Still Summer

Just when you think fall has arrived the weather thinks otherwise. It has been super warm here these first few weeks of ” fall ” so warm that I wore this without a care and was not cold at all. Personally I am tired of this warm weather and want to jump right into sweaters and boots but I’m sure a lot of people are loving it. Anyways, I have found that it is really difficult to dress for fall when it is hot out especially because usually it is cold by now so I have just been super confused. I did come up with the outfit below though, which I think is kind of fall appropriate and won’t make you sweat to death.

  As I have mentioned black and white is a huge trend for fall so it makes sense to wear it but in a different way (skirts, tanks et) and really you can wear any other fall trend but in different ways. Because I have short legs I paired nude wedges with the outfit so that they have a streamlined effect and are elongated, instead of getting cut off and making them look shorter if I were to wear for example my black booties. This is a trick I use a lot to make my legs look longer and it really does make a difference. 

Because this outfit is pretty simple on its own I decided to throw on this coral blazer (yes coral again) which does nothing to keep the fall vibe going at all but I wanted to wear some color that day so oh well, you can wear whatever you want whenever you want, plus it feels like summer anyways. If you did want to keep the fall vibe going you could pair it with either a black, burgundy, emerald, or royal blue blazer (any rich jewel tone) or even a leather jacket. When it gets colder I know I will be wearing this with black tights, booties and a leather jacket and it will give off a totally different vibe. 

Outfit Details 

Blazer: Forever 21 $26.00 CAN 

Tank Top: H&M $9.00 CAN 

Skirt: H&M $20.00 CAN 

Wedges: Spring $50.00 CAN 

Also, can we just take a moment to look at the morning glories behind me and how whimsical and beautiful they are… I feel like I’m in a fairytale when I look at them and have decided I want them all over my house one day because I am a princess you know (haha with my $9.00 tank top).


Princess Jessica 

(yep, sounds about right) 

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