January & February Collective Haul – Clothing & Accessories

What ! Another post this week for real !? Yes, I actually am sitting down writing this right now and am already so proud of myself for actually doing it woo, granted I had all the photos taken already so really all I have to do is write and I am not complaining about that at all because, well, I love it.

This here post is going to be a haul as you already know because of the title but hey, might as well tell you again incase you missed it somehow. These are all of the lovely things that I have purchased in the months of January and February, which is actually kind of a lot looking at it, but in reality it doesn’t seem like I have gotten anything new in a really long time. I have gotten a few things though ( not as much as I usually would that’s for sure ) and this was also over two months, I haven’t went shopping and bought a lot at once since sometime before Christmas (yay for saving money).  


This first sweater I have fallen head over heels in love with in a long time , I have already worn it to death and every time I have nothing to wear I want to wear it… it’s a problem. BUT that’s okay because now I know to buy more sweaters in this style. It is just a black knit sweater that is ribbed and semi cropped with leather patch detailing on the elbows. 

Zara $19.99 CAN 

What I love so much about it is that it is the perfect length crop where
it doesn’t show all of my stomach ( not that I wear it with things that
would show my stomach anyways ) but it hits right at the waistband of
my high waisted leggings that I wear practically everyday and is the
perfect length to wear with said pants. It flatters my butt really well
also, which I know is strange… but because it crops at my waist but
isn’t too tight on my upper body it creates the perfect balance and
really makes my bum look a lot better…so hard to explain lol but you
kind of get what I’m saying ? Lol. Either way it is perfect and because it’s black it’s even more perfect.

 This top is also another one of my new favorites because it is just so beautiful. I actually haven’t worn this top yet, well I have tried it on a bunch of times, but I am saving it to wear in France out to dinner or something lol… I’m so weird. I love this top because although it is rhinestoned out it is a pretty casual looking top other than that and therefore can be worn casually or dressed up and  is just beautiful and adds something special to whatever you pair it with.

Forever21 $35.00 CAN

Here are the details of the rhinestones.

 I got a new skater skirt as well because I was essentially wearing out my other one, not physically but I wore it way too often for my own good so I picked up another one and this one is a bit longer and has some texture to it. When I was looking for a new one to pick up I wanted it to have a larger waistband area and be a bit longer because my other one is really short and I often feel uncomfortable wearing it. I found this one at forever 21 and it is perfect, it fits really well as well and is very flattering… I feel like the shape of it would flatter most body types pretty well. 

Forever21 $23.00 CAN

When Victoria’s Secret was having their Semi- Annual Sale in January I had to stop by and get a few things. This day they actually tweeted me back and it made me so happy haha but anyways… I went near the end of the sale, during the last week actually I’m pretty sure but I still managed to get some amazing things.

 I bought my very first unlined bra which I haven’t worn yet because of nippleitis ( is is cold here in Canada) but I plan on wearing it a ton during the summer because I love it and it is beautiful on. I managed to find the matching underwear to that plus the push up bra in the same style but purple with matching underwear to that too. Also, the two pairs of underwear underneath that, match things that I already had at home. The striped VIP 2013 are actually the matching underwear to the VS robe I got for Christmas which I was super stoked to find and the high waisted ones are the matching pair to the bra my cousin got me for Christmas. So essential this was the best VS trip ever. 

Victoria’s Secret 

Bras: $14.00 CAN 

Panties: $7.00 CAN

High-Waisted Pair: $12.00 CAN

 Because I fell so in love with my cropped black sweater up there, I decided that if I could find one, I would pick up another one. Thankfully I did ! It is not the exact same as the other one obviously, this one is Navy and has a more cable knit detail to it as well as a slightly higher neckline, like a mini turtleneck almost. I love this one just as much as the other one and that it is similar but different enough to get away with owning both. I have also worn this one a ton already and love that it is navy because it looks extra chic with black leggings. 

Zara $19.99 CAN

For Christmas I got a gift card from LaSenza from my Grandma and I don’t really like LaSenza, I find that most of their things are tacky but I had to spend it so I went in to the store probably around 4 times looking for things to buy without any luck but mid February I found a couple of things thankfully. I don’t have them shown here but there was a 7 for 27 deal on panties so I picked up those and then I had extra money on the card so I decided to pick up this night gown which I actually love so much.

LaSenza $29.50 CAN

 At the time, it was the least tacky / weirdly sexual thing in the store
as for lingerie and once I put it on I knew I had to have it. It is the
most flattering cut on and it actually kind of supports my boobs somehow
? Not really sure how it does it because you wouldn’t think that it
would but I think there is a tighter elasticated material underneath the
lace detailing in the breast area and it makes your boobs look amazing,
so it is a win from me, I actually want to get it in more colors if
they have any. 

Recently I have been getting back into the swing of working out ( I have missed it so much I didn’t even realize) and to inspire me to start actually I went ahead and bought some new workout gear. Nothing crazy, just a top and shorts that of course match but honestly that was enough to get me started and now I am obsessed again haha.

Winners $19.99 CAN

I first saw these shorts, I saw these exact ones last summer in sport check and was going to pay full price for them which I think was something crazy like $49.99, but while I was at Winners browsing around I happened upon them and they were only $24.99 so I had to scoop them up and it got my work out engine flaring because I thought back to last year and I don’t know, but I do know that it was fate that I had these shorts. So then because I had them I needed to get a matching top (p.s. the colors don’t look like they match here because of the lighting but in reality they are the same color) and I found the top above at winners also, hugely reduced in price as well. I went to Sport Check last week and they were selling this exact top for $29.99 and I found mine for $19.99 so moral of the story, check Winners first for workout gear always.

Winners $24.99 CAN

This tank top is so simple but not at the same time. It is my style in a nutshell it is basic but has something a little feminine and chic about it. The Chantilly lace is so beautiful and delicate, it has almost a lingerie feel about it but because it is a cotton tank it is the perfect balance of sweet and sexy and just looks amazing on.Once I actually style it you will see how such a simple little detail can make an outfit so much more put together and stylish. I tried it on with what I was wearing in the store and it looked amazing with just leggings as well, it is pretty much the best tank top I have ever owned.

H&M $19.99 CAN


 Now this dress I bought specifically for France, when I saw it it just screamed Southern France to me so I had to get it. Something about it is so French Riviera-like and I think it will look amazing when I am walking down the streets of Nice. It is orange and navy, had a button up top and a tie at the waist and also fits perfectly.What I also love about this dress that I didn’t even notice when I bought it is that one side of it is horizontal stripes and the other side is vertical stripes so it balances out really well and the vertical stripes help elongate you without being too obvious all over the dress as well.

Winners $19.99 CAN


I have already posted this scarf in an OOTD and kind of talked about it then, actually I think I talked about it a lot, but it is just god’s gift to scarves and I love it and would like to wear it 24/7 if that wasn’t weird. It is the fluffiest, fuzziest, most comfortable scarf ever and the fur is so luxurious and luscious it is honestly the best faux fur scarf out there. I purchased it from the Hudson’s Bay but it is so amazing that I am going to tell you the exact brand ( which is called PARKHURST – they have a full range of faux fur things) just incase another store like Nordstrom or something sells it if you don’t live in Canada, but you need it in your life. It is also a circle scarf making it that much more amazing.

Hudson’s Bay $29.99 CAN

I think I also ranted about these boots already, but they are also amazing. I won’t talk about them too much but they are just simple heeled black suede knee-high boots. I needed a simple pair of black heeled boots really badly and these were the pair that spoke to me, they are perfect and they are also wide-calf ones so they are a bit wider at the knee area which makes the leg look thinner because the boot is wider than the leg ? It is very flattering trust me lol plus I do have wide calves, but these give room for someone with even bigger calves than mine, they do fit me really well though and I think are the perfect pair of black boots (they have them in regular calf width as well).  

Forever21 $51.00 CAN

I got a new charm for my charm bracelet that I got for Christmas also, because they were having a sale on all charms with diamond chips and I found a super cute one so i ordered it online (well my mom ordered it for me but you know). When it came I did a mini unboxing photo session lol, so I’m just including those photos in this post , it wasn’t worth doing a whole post on when I took the photos in the first place.


They also sent me another free agenda with my purchase, but I already have one so I left it at my moms, not sure if she’s actually using it or not but it is super cute so I don’t see why not. I think the branding of this store is really good, and free gifts are always going to make me go back and buy more especially when it’s a cute gift.

 The little box is so precious haha, I love it so much. And the charm is exactly how it looked in the photos online so that is a plus, I mean there’s not much too it to look different lol, but I was still really happy with it and the diamond is super sparkly too which makes me even more happy. This charm bracelet is so much fun to add too, I think I already know what my next charm will be.

Thomas Sabo $49.99 CAN ? 

I can’t remember ! Ahh, I think with shipping it came to $60.00ish though.

 Here is how it looks on my charm bracelet, it is so beautiful and so me. Love, love, love. 

 I have been wanting a simple chain necklace like this ever since I saw you-tubers like Chloe Morello and Lauren Curtis wearing them with all black and white outfits and so I decided to get one once I was sure I would be able to pull it off haha. So far I have liked to wear it best with higher necked things and black and white obviously, but I also like to make sure that I have some gold hardware somewhere else in my outfit to balance it out.  

H&M $9.99 CAN

While I was at H&M I also picked up this pack of 9 earrings because while I was at the bar two weeks ago I lost one of my pearl earrings (fake so it wasn’t a big deal) but I wore them almost every day so it was an issue that I only had one. I like all three sets of these earrings so that’s good too, I used to always wear big cubic zarconia earrings and have started wearing them again since I have gotten them and just switch back and forth from the pearls and cubics. I also really like the gold knots to wear with the chain necklace so really this is the best pack of earrings ever. 

H&M $8.95 CAN

Lastly, I technically didn’t buy this, but Jay’s grandparents went away to Florida for a month and his Nanny brought this back for me which I was so thankful for and so surprised because I have been wanting a bauble necklace like this for a really long time but haven’t gotten around to looking for a good one. It is also coral and I wear oodles of coral in the summer so it is literally perfect.I love how it is ombre too, it is just so pretty and I can’t wait to wear it.

Not sure where she got it !

 That is all that I bought during those two months ! It’s not a whole lot but everything that I did buy I have gotten a ton of wear out of already / will be wearing to death as soon as the weather warms up ! Now I’m sure I will have a France haul up as soon as I get back so come back if you want to see some nice French goodies !

Thank you for reading all of this if you did. If I had some gold stars you would be rewarded one because I realize this post is wayyyyy too long and I ramble wayyy too much but that’s just who I am.


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