywhere. It didn’t help that it is also Good Friday and so mostly everything was already closed. As we were driving around to find water today (yes, that too wasn’t available this morning at my house) you could see the electricians working on every power line and come across little pockets of places with power. Finally we found a store that was open and loaded up on bottles of water and then headed off to find food and eventually… home. Once we got there hoping that the power came on, which is mostly what we were doing for the entirety of the 24hrs, we were sadly wrong and had to go another hour before it came on… only for half an hour. It went back off again until about 9 o’clock. It is now almost 12 and it has been going strong so hopefully that is the end of it. Sorry, that was a huge ramble haha, but it was just a horrible day and I wanted to share it with you guys ! Like I said at the beginning of this paragraph, it is sad how much we depend on hydro, and you never think about being prepared for black outs. Something that I have learned from this experience though is to be prepared for situations like this because if you aren’t… well it just sucks. 

Anyways ! I hope all of your days are going a lot better than mine was haha, on a plus side it was beautifully sunny outside so I got some cool photos of the ice that I will share with you in the future !  I was meant to be sharing this post with you today (Friday) but now I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow because it is so late, oh well, better late than never I guess ! I am just happy for electricity right now !

Now about the look ! As you may be able to tell from these photos, spring was here for a little while in Southern Ontario before that ice storm hit, and although it was sunny and gorgeous, it was still coat weather. This is where I introduce you to one of my new favorite overpieces, this red coat by SheIn. What I love the most about this coat is the huge draping lapels that flow so beautifully in front of the body, or when the coat is closed create a beautiful wrap effect that cinches in at the waistline highlighting your figure. The color is the main thing that drew me to this coat though; I tend to go for neutrals and I thought that a coat in a bold color would be the perfect addition to my neutral under pieces and add a pop of color and brightness to my looks. When it comes to red I tend to stick to darker ones because they look better on my skin tone, and this coat is the perfect color. It is a very true red, with a slight bluer undertone and it matches the red lipstick colors I always go for and so naturally I decided to wear a red lip to match. 

Since the coat was the main focus of the look, I wanted to keep all of the other pieces and accessories neutral and just used as a backdrop for the coat… not saying I wanted them to be boring though. I kept everything black but wanted each piece to add a little interest to the look. The leather pants add a nice contrast in texture to the coat and blend nicely with the leather front of my boots elongating my legs and the very black matte look of the lace up top not only also adds textural contrast as well, but a little fun detail and a little sexiness to the entire look. Lastly for accessories, I decided to go for this floppy black hat that adds some drama ( which was actually my boyfriends idea and I decided I loved it ) and just my simple black clutch to keep it simple. 

Outfit Details

| Coat SheIn | Bodysuit Dynamite Similar | Leggings Aritzia | Booties H&M Similar | Hat H&M |

 | Clutch Indigo |

Overall I love the entire look even though it slightly resembles many fictional characters ( note the A reference above, as well as Carmen Sandiego and little red riding hood ) and I can not wait to wear it when it gets a bit warmer with all whites ! I’m sure you will be seeing this coat a lot more from now on as I love it, so stay tuned to see how I style it in the future ( imagine it in the fall time… I can not wait to style it for then ). 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day, unlike my day was today and take time to appreciate hyrdo for a second haha ! 

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