Just your average skate date.

Here in Canada, learning to skate is almost as essential as learning to walk.

We are the country of Hockey, so it only makes sense. I personally do not partake in sports of any kind… I am really, really bad at almost every one and do not like being the weakest link holding everyone back – so, I just don’t. This includes Hockey… it’s just not for me, but I do respect and appreciate the heck out of it. Just skating though? LOVE. I think I could skate just about every day and not get sick of it; I enjoy trying to teach myself how to be better and do cool tricks (very poorly that is).

All holiday season long, I had been trying to go on a skate date with Jay…it is an essential part of the holidays after all. After many failed plans due to rain, bad timing and generally just life getting in the way, we were finally able to go. In saying this, it was still sleeting on the day we went but it was surprisingly perfect! The sleet acted like a zamboni and was the ice was “resurfacing” itself as we were skating…amazing right!?

Also, since the weather wasn’t the nicest, there was only one other person on the rink! It is a pretty small rink overall, so it was nice to be able to take some great photos and not have to worry about being in peoples way haha (blogger struggles, am I right).

This jacket is one of my favourite statement pieces in my wardrobe, and would you believe I got it for only $30.00 on sale! Such a great find right. Ugh I love it, it is so sophisticated, dresses up almost any outfit and is super easy to wear. Unfortunately it was in stores two years ago, but I have seen a lot of similar ones in the past few months so I will link a few below that you might like if you like this one. I am sure the deal won’t be as good, but who knows what I will find when I actually sit down to look.

| SheIn | H&M | LeChateau |

Other than the jacket, I kept this look pretty simple and comfortable so I could skate to the best of my ability. Speaking of skates, I got these bad boys last winter and only got to use them a few times. They are the Bauer NSX Skates – I got them in a size 5 boys because my feet are small (and they were cheaper woohoo), but they also come in a Unisex Adult version. In total I have probably worn them about 5 times and I can confirm that they are amazing. They are the most comfortable pair of skates I have ever owned and they are super easy to get on as well which is nice.

If you prefer hockey skates to figure skates, these are a pair I would check out for sure.

I also want to mention that they came with white laces, but I switched mine to black because I just like the way they look better personally.

These jeans are also amazing, levi’s are notoriously flattering, of great quality and long-lasting. The waist on these also fits in the perfect spot, I believe these are the general high-waisted ones (they had like 4 different heights of “high-waisted”) but I will once again make sure to link the correct ones below for you above.

If you have not gone skating this year, you enjoy it, and know how to, get on it! I feel like it is such an underrated fun thing to do… a winter must in my books. It is even better to share the experience with someone you love and Valentines day is coming up so why not go then !? You won’t regret it.

xoxo jess

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